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Chapo Trap House

744 - People Who Died (6/26/23)

Tue Jun 27 2023
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The episode covers a range of topics including the weekend's events in the news, a coup in Russia led by the Wagner group, US diplomatic efforts, distractions created by those in power, empathy and storytelling, controversial beliefs of RFK Jr., his lack of a comprehensive plan, personal struggles, concerns about COVID, and Trump's claims and voting for RFK Jr.


The Wagner group's coup in Russia raises doubts about the country's ability to function.

The coup led by the Wagner group is embarrassing for everyone involved and may not lead to a resolution in the war in Ukraine.

The US should consider diplomatic efforts to fill the power vacuum created by the Wagner group's withdrawal.

An article suggests that the US could hire Wagner as a solution to various issues, including gun control and underfunded police departments.

Distractions created by those in power prevent people from affecting change.

The podcast discusses how distractions conceal certain information and criticizes the current state of elites who act against their own self-interests.

RFK Jr. holds controversial beliefs and lacks a comprehensive plan.

RFK Jr. has a neurological disorder and holds controversial beliefs, but his campaign lacks a comprehensive plan to address the issues he criticizes.

Kennedy's personal struggles and concerns about COVID are discussed.

Kennedy's life has been marked by violence and despair, and he expresses concerns about COVID and the potential consequences of vaccines.

Trump's claims and voting for RFK Jr. are mentioned.

Trump claims he will prevent World War III and there is discussion about voting for RFK Jr. and upcoming events related to his campaign.


  1. The Weekend's Events in the News
  2. The Coup in Russia
  3. Wagner Group and US Diplomatic Efforts
  4. Distractions and Elites
  5. Empathy and Storytelling
  6. RFK Jr. and Controversial Beliefs
  7. RFK Jr.'s Controversial Beliefs and Lack of Comprehensive Plan
  8. Kennedy's Personal Struggles and Concerns about COVID
  9. Trump's Claims and Voting for RFK Jr.

The Weekend's Events in the News

00:33 - 07:36

  • Vladimir Putin gave a short and vague speech that was advertised as epoch-making.
  • Comparisons are made between Obama and Putin's handling of conflicts.
  • Russia's actions raise doubts about their ability to function as a country.
  • The Cyrillic alphabet is criticized, suggesting that serious countries don't use it.
  • Belarus' leader Lukashenko is seen as more competent than leaders in Ukraine or Russia.
  • Lukashenko's strong stance against color revolutions is praised.
  • Lukashenko's passion for dairy farming is highlighted as inspiring.
  • The coup in Russia involving the Wagner group is mentioned, but not followed closely by the speaker.

The Coup in Russia

07:11 - 14:22

  • There is a coup happening in Russia led by the Wagner group.
  • The mercenary general, Krista Prozingis, may potentially supplant Nathan as the greatest hot dog man of all time.
  • The hot dogs sold to Putin were literally hidden inside.
  • This coup is embarrassing for everyone involved.
  • The Russian military may not stand down for this coup.
  • The war in Ukraine will likely continue despite the coup.
  • All sides should question their involvement and consider abandoning the territory.
  • The situation in Russia and Ukraine is hopeless and both regions are suffering.
  • The news of the coup reminded people of Gunther, an Austrian maniac who promotes various causes across Europe.

Wagner Group and US Diplomatic Efforts

13:55 - 21:11

  • There is an article suggesting that if the Wagner group is pulled out of certain countries, it could create a power vacuum that the US could fill through diplomatic efforts.
  • Wagner operates through show companies in Africa, offering security services in exchange for access to commodities.
  • The speaker suggests that the US should hire Wagner as a solution to various issues, including gun control and underfunded police departments.
  • The speaker criticizes those who believe in conspiracy theories and dismiss real news events as distractions.
  • The scale of importance given to different news stories is criticized as being skewed.

Distractions and Elites

20:47 - 27:44

  • The podcast discusses the idea that many things in the world are distractions created by those in power.
  • The Matrix is mentioned as a way to conceal certain information from the public.
  • There is speculation about wealthy individuals faking their deaths and escaping to survival bunkers.
  • The podcast argues that people have no ability to affect change and that the rich can do whatever they want without consequences.
  • A story about a submarine made of carbon fiber is discussed, highlighting the ignorance and self-delusion of those involved.
  • The podcast criticizes the current state of elites who believe in capitalist development and act against their own self-interests.
  • The reaction to a recent event involving deaths is analyzed, with some defending making fun of it while others criticize it.
  • Overall, the podcast suggests that people are living in a world where everyone has bought into their own beliefs and there are suicidal believers at every level of power.

Empathy and Storytelling

27:16 - 34:21

  • The story is funny in a basic way that everyone understands about comedy - hubris and irony.
  • The CEO of the company is criticized for taking money based on unfounded safety claims.
  • There is a meta conversation about how to react to the story since there's nothing left to say.
  • Some people are insufferable when they bring up empathy in every news story.
  • The lack of empathy is highlighted by comparing it to the lack of empathy for Iraqi victims of war.
  • Empathy has been morphed online to mean pointing out other people's cruelty.
  • Elizabeth Gilbert self-canceled her book due to reader backlash, raising questions about empathy and storytelling criteria.
  • Empathy arms race and responsibility for what stories get told are discussed.

RFK Jr. and Controversial Beliefs

33:54 - 40:53

  • RFK Jr.'s workout footage with disturbing nipples
  • RFK Jr. got Hep C from heroin use
  • Comparison between RFK Jr. and Hunter Biden
  • John Delaney is more muscular than RFK Jr.
  • Republican guys posting shirtless pictures of RFK Jr.
  • The Atlantic's profile on RFK Jr. as the first MAGA Democrat
  • RFK Jr.'s voice condition, spasmatic dysphonia

RFK Jr.'s Controversial Beliefs and Lack of Comprehensive Plan

40:36 - 47:34

  • Robert F. Kennedy has a neurological disorder called spasmatic dysphonia, which affects his voice.
  • Kennedy suspects an influenza vaccine may have caused his condition, although this is not supported by science.
  • Kennedy surrounds himself with integrative medical practitioners who believe they can cure him.
  • He traveled to Japan for surgery and takes unknown substances to reorient his electric energy.
  • Kennedy holds various controversial beliefs, including that Wi-Fi radiation causes cancer and leaky brain, and that antidepressants contribute to mass shootings.
  • His book 'The Real Anthony Fauci' solidified his status as an anti-vaxxer and laid the foundation for his presidential campaign against Joe Biden.
  • However, Kennedy's campaign lacks a comprehensive plan to address the issues he criticizes in the medical establishment and technology.
  • The world we live in is filled with cancer-causing elements, but these concerns are often displaced by focusing on individual controversies.

Kennedy's Personal Struggles and Concerns about COVID

47:10 - 54:09

  • Multiple eras of Kennedy's life have been marked by violence and despair.
  • Kennedy believes that almost every American has been exposed to mental illness, depression, drug addiction, and alcoholism.
  • Kennedy maintains a mental list of everyone he's known who has died and spends an hour each morning having a quiet conversation with them.
  • Sherry Tenpenny is an anti-vaccine expert who claims that COVID vaccines are creating quantum entanglement between those who take them and various technological concepts.
  • Tenpenny also claims that COVID vaccines will cause vaccine-induced immunosuppressed AIDS and predicts a tsunami of deaths in 2023.
  • There is a recognition of a real crisis surrounding COVID, with anxiety expressed from different political perspectives but reflecting similar concerns about the disease and its consequences.
  • The idea of turning humanity into transhumanist cyborgs connected to technology is seen as part of the singularity horizon that tech people are trying to build.
  • Trump's sound clip is played multiple times at the end.

Trump's Claims and Voting for RFK Jr.

53:40 - 58:12

  • Trump claims he will stop World War III and prevent Putin from nuking America
  • Discussion about voting for RFK Jr. and the potential impact on society
  • Mention of Cheryl Hines interview on the topic
  • Anticipation for a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm in Washington
  • Announcement of sold-out Montreal show and available tickets for Toronto show
  • Debate over whether 'the six' refers to Toronto or a neighborhood within it
  • Promotion of upcoming tour featuring Chris Smalls and Steven Donzinger in various cities