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AMA #12: Thoughts on Longevity Supplements (Resveratrol, NR, NMN, Etc.) & How to Improve Memory

Tue Oct 31 2023
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The episode covers various topics related to supplements and interventions for increasing lifespan and vitality. It discusses the debunking of resveratrol's ability to extend lifespan, the use of grape seed extract for its health benefits, the NAD pathway and supplements like NR and NMN, the potential effects of NAD infusions, the debate around mTOR inhibitors like metformin and berberine, and the importance of foundational elements like sleep, nutrition, and sunlight for health and performance.


Supplements like resveratrol and grape seed extract are not effective in extending lifespan.

Resveratrol has little to no direct evidence of increasing lifespan, while grape seed extract is taken for its health benefits.

NR and NMN supplements can increase NAD levels but may not extend lifespan.

Taking NR and NMN can provide sustained mental and physical energy, but there is insufficient data to support their use for increasing lifespan.

NAD infusions have potential benefits but lack clinical trials on vitality.

NAD infusions can improve sleep and vigor, but more research is needed to understand their effects on vitality.

Metformin, berberine, and rapamycin are debated for their potential to increase lifespan.

These drugs can inhibit the mTOR pathway but lack direct evidence in humans. The speaker does not take them due to side effects or insufficient data.

Foundational elements like sleep, nutrition, and sunlight are crucial for health and performance.

Prioritizing quality sleep, nutrition, stress control, exercise, social connection, and morning sunlight can contribute to vitality.


  1. Introduction
  2. Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract
  3. NAD Pathway and Supplements
  4. NR, NMN, and NAD Infusions
  5. Metformin, Berberine, and mTOR Pathway
  6. Foundational Elements of Health and Performance


00:00 - 06:43

  • The podcast is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) episode.
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Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract

00:00 - 06:43

  • Resveratrol, a supplement believed to extend lifespan, has been debunked as having little to no direct evidence of increasing lifespan.
  • Grape seed extract, which contains resveratrol, is taken for its effects on vascular function and other health benefits.
  • Taking grape seed extract is part of the host's standard supplementation stack for its potential positive effects on cells at low cost.
  • The host does not take grape seed extract specifically for its impact on resveratrol or extending lifespan.
  • The host will provide a list of supplements they take in the future with their rationale and observed effects.

NAD Pathway and Supplements

06:22 - 13:32

  • The NAD pathway is active in all cells and is related to cellular energetics and mitochondrial function.
  • Increasing NAD levels in cells has been suggested as a way to potentially extend lifespan.
  • There are three common ways people have tried to increase NAD: through supplementation with NR or NMN, or by infusing NAD directly into the body.
  • The speaker personally takes NR and NMN supplements to increase their NAD levels, but not with the expectation of increasing lifespan.
  • Taking NR and NMN gives the speaker sustained mental and physical energy throughout the day.
  • The speaker does not have any financial relationship with companies that manufacture NR or NMN.
  • NMN is currently not available as a supplement due to FDA regulations, but it can still be found on the open market.
  • The speaker takes NR and NMN because they like how it makes them feel, but they do not expect it to increase their lifespan based on current data.
  • Many people still take NR and/or NMN to increase their NAD levels.

NR, NMN, and NAD Infusions

13:03 - 20:06

  • The speaker does not believe there is enough data to substantiate the extension of lifespan through NR or NMN supplementation.
  • NAD infusions, which directly increase NAD levels in the body, can be uncomfortable and may require anti-nausea medication.
  • The speaker has personally experienced improved sleep and vigor after NAD infusions but acknowledges the lack of clinical trials exploring its effects on vitality.
  • Adjusting the rate of infusion can make it more tolerable.
  • There is debate among experts about whether increasing cellular levels of NAD actually increases lifespan and whether NR or NMN is more advantageous.
  • The speaker emphasizes that they do not pursue these interventions for the purpose of increasing lifespan but rather for subjective vitality and energy.
  • Oral NAD supplements are available, but their direct impact on cellular NAD levels is unclear.
  • More research and debate are needed in this area.

Metformin, Berberine, and mTOR Pathway

19:39 - 26:32

  • Metformin and berberine are commonly discussed in longevity circles, but the speaker does not take either due to side effects (headaches).
  • Metformin and berberine are used by some people to lower blood glucose levels and inhibit the mTOR pathway, which plays a role in cell growth.
  • M-Tor is a protein abundant in cells during development and cellular growth, including tumor cells.
  • Drugs like metformin and compounds like berberine can reduce mTOR levels and potentially increase lifespan, but there is no direct evidence for this in humans yet.
  • The speaker does not take berberine or metformin due to lack of sufficient data supporting their use for increasing lifespan.
  • Rapamycin, which targets mTOR, is being investigated for its potential to extend lifespan by researchers such as Dr. Matt Kaburline.
  • The speaker does not take rapamycin because the current data does not justify its use for increasing lifespan.
  • The foundation of a quality and long life includes getting sufficient amounts of quality sleep each night and engaging in regular exercise.
  • Quality nutrition, social connection, stress modulation, and morning sunlight also play important roles in longevity compared to supplements or drugs.

Foundational Elements of Health and Performance

26:14 - 29:03

  • The basics of sleep, sunlight, nutrition, movement, stress control, and relationships are important for increasing vitality.
  • Morning sunlight helps set the circadian rhythm.
  • It is crucial to consult a board-certified professional before making any changes to your supplement or prescription drug regimen.