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Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast

We All Play A Role in Hospitality | Jonathan Wicks

Wed Jul 26 2023
short-term rental industrycomprehensive turnover servicesindustry challengesvaluing professionalsempathykindnesscore valuescoordinationcommunity buildingadvocacyregulationpersonal growthshaping the company


This episode covers various topics related to the short-term rental industry, including comprehensive turnover services, industry challenges, valuing professionals, empathy and kindness, core values, coordination and community building, advocacy and regulation, personal growth, and shaping the company. The discussions highlight the importance of efficient communication, documentation, trust, transparency, and customization within standardization. The episode also emphasizes the need for empathy, kindness, and building connections within the industry.


Efficient communication and transparency are crucial in the short-term rental industry.

Well and Good provides full-scale servicing for hosts, addressing their needs through comprehensive turnover services.

Valuing professionals and setting them up for success leads to a successful organization.

Recognizing individual skill sets and focusing on their strengths is important in the industry.

Empathy and kindness are essential in the short-term rental industry.

Treating others with respect and not taking advantage of people are core values that contribute to the success of companies like Well and Good.

Building connections within the industry is important for growth and success.

The small size and interconnectedness of the industry make it crucial to establish relationships and collaborate with others.

Advocacy and regulation play a significant role in maintaining a positive reputation in the short-term rental industry.

Paying taxes, following health and safety protocols, and implementing additional measures like noise monitoring are necessary for responsible operation.

Personal growth and reflection shape companies and individuals in the short-term rental industry.

Challenges and experiences that initially seemed undesirable can lead to valuable lessons and opportunities for entrepreneurship.


  1. Good Morning Hospitality
  2. Comprehensive Turnover Services
  3. Industry Challenges and Valuing Professionals
  4. Empathy, Kindness, and Core Values
  5. Focus on Strengths and Industry Topics
  6. Challenges in the Short-Term Rental Industry
  7. Coordination and Community Building
  8. Advocacy, Regulation, and Personal Growth
  9. Shaping the Company and Reflection

Good Morning Hospitality

00:00 - 06:57

  • Good Morning Hospitality is a morning show podcast that discusses the latest news and trends in the industry.
  • The office professional's challenges should be valued within the organization.
  • Slick Talk is a podcast for those in and around the Hospitality industry.
  • Cigarette detection is a new feature on the Gen 3 device that specifically detects cigarette smoke.
  • Jonathan Wickes, founder of Well and Good, is interviewed on Slick Talk.
  • Well and Good provides full-scale servicing for hosts in the short-term rental space.
  • They offer professional cleaning, off-site laundering, sourcing of hotel-style linens, and guest essentials.

Comprehensive Turnover Services

06:33 - 13:07

  • The company provides full-scale servicing for hosts in the short-term rental space.
  • Their services include professional cleaning, off-site laundering, sourcing hotel-style linens, and supplying guest essentials.
  • They cater to hosts of all types, whether they have multiple homes or just one.
  • The idea for the company came from the founder's personal experiences as a guest and a host in the short-term rental space.
  • The founder saw a need for a company that specializes in providing comprehensive turnover services for hosts.
  • The founder's background is in scaling service companies, starting with a cleaning company at age 19 and later working with foreclosed homes.
  • The founder recognized parallels between those industries and the short-term rental industry in terms of operational issues and the need for transparency.
  • The company aims to address the needs of hosts by offering efficient communication, documentation, trust, and transparency.

Industry Challenges and Valuing Professionals

12:41 - 19:05

  • Systems and processes are needed in the industry.
  • Finding everyone's biggest need and helping them with it is important.
  • Servicers in the field often struggle and don't want to service short-term rentals.
  • Focusing on individual skill sets is crucial.
  • Valuing professionals and setting them up for success leads to a successful organization.
  • Technology is important, but this is still a people business.
  • Nature and nurture both contribute to being an entrepreneur.
  • Growing up in a rural world instilled a work ethic and understanding of small businesses.
  • Starting a lawn service in high school provided valuable experience.
  • Wanting to be part of a holistic process led to entrepreneurship in college.
  • 'And' mentality is significant for personal beliefs and business success.
  • Win-win solutions come from human-to-human interactions.

Empathy, Kindness, and Core Values

18:45 - 25:04

  • The speaker believes in having more empathy and kindness in the world.
  • The speaker's personal experiences of seeing people being hurt by others' greed or taking advantage influenced their belief in treating others with respect.
  • The speaker's parents taught them to do things the right way and not take advantage of others.
  • The company has core values that include not taking advantage of people and removing themselves from those who do.
  • The company pays for completed services regardless of whether the client pays them, which builds trust with employees.
  • Core values have become a game changer for the company, as they are now vocalized and put into practice daily.
  • Putting core values out there helps attract like-minded clients and teammates while shielding against those who may not align with the values.
  • Being bold about presenting win-win solutions helps differentiate the company in an industry where most service companies avoid ruffling feathers.
  • Building connections within the industry is important due to its small size and interconnectedness.
  • Service companies often want to avoid complications, but it's necessary to focus on primary functions while managing tech, operations, and changes in the industry.

Focus on Strengths and Industry Topics

24:48 - 31:20

  • Focus on your primary functions and lean into your strengths.
  • Surround yourself with people who excel in areas you are not great at.
  • Having just one property is better than having none.
  • Being great at something will lead to more opportunities in that area.
  • Value every role and profession within the organization.
  • No 'just' mentality - every role is important.
  • There are topics in the industry that aren't being talked about or addressed.

Challenges in the Short-Term Rental Industry

31:04 - 37:29

  • The podcast discusses the challenges faced by the short-term rental industry.
  • The industry is held hostage by ratings, with some guests using ratings as leverage to get what they want.
  • There are games being played with reviews, such as not reviewing other hosts or paying for reviews.
  • Themed properties are becoming more popular, but they don't have to cater to a specific audience.
  • Hosts should be involved in their communities and work together for the betterment of the industry.
  • Regulations can be helpful in certain cases, especially when it comes to overcrowding and neighborhood impact.
  • When it comes to themed homes, opinions vary. Some find them easy to clean while others dislike the extra decor.
  • Customization within standardization is key. Pops of color can be added through throw blankets and towels without going overboard.
  • Thoughtful design choices should consider long-term maintenance and durability.

Coordination and Community Building

37:17 - 43:34

  • Different colored linens can cause problems with coordinating other colors.
  • Themes should be used as decorations and accent items, not as the main part of linens or towels.
  • Working with designers can help find solutions and avoid purchasing unnecessary items.
  • Knowing your servicer early in the process can help with planning and coordination.
  • Regulations impact not only hosts but also companies like well and good and their teams.
  • Occupancy limits are important to prevent overcrowding in short-term rentals.
  • Health and safety protocols, such as emergency plans and laundering processes, should be followed to maintain professionalism in the industry.
  • Assimilating into the community through intentional actions, like leaving books for neighbors, can help build positive relationships.

Advocacy, Regulation, and Personal Growth

43:18 - 49:24

  • Doing intentional things like paying taxes and background checking employees contributes to the conversation and produces jobs and tax revenue.
  • Paying taxes should be a standard practice for short-term rental companies, not just paying individual cleaners under the table.
  • Advocacy and regulation are important in the industry to prevent issues and maintain a positive reputation with travelers, guests, neighbors, and communities.
  • Both guardrails (regulations) and additional measures like noise monitoring and insurance are necessary in the short-term rental space.
  • The guest asks a personal/professional question about going through experiences that seemed undesirable at the time but turned out to be beneficial in hindsight.
  • One example is attending a college that wasn't initially desired but led to starting a company through entrepreneurship instead of the traditional route.
  • Another example is facing challenges with initial relationships when introducing new concepts in the company, which ultimately shaped their values and level of service.

Shaping the Company and Reflection

49:02 - 54:33

  • Drawing lines and shaping the company to provide high-level service
  • Customization within standardization
  • Partnerships require trust and earned trust is important
  • Reflecting on the road that led to where you are today
  • Using unique skills based on backgrounds
  • Hard experiences allow for empathy and relating to others
  • Describing a moment with someone in the organization that makes it all worth it
  • Relishing in those moments of success and reflection
  • Link to Well and Good.Pro for more information about the company