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Y Combinator Startup Podcast

The Immigrant Journey Behind A Silicon Valley Success Story

Fri Jun 09 2023
  • Tracy Young's parents were refugees of the Vietnam War who built a restaurant distribution business in the SF Bay area to support their family and send all three children to college.
  • Being the child of immigrants can give founders a sense of grit and strength to endure difficult times in their startup journey.
  • Tracy had support from her parents when she decided to start her own company, despite their initial disapproval of her career as a construction engineer.
  • Tracy struggled with imposter syndrome and feeling like she didn't fit the mold of what a founder should look like due to systemic biases and lack of representation.
  • Tracy's story is an American story that highlights the opportunities and social mobility available in the country for families who come from anywhere in the world.
  • Xenophobia and anti-immigration sentiments are a shame because immigrants contribute significantly to the economy, pay taxes, and work in essential sectors like healthcare, childcare, and food delivery.
  • Religious communities helped Tracy's family when they first arrived in America, demonstrating the infinite capacity for love.