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Maintenance Phase

BONUS: The Conservative Diet Books of Yore

Tue Jun 06 2023
  • The podcast Maintenance Phase discusses politically conservative diet books from Aubrey's collection, including celebrity diet books and diets centered around specific foods.
  • One of the books discussed is "The I Heart America Diet" by Phyllis George and Bill Adler, which promotes a unique and integrated three-way program based on US federal dietary guidelines for Americans.
  • Another book discussed is "The Love Diet" by John Daubert, which connects love and dieting through extended metaphors but lacks useful advice.
  • The hosts express concern about the trend of using religion to sell weight loss programs and books, which can be seen as a form of spiritual abuse.
  • They also discuss a controversial cookbook called "Kill It and Grill It" by Ted and Chemin Nugent, which includes questionable quotes from politicians and has chapter titles that heavily emphasize heterosexuality.
  • The cookbook contains few recipes, including a barbecue sauce for javelina with vague ingredient measurements.
  • The hosts express concern about the high sugar content in a recipe for Coca Cola Stew that includes venison, potatoes, carrots, onion, two cans of Coca-Cola classic and a jar of sweet chutney. They suggest adding vinegar or lemon juice.
  • The conversation shifts to TikTok recipe videos that are deranged and possibly fetish content.
  • The hosts note that many diet books promote personal responsibility but often lack substance.
  • They suggest rejecting the premise of diet culture and getting out of diet programs.