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A Harden Trade Request! Plus, the Lakers' and Warriors' Last-Dance Potentials With Logan Murdock, and Dave Chang on ‘The Bear.’

Fri Jun 30 2023
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  1. James Harden's Trade Request
  2. Trade Requests in NBA History
  3. NBA Free Agency and Lakers' Title Chances
  4. Lakers' Roster and LeBron's Desire for Another Title
  5. Importance of Leadership and Role Players in Winning Championships
  6. Playing Styles and Challenges for Contending Teams
  7. Uncertainties Surrounding the Golden State Warriors
  8. Speculations on Warriors' Players and Future
  9. Draymond Green's Impact and Future with the Warriors
  10. Tensions and Dynamics within the Warriors
  11. Warriors' Potential Trades and Future Plans
  12. Kevin Durant's Career and Future
  13. Behind the Scenes of a Kitchen
  14. Opening a Restaurant and Challenges in the Industry
  15. Depicting Kitchen Life and Future of Restaurants
  16. Trends in Food Delivery and Future of Dining

This episode covers various topics including James Harden's trade request, trade requests in NBA history, NBA free agency and Lakers' title chances, Lakers' roster and LeBron's desire for another title, importance of leadership and role players in winning championships, playing styles and challenges for contending teams, uncertainties surrounding the Golden State Warriors, speculations on Warriors' players and future plans, Draymond Green's impact and future with the Warriors, tensions and dynamics within the Warriors, Warriors' potential trades and future plans, Kevin Durant's career and future, behind the scenes of a kitchen, opening a restaurant and challenges in the industry, depicting kitchen life and future of restaurants, trends in food delivery and future of dining

James Harden's Trade Request

00:02 - 06:57

  • James Harden shocks everyone by opting in to a $35 million salary and then requesting a trade
  • NBA free agency has shifted towards players signing big contracts and then figuring out their next move later
  • Daryl Morey, the GM of the Sixers, is likely to either blow up the team or turn James Harden into another star
  • Potential trade destinations for James Harden include Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, and the Clippers
  • The Knicks could also be a potential destination for Harden
  • Kyrie Irving and James Harden have both had multiple trade requests with different teams
  • Several other NBA players have also made trade requests throughout history

Trade Requests in NBA History

06:27 - 13:58

  • Notable NBA players who have had trade requests include Dwight, Kawhi, Carmelo, Kobe, Durant, Butler, Shaq, CP3, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady
  • Players who have never requested a trade include Paul Pierce, Janus, LeBron, Duncan, Yokech, Dirk Nowitzki, Curry, and Wade
  • The New York Knicks are the most excited about James Harden potentially leaving the Philadelphia 76ers
  • The Los Angeles Lakers could be a potential destination for Joel Embiid if he is traded
  • There are two possible outcomes for James Harden's situation: it could drag on or he could end up staying with the Houston Rockets
  • Kyrie Irving could be traded to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for James Harden
  • If Kyrie Irving and James Harden were traded for each other, it would be fitting given their trade request histories
  • The next 48 hours will be interesting to see what moves teams make

NBA Free Agency and Lakers' Title Chances

13:44 - 20:08

  • The Lakers are 15 to 1 to win the title on Fandall
  • Nuggets should be favored over Celtics
  • Lakers are the second best team in the West if they can bring back all their players
  • Bruce Brown would be a perfect addition for the Lakers
  • Despite being swept by Denver, Lakers were competitive in those games
  • Injury history of AD and LeBron's age may be reasons why people don't take Lakers seriously
  • Last season had many different iterations of the Lakers, making it hard for the public to assess them accurately
  • Final form of Lakers was a strong team with supplementary pieces like Reeves, Vanderbilt, and Rui
  • Lakers have trouble with Denver and Yokechitz in particular
  • Lakers will be one of the best teams next year with potential moves and improved health of key players
  • LeBron's health is uncertain, but there are signs he may recover well for next season
  • Continuity with Reeves and second-year improvement from Darbenham will benefit Lakers
  • Bruce Brown was an important player for Denver and his loss will need to be addressed by the Lakers
  • There is a last dance feel to this season for LeBron as it may be his last year with a strong team built around him
  • Opportunity to acquire fringe players at low cost due to teams cutting salary to avoid tax implications

Lakers' Roster and LeBron's Desire for Another Title

19:41 - 26:02

  • Teams are waiving players due to fear of the tax, creating opportunities to grab talented players at lower prices
  • There is a possibility that LeBron James' son, Bronny, plays one year and then gets a two-way slot with the Lakers next year
  • LeBron sees the end of his career approaching and wants to win another title with the Lakers
  • The Lakers need a reliable third or fourth player who can make big shots late in games
  • Bruce Brown has the potential to be a valuable role player for the Lakers
  • Winning a title in Los Angeles would fulfill LeBron's desire for a storybook ending to his Lakers experience
  • Injuries could derail the Lakers' season, as both LeBron and Anthony Davis have had durability issues in recent years
  • Reeves' development as a scorer creator is important for the team next year, regardless of whether Russell Westbrook returns or not
  • Bruce Brown's ability to handle the ball and bring energy makes him an intriguing free agent target for many teams
  • Brown's doggedness and determination can elevate a franchise's competitiveness
  • Having additional players who can supplement leadership is crucial for championship success

Importance of Leadership and Role Players in Winning Championships

25:44 - 32:11

  • Leadership from star players is important, but additional role players are needed in the locker room to win championships
  • Bruce Brown is a valuable player who can provide leadership and motivate his teammates
  • Experience and confidence gained from winning titles can benefit both star players and role players
  • Players like Caruso, Eric Gordon, and Bruce Brown are crucial for teams aiming for postseason success
  • Regular season performance has become less significant due to factors like playing games and home court advantage losing importance
  • Older stars have a different approach to the regular season compared to younger, hungry players
  • The Lakers' size was an advantage against many opponents until they faced Yokech and the Nuggets
  • Teams need to establish their identity or 'thing' in order to contend for championships

Playing Styles and Challenges for Contending Teams

31:43 - 38:02

  • Milwaukee's team relies heavily on three-point shots
  • Philly's strategy revolves around Harden and Embiid's two-man game
  • The Lakers' size and versatility make them a strong team
  • LeBron and Davis complement each other well, especially if they are healthy
  • The Suns have a smaller big three, but their size disadvantage can be problematic against certain opponents
  • The Lakers' depth is a significant advantage, with players who can score and play defense off the bench
  • Rui Hachimura's performance in the playoffs was impressive, but his shooting consistency raises concerns
  • Playing alongside an all-time great player like LeBron can bring out the best in some players
  • Teams often experience fluctuations in performance from certain players during the playoffs

Uncertainties Surrounding the Golden State Warriors

37:33 - 44:15

  • The Golden State Warriors have a new two-in-one smoke and CO detector that can differentiate between cooking smoke and fire smoke, resulting in fewer false alarms
  • The team has made significant changes, including trading for Chris Paul and getting rid of Jordan Pool's contract
  • There is uncertainty about who is calling the shots within the front office, with Bob Myers, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Lake of Sun, and Steve Kerr all potentially having a voice
  • It seems like the Warriors are prioritizing winning a championship this year and are willing to abandon their previous two-timeline approach
  • There are doubts about whether Chris Paul will be a good fit due to health concerns and roster compatibility
  • Steve Kerr's future with the team is uncertain as he doesn't have an extension yet, leading to speculation that this might be his last year coaching the Warriors
  • Joe Lacob has played a significant role in building the roster, including influencing the selection of James Wiseman in the draft
  • Overall, there are many question marks surrounding the Golden State Warriors' future and their ability to win another title

Speculations on Warriors' Players and Future

43:51 - 49:56

  • There are uncertainties about how an actor could portray Steph Curry in a movie
  • CGI could be used to recreate some of the shooting scenes
  • The fictional version of the KD fight would be more exciting in the winning time storyline
  • Curry is expected to remain with the Warriors throughout his career
  • Draymond Green's future with the team is uncertain, but many believe he will stay with the Warriors
  • Clay Thompson's next contract may not be as high due to salary cap constraints and new tax rules
  • The team may have to make cost-cutting decisions regarding players like Eric Gordon
  • Clay Thompson's performance in the last postseason was not impressive, which may affect his contract negotiations
  • Thompson came into camp out of shape last year, which could be a recurring issue for him
  • To stay with the Warriors long-term, Thompson may need to take a pay cut, similar to Draymond Green
  • Steve Kerr and Draymond Green have had a complicated relationship but ultimately care about each other and their success on the court
  • Kerr values players like Green who contribute both on and off the court despite occasional controversies
  • Kerr has had extensive player and coach experience that shapes his perspective on handling unique personalities like Green's
  • Green is still considered one of the best defensive players in the league despite past incidents

Draymond Green's Impact and Future with the Warriors

49:29 - 56:05

  • Draymond Green is one of the best defensive players in the league and won Defensive Player of the Year last year
  • Despite his past controversies, including punching LeBron James and other incidents, he has been forgiven and valued by the Warriors
  • The Warriors' success is attributed to their continuity in the front office and on-court chemistry
  • There is a sense of respect and love within the team, similar to other dynamics in the league
  • Kyrie Irving plans to meet with Kevin Durant despite their past issues, highlighting the fraternity within the NBA
  • Continuity in an organization is seen as a significant advantage in sports, exemplified by teams like the Warriors, Nuggets, Celtics, and Spurs
  • The Warriors are likely to overpay Draymond Green when re-signing him due to his value to the team's success
  • Other teams like Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons driving up player prices during free agency is seen as fair competition
  • It is highly expected that Draymond Green will re-sign with the Warriors rather than joining another team like Sacramento or Detroit

Tensions and Dynamics within the Warriors

55:37 - 1:02:07

  • The trust between Draymond Green and the Warriors organization was eroded when he wasn't suspended for his altercation with Jordan Poole
  • Jordan Poole had allies on the team, such as Andrew Wiggins and Kevon Looney, but they were absent for a significant period of time
  • Steph Curry believed that Jordan Poole was the key to bridging the gap between the established players and the younger guys
  • Ultimately, the decision was made to trade Jordan Poole because it seemed too far gone to repair the relationship
  • There have been instances in the past where rumors turned out to be true, such as Kevin Durant's issues with Draymond Green
  • The Warriors try to maintain a positive image but often sweep issues under the rug, which can backfire
  • Jonathan Kuminga also felt overlooked and unrewarded for his contributions during the regular season
  • There was dysfunction within the team, with veteran leaders trying to rein in some of the younger players' behavior

Warriors' Potential Trades and Future Plans

1:01:42 - 1:08:01

  • There were rumors of the Warriors potentially trading Kamehameha for the number seven pick to Indiana, but it didn't happen
  • The Warriors' situation is not as simple as bringing back Drama and Chris Paul. There are still other things happening
  • Deep Fincenzo was important for the Warriors in the playoffs last year, but they don't have him anymore
  • Kyrie Irving is trying to create a market for himself, but there may not be many teams interested in him
  • Dallas is a possible destination for Kyrie, but they may not want to give him more than two years
  • The Suns don't make sense as a destination for Kyrie because they already have Bradley Bill and wouldn't have room for him on their roster
  • The relationship between Kyrie and Kevin Durant is interesting considering all that has transpired between them
  • It's unlikely that Kyrie will end up with the Suns; it's just a fake story
  • Kevin Durant has been part of different ecosystems throughout his career, similar to Snoop Dogg in music. He fits in wherever he goes

Kevin Durant's Career and Future

1:07:34 - 1:14:04

  • Kevin Durant has been part of multiple ecosystems in his basketball career, including the Warriors and Oklahoma City
  • He seems to fit in well with every team he joins, similar to how Snoop fits into every song he's featured in
  • Durant's career is unique and we may still be trying to understand its strangeness years from now
  • The timing of Durant becoming a free agent in 2016 led him to join the Warriors, which resulted in him being criticized no matter what happens
  • Durant's greatness often goes underappreciated, especially his performance in 2017 and 2018
  • He was an amazing player even before that, winning an MVP award in the past
  • There were pivotal moments in Durant's career where different decisions could have changed everything for him
  • Despite criticism, Durant beat LeBron James twice and was the best player on the floor during those series
  • Durant is like a nomad who pops up unexpectedly, similar to Snoop Dogg. It will be interesting to see how he ends his career and where he will go next
  • Seeing Durant and Snoop perform live enhances people's perception of their greatness and connection with the community
  • Both Durant and Snoop are known for being approachable and down-to-earth despite their fame

Behind the Scenes of a Kitchen

1:13:34 - 1:21:24

  • The podcast discusses the accuracy of portraying kitchen life in movies and TV shows
  • The host mentions that the show 'Chef' came closest to accurately depicting kitchen life until this new show, 'the bear'
  • The host expresses satisfaction with how the new show accurately portrays the highs and lows of working in a kitchen
  • The feeling of drowning and being in the weeds is discussed, as well as how one mistake can have a butterfly effect on service
  • The host praises episode 10 for capturing the pulse of the kitchen accurately
  • The importance of teamwork and communication in the kitchen is highlighted
  • A scene where two people independently fix a broken bathroom without being told is seen as a sign of a good team
  • The use of music to emphasize timing and change in atmosphere when transitioning from the kitchen to the restaurant is mentioned
  • The challenges and elements involved in opening an ambitious restaurant are discussed

Opening a Restaurant and Challenges in the Industry

1:20:54 - 1:27:59

  • Opening a restaurant involves many elements and can be chaotic
  • Friends and family opening days are intentionally made stressful to stress test the restaurant
  • Timing of reservations on opening day is not realistic, as most people show up later than their reservation time
  • The sound of the printer in the kitchen is traumatic for those who have worked in busy kitchens
  • Being cool under pressure is important for navigating through difficult situations
  • Cooks intentionally get in the weeds when they are bored
  • There are parallels between being a leader in the kitchen and staying calm in other high-pressure situations like surfing or being caught in an avalanche
  • Working in a restaurant service every night is intense and requires different approaches from each person
  • The development of every team member makes the job thrilling but also unpredictable

Depicting Kitchen Life and Future of Restaurants

1:27:30 - 1:34:55

  • The bear feels like the culmination of an entire era of pop culture about chefs
  • There will likely be more cooking shows and scripted series about chefs, but it's uncertain if they will be better than the bear
  • The bear has been able to tell stories that have happened in kitchens over the past 15-20 years
  • The show captures the paradoxes of the highs and lows of people in the restaurant industry
  • Small details like sitting in a walk-in or seeing improperly cut tape resonate with those who have worked in restaurants
  • Restaurants seem to be busier than ever, but there is concern about what's around the corner
  • Experiential restaurants and destination places are thriving, while middle-range restaurants may struggle to find their identity
  • There is a lot of money being poured into restaurants, which raises concerns about sustainability
  • Some people are signing leases without having raised the necessary funds for opening a restaurant
  • Cautious pessimism is preferred over blind hopefulness in the industry

Trends in Food Delivery and Future of Dining

1:34:46 - 1:39:00

  • The biggest trend in food delivery will be more sushi, barbecue restaurants, steak houses, and comfort foods
  • Talented chefs are leaving big cities like LA, San Francisco, and New York to open restaurants in secondary cities
  • There will be more options for dining in secondary cities like Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Good noodles that can be bought in stores and customized with toppings are a popular food item
  • David Chang has launched a secret shop on Hulu and will have food products available in grocery stores soon