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Wed Jun 14 2023


  • The album "Forever for Now" by April Wine was released in 1977.
  • Miles Goodwin wanted to make a solo album, but the band couldn't afford to take a long break, so much of his solo material was converted into band material and ended up as part of this album.
  • The band explores a variety of genres on this album including country and western, Latin, Caribbean, blues, and easy listening.
  • The album managed to sell moderately well in Canada, going platinum.

Side 1

  • The first two songs on the album are impressive and have the definitive April Wine sound surfacing.
  • The third song is a country-tinged ballad that lacks personality.
  • The fourth song is a generic rocker with some organ that is boring.
  • "You Won't Dance With Me" is obviously the song that Miles was writing for his solo album that was influenced by the Everly Brothers. It has a terrible spoken section and is not good.

Side 2

  • Side 2 opens with another ballad that has a big chorus and is alright.
  • "Mama Lay," the second song on Side 2, has an exotic rhythm going on.
  • The third song inside too is called "I'd Rather Be Strong" with an island song and success.
  • The fourth song on "Sci 2" is called "Hard Times," which is a generic ballad with a prominent synthesizer part.
  • The album ends mercifully with a ballad called "Margery."


  • The album started as a solo album that was turned into an April Wine album, and the first two songs are good, but the rest of the album falls off a cliff.