The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek, which has been translated into 40+ languages. Newsweek calls him "the world's best human guinea pig," and The New York Times calls him "a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk." In this show, he deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Fri Jul 19 2024

#756: Anne Lamott and Josh Waitzkin


This episode covers a wide range of topics including approaching tasks, overcoming perfectionism, self-care, fear, recovery, grace, self-love, healing, letting go of control, embracing chaos, risk-taking, cognitive biases, technical awareness, intuition, stress training, meditation, personalized programs, parenting, growth mindset, reframing discomfort, lateral thinking, embracing embarrassment, competition, attention to detail in training, learning from mistakes, simulating experiences, extreme learning, effective decision-making, positive constraints, critical thinking, journaling, thematic interconnectedness, beginner's mindset, interconnectedness in education, and mindfulness.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Wed Jul 17 2024

#755: Hugh Jackman and Esther Perel

Accessing ContentPrivacyMeditationPerformance EnergyLessons Learned

This episode covers a wide range of topics including accessing content with ExpressVPN, Hugh Jackman's insights, daily meditation and performance energy, lessons learned and personal branding, taking control of career and facing challenges, intuition, rowing, and physical fitness, the rowing machine and fitness recommendations, upbringing and values of Holocaust survivors, survival and reconnecting with life, marriage, impermanence, and fearlessness, seeking mentors and building relationships, effective communication with mentors, intimacy, eroticism, and relationships, monogamy and non-traditional relationships, polyamory, honesty, and intimacy, transgressions, secrecy, and communication, trust, compatibility, and relationship dynamics, trust, loyalty, and non-monogamous relationships, infidelity, desire, and modern relationships, marriage as a cultural institution, challenges in marriage and therapy sessions, connection, relationships, and social change.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Fri Jul 12 2024

#754: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ann Miura-Ko

Arnold SchwarzeneggerSuccessBodybuildingActingEntrepreneurship

This episode features Arnold Schwarzenegger discussing his journey to success in bodybuilding, acting, and entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision, mental strength, and presentation skills. The episode also explores topics like meditation, debate, negotiation, striving for excellence, venture capital, technology disruption, and personal growth.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Wed Jul 10 2024

#753: Derek Sivers and Kevin Kelly

Nutrition SupplementsMusic CareerAccelerated LearningSlowing DownDelegating Tasks

This episode covers a wide range of topics including nutrition supplements, music career opportunities, accelerated learning, the power of slowing down, delegating tasks, focusing on meaningful work, minimalism and transformative experiences, writing and finding one's voice, questioning purpose and success dilemmas, startups vs. successful companies, voluntary simplicity, exploring new paths, Amish approach to technology, disconnecting from technology, long-term thinking, investing in long-term thinking, creating your own path, reading and hands-on experience, empowerment through building houses, reviewing tools and Asia's population difference.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Thu Jul 04 2024

#752: Terry Crews and Richard Koch

performance enhancementovercoming challengesart and athleticsNCAA athleticsreframing challenges

This episode covers a wide range of topics including using Momentus products for performance enhancement, overcoming challenges through art and athletics, lessons from high school basketball and NCAA athletics, reframing challenges and finding closure, the power of forgiveness and courage, overcoming nervousness and reinventing chat show format, applying the 80/20 principle for strategic success, investment strategies and unreasonable success, segmentation and success in business, transitioning from BCG to Bain & Company, finding the right fit at Bain & Company, analyzing business models and personal recommendations, consensus building and personal growth, the power of principles and the 80/20 principle, applying the 80/20 principle to personal life, finding happiness and reflective practices, journaling for personal development and insights, exploring unreasonable success and its factors, defining success and strategies for achieving it, transforming experiences and engineering success, choosing a career and breakthrough achievements, disruptive innovations and intuition for success, deep knowledge, distorting reality, and long-term vision, intuition and personal relationships for success, pilot studies, reflection, and personal development

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tue Jul 02 2024

#751: Elizabeth Gilbert and Jack Kornfield


This episode covers a wide range of topics including insights on life, death, humor, art, setting boundaries, saying no, paragliding, healing trauma, psychedelics, mindfulness, compassion, initiation rituals, and self-love. The speakers share personal stories and experiences that offer valuable lessons and perspectives on various aspects of life. The episode also includes recommendations for products like Element electrolyte drink mix.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Thu Jun 27 2024

#750: Neil Gaiman and Debbie Millman

nutritionsleep improvementwriting processovercoming rejectionempowering victims

This episode covers a wide range of topics including key insights on nutrition supplements and sleep improvement products, discussions on writing process and habits, overcoming rejection and finding success, empowering victims of domestic violence, navigating the design industry, the journey of Design Matters podcast, envisioning a remarkable life, overcoming challenges and embracing change, and product recommendations.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tue Jun 25 2024

#749: Michael Lewis and Martine Rothblatt

Sleep TechnologyWriting CareerFinancial IndustryGenetic ResearchMedical Advancements

This episode covers a wide range of topics including sleep technology, writing career, financial industry, genetic research, medical advancements, consciousness, and ethical considerations. Key insights include the importance of personal satisfaction over external validation, the value of relating science to everyday life, and the potential for synthetic consciousness in the future.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Thu Jun 20 2024

#748: Pavel Tsatsouline and Christopher Sommer

strength trainingmattressestraining principlesSoviet methodologygymnastic strength training

This podcast episode covers a wide range of topics related to strength training, including tailored mattresses, training principles, effective strategies, Soviet methodology, gymnastic strength training, abdominal training, joint health, warm-up routines, and more. The episode emphasizes the importance of proper technique, mobility work, and consistency in training. It also explores the connection between physical and mental preparation in athletic performance. Additionally, the episode includes insights from Arnold Schwarzenegger's lifestyle habits and tips for optimizing health and performance. Listeners are encouraged to visit for further resources.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Wed Jun 19 2024

#747: Seth Godin and Dr. Sue Johnson

modern datingimpactful speakingtransitions in lifeentrepreneurshipsocial media

This episode covers a wide range of topics including modern dating, impactful speaking, transitions in life, entrepreneurship, social media, parenting, couples therapy, emotional bonding, secure attachments, empathy, tango dancing, sexual relationships, maintaining passion, and understanding love relationships. Key insights include the importance of secure connections, emotional breakthroughs, vulnerability in relationships, and the role of attachment science in shaping love and emotional well-being. The episode also discusses the 'Hold Me Tight Online' program for improving relationships based on tested interventions and clear science.

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