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Endless Thread

Pup Play

Fri Jun 30 2023
Google MapsPuppy PlayPup SceneIdentity ExpressionDiscrimination
  1. Google Maps Photos and Reviews
  2. Puppy Play and Pup Scene
  3. Nat and Sterling's Journey and Challenges
  4. Credits and Contact Information

The episode discusses the fascination with Google location photos and reviews. It explores the world of puppy play and the pup scene, including the growth of online communities during the pandemic. Nat and Sterling's journey in expressing their identities as pups is shared, along with challenges faced and discrimination experienced. The episode concludes with credits and contact information for the podcast.

Google Maps Photos and Reviews

00:01 - 08:03

  • The podcast hosts discuss their fascination with Google location photos and reviews
  • One of the hosts shares a story about uploading photos of a beach in Portugal to Google Maps and receiving hundreds of thousands of views
  • They mention a Reddit post featuring someone wearing a dog mask in Google photos taken at the South Boston Green Space
  • The person featured in the post shows up in the comments and agrees to meet with the hosts
  • The hosts meet Nat Worth, a Google Photos super user, who explains that anyone can upload photos to any Google Maps location
  • Nat is joined by his friend Sterling, who enjoys dressing up as a dog but prefers not to share his full name due to his job
  • Sterling shares an anecdote about wearing a dog tag at work and having a conversation with a coworker who is also part of the community
  • The hosts admit their lack of familiarity with kinks, furries, and pups, and ask for explanations from Nat
  • Nat defines kinksters as people interested in different kinks and explains the difference between kinks and fetishes
  • When asked about puppies versus furries, Nat mentions that puppies can be furries and vice versa but furries typically have full body suits based on anthropomorphic animal characters from comic books

Puppy Play and Pup Scene

07:33 - 16:13

  • Puppies can be fairies and furs can be puppies to start
  • Furies have full body suits, while pups generally wear a neoprene hood
  • Pups can be into different things like motocross, latex, leather, or none of those things
  • Putting on the pup hood allows individuals to let go and be free from worrying about what others think
  • Pup play involves dressing up as dogs, barking, rolling around together, wearing leashes, and more explicit activities
  • The pup scene has been growing over the last few years, especially during the pandemic when people explored online communities
  • The growth in puppy play is a sign that older kink communities were harder to find your people for
  • Nat and Sterling got attention for their Google Maps photos in Boston but discovered that others had done it before them in other locations

Nat and Sterling's Journey and Challenges

15:45 - 23:07

  • Nat and Sterling's dogs became briefly famous on Reddit for their Google Maps photos in 2023
  • Asella Pup Legend, a public transit fanatic, unintentionally photo bombed a picture of the general manager of Boston's public transit system
  • Puppy Play has evolved from a dominant and submissive role play to a self-identity and escape from routine
  • Boston's pup play scene is inclusive and offers opportunities for socializing and meeting new people
  • Nat faced challenges expressing his identity as valedictorian at his religious high school in Wisconsin
  • Sterling has only shared his pupsona with one cousin due to concerns about acceptance within his family
  • Pups have faced discrimination in Boston, including being spat on and complaints about events at bars
  • Nat's Google Maps photos were temporarily taken down after they gained attention on Reddit
  • Despite potential scrutiny, Kingston pups feel safe expressing themselves in public

Credits and Contact Information

22:52 - 23:55

  • Endless Thread is a production of WBUR in Boston
  • This episode was written by Ben Brock Johnson, co-hosted by Ben and myself, Amory Seibertson, and produced by Quincy Walters
  • Mix and sound design by Paul Vicus
  • The rest of our team is Dean Russell, Grace Tatter, Matt Reed, Emily Jankowski, and Summa Tejoshi
  • Endless Thread is a show about the blurred lines between humans with pups and actual canines
  • If you have an untold history, or say, I don't know, an unsolved mystery, or another wild story from the internet, kinky or otherwise, hit us up
  • Email Endless Thread at