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Sat Jun 17 2023

Good Sleep and Stress Reduction

  • Good sleep leads to less stress, and less stress leads to better sleep.
  • Natural melatonin gummies help with occasional sleeplessness and can aid in reducing stress.

"The Nature of the Beast" Album by April Wine

  • The album "The Nature of the Beast" by April Wine was recorded in England following their 1980 European tour and produced by Miles along with Mike Stone.
  • The album cover features a blurry live shot of Miles.
  • The album was their commercial peak and went platinum in the United States.
  • The first three songs on the album are well done, with a mix of new wave style and rock and roll identity.
  • Song number four, "Just Between You and Me," is a cheesy ballad that is not good.
  • Side 1 ends with a short homage to Chuck Berry called "Wanna Rock."
  • "Caught in the Crossfire" is a good song on "Side 2" of the album with lyrics that seem to reference fitting in with new waves while maintaining a rock and roll identity.
  • "Future Tense" is a dumb song with robot voice effects.
  • "Big City Girls" is another generic rock song on the album.
  • "Crash and Burn" features an odd use of the bow-diddly rhythm and a dud chorus.
  • "Bad Boys" has cool guitars and catchy melodies but not great solo sections.
  • "One More Time" is a good driving rock song with catchy melodies and great guitar work, making it one of the favorites on the album.
  • Overall, the album is pretty good but has some filler songs.

Northern Virginia Community College Programs

  • Northern Virginia Community College offers over 100 certificate and degree programs that prepare students for in-demand jobs with affordable tuition and manageable payments.

Features of the 2020-23 Ford Escape

  • The 2020-23 Ford Escape features a 13.1-inch center stack screen, 360-degree camera, and spatial flexibility for extra leg room.