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Election risks, safety summits and Scarlett Johansson: the week in AI

Thu May 30 2024
AIUK General ElectionAI SafetyExistential RisksOpenAI


This episode discusses the potential risks of AI in the UK general election, highlights from the AI Global Safety Summit, concerns about existential risks, and the disbanding of OpenAI's Super Alignment Team.


AI can be used for character assassinations and voter manipulation in election campaigns.

AI-generated false allegations and targeted social media campaigns can undermine candidates and influence voters.

The AI Global Safety Summit aims to address the risks of AI development.

International cooperation and agreements are being pursued to ensure the safe development and deployment of AI technologies.

Existential risks of AI are a subject of debate and concern.

There is a need for more focus on addressing potential risks that could have catastrophic consequences for humanity.

OpenAI's Super Alignment Team has disbanded, raising concerns about AI safety.

The departure of key members highlights challenges in ensuring the safe development of advanced AI systems.


  1. AI and UK General Election
  2. AI Global Safety Summit
  3. Existential Risks of AI
  4. OpenAI's Super Alignment Team

AI and UK General Election

02:27 - 05:25

  • AI could be used for character assassinations in election campaigns, spreading false allegations to undermine candidates.
  • AI can also be used for voter targeting, convincing people to vote for a particular party through social media manipulation.
  • Information threats, such as fake news and misinformation, can be amplified by AI, leading to confusion and manipulation of voters.

AI Global Safety Summit

08:38 - 11:36

  • The AI Global Safety Summit aims to address the risks and challenges of AI development.
  • The summit resulted in the Seoul statement of intent towards international cooperation on AI safety science.
  • The main success of the summit was the progress made in bringing together countries and organizations to discuss AI safety.

Existential Risks of AI

11:36 - 14:39

  • There is a concern that discussions on AI safety are being distracted by other non-existential risks.
  • Max Tegmark, president of the Future of Life Institute, argues that more focus should be given to existential risks.
  • There is a debate on whether companies like OpenAI are genuinely concerned about existential risks or using it as a marketing strategy.

OpenAI's Super Alignment Team

16:20 - 17:33

  • OpenAI's Super Alignment Team, responsible for ensuring AI safety, has disbanded.
  • The departure of key members raises concerns about OpenAI's commitment to addressing existential risks.
  • OpenAI is now relying on an embedded safety team to address the risks of their new training run.