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Thu Jun 15 2023

April Wine's album "First Glance"

  • "First Glance" marked a shift towards rock music for April Wine.
  • It featured their first gold record outside of Canada.
  • The album includes aggressive rock songs like "Hot on the Wheels of Love" and basic rock songs like "Get Ready for Love" and "Right Down To It".
  • The ballad "Rock and Roll is a Vicious Game" tells a cautionary tale about trying to become a rock star.
  • Side 1 of the album ends with the well-known song "Roller".
  • Side two of the album has three songs: "Come and Write Down On Top Of Me," "I'm Alive," and "Let Yourself Go."
  • The speaker likes "I'm Alive" and "Let Yourself Go" but not "Come and Write Down On Top Of Me."
  • The production on "Let Yourself Go" is great, with an awesome arrangement and melody.
  • The album ends with a brooding rock song called Silver Dollar that the speaker likes.

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Next Episode

  • Tomorrow's episode will discuss April Wine's eighth album, Harder Faster.