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Protein for Ultrarunning with Jose Antonio, PhD | KoopCast Episode #181

Fri May 26 2023
  • Dr. Jose Antonio founded the International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN) to promote high-quality research papers on sports nutrition and supplements.

  • The field of sports nutrition was not considered legitimate in the 1980s, and the speaker faced resistance from academic departments when researching supplements.

  • Despite obstacles, the ISSN was founded to promote better research and funding for sports nutrition, which is important for athletes' recovery and performance.

  • The speaker learned to communicate effectively with non-scientists and became interested in sports nutrition after his uncle introduced him to supplements.

  • Protein is important for muscle glycogen repletion, skeletal muscle recovery, and immune system support.

  • Endurance athletes should focus on increasing their protein intake without reducing their carb and fat intake, as it can aid in recovery without causing weight gain.

  • Protein requirements for endurance athletes have increased over time, with recommendations now ranging from 1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight due to the importance of recovery and skeletal muscle damage.

  • During intensified volume periods, athletes often replace meals with sports nutrition products that are predominantly carbohydrate, leading to a decrease in proportion of protein in their total calorie budget.

  • To ensure adequate protein intake during intensified volume periods, athletes should calculate their total protein intake for the day and aim to get 2/3 of it from sit-down meals.

  • Compliance and adherence are critical in following nutrition advice, and a reasonable approach is taking a unit approach by adding one extra serving of protein on top of everything else that one normally does.

  • The ISSN holds an annual conference and can be reached through social media for more information on their work.

  • Listeners are encouraged to share the podcast with friends and family to spread valuable information.