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Huberman Lab discusses neuroscience — how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health. We also discuss existing and emerging tools for measuring and changing how our nervous system works. Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and tenured professor in the department of neurobiology, and by courtesy, psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford School of Medicine. He has made numerous significant contributions to the fields of brain development, brain function and neural plasticity, which is the ability of our nervous system to rewire and learn new behaviors, skills and cognitive functioning.  Huberman is a McKnight Foundation and Pew Foundation Fellow and was awarded the Cogan Award, given to the scientist making the most significant discoveries in the study of vision, in 2017. His lab’s most recent work focuses on the influence of vision and respiration on human performance and brain states such as fear and courage. He also works on neural regeneration and directs a clinical trial to promote visual restoration in diseases that cause blindness. Huberman is also actively involved in developing tools now in use by the elite military in the U.S. and Canada, athletes, and technology industries to optimize performance in high stress environments, enhance neural plasticity, mitigate stress and optimize sleep.   Work from the Huberman Laboratory at Stanford School of Medicine has been published in top journals including Nature, Science and Cell and has been featured in TIME, BBC, Scientific American, Discover and other top media outlets.  In 2021, Dr. Huberman launched the Huberman Lab podcast. The podcast is frequently ranked in the top 5 of all podcasts globally and is often ranked #1 in the categories of Science, Education, and Health & Fitness.

Huberman Lab

Mon Dec 04 2023

Robert Greene: A Process for Finding & Achieving Your Unique Purpose

purposepower dynamicsseductionvulnerabilityself-discovery

The episode explores the concept of finding and pursuing one's purpose in life. It delves into the process of rediscovering purpose, understanding power dynamics in relationships, the art of seduction, vulnerability and authenticity, and the journey of self-discovery. The episode provides insights on how to navigate these aspects of life to find fulfillment and happiness.

Huberman Lab

Thu Nov 30 2023

AMA #13: Winter Months & Sickness, Wim Hof Breathing & Stressors

coldsflustransmissionrespiratory healthsusceptibility

This episode explores the transmission of colds and flus, respiratory health, and factors affecting susceptibility to these illnesses. It discusses how colder temperatures and spending more time indoors during winter contribute to increased transmission. The importance of nasal breathing, maintaining humidity in the air, and proper hygiene practices are highlighted. The episode also delves into the role of fevers and the potential benefits and risks of cold exposure. Various ways to protect against colds and flus are mentioned.

Huberman Lab

Mon Nov 27 2023

Dr. Adam Grant: How to Unlock Your Potential, Motivation & Unique Abilities

procrastinationmotivationcreativityproductivitysocial media

This episode explores topics such as procrastination, intrinsic motivation, creativity, extrinsic motivation, productivity, social media distractions, unlocking potential, overcoming blind spots, effective communication, growth mindset, science communication, authenticity, emotion regulation, human potential, personal growth, and science communication.

Huberman Lab

Mon Nov 20 2023

A Science-Supported Journaling Protocol to Improve Mental & Physical Health

journalingmental healthphysical healthtraumatic experiencesimmune system function

The podcast episode discusses a specific form of journaling supported by over 200 peer-reviewed studies that has positive impacts on mental and physical health. The journaling method improves memory, decision-making, and everyday living metrics. It takes a relatively small amount of time and can provide lasting benefits even if done for just one week or one month.

Huberman Lab

Wed Nov 15 2023

LIVE EVENT Q&A: Dr. Andrew Huberman Question & Answer in Toronto, ON

Brain-Body ConnectionEmotional ResilienceNeuroplasticityWell-beingPerception of Time

The episode covers topics such as the brain-body connection, emotional resilience, internal experiences, neuroplasticity, well-being, and perception of time. Insights include the importance of good sleep, self-care, and diverse experiences for inspiration, as well as the role of music in brain development and the effects of exercise on neuroplasticity. The episode also explores how perception of time can be altered and improved for better task switching abilities.

Huberman Lab

Mon Nov 13 2023

Dr. Natalie Crawford: Female Hormone Health, Fertility & Vitality

Huberman Lab

Mon Nov 06 2023

Dr. Michael Eisenberg: Improving Male Sexual Health, Function & Fertility

male sexual healthfertilityerectile dysfunctionsperm qualitytestosterone levels

This episode explores various aspects of male sexual health and fertility, including erectile dysfunction, sperm quality, testosterone levels, lifestyle factors, and more. It highlights the importance of addressing male reproductive health and provides insights into maintaining overall well-being. The episode also discusses the impact of paternal age on offspring and explores the topic of penile length. Overall, it aims to raise awareness about male reproductive health and encourage proactive care.

Huberman Lab

Tue Oct 31 2023

AMA #12: Thoughts on Longevity Supplements (Resveratrol, NR, NMN, Etc.) & How to Improve Memory

supplementslongevityNAD pathwaymTOR pathwayfoundational elements

The episode covers various topics related to supplements and interventions for increasing lifespan and vitality. It discusses the debunking of resveratrol's ability to extend lifespan, the use of grape seed extract for its health benefits, the NAD pathway and supplements like NR and NMN, the potential effects of NAD infusions, the debate around mTOR inhibitors like metformin and berberine, and the importance of foundational elements like sleep, nutrition, and sunlight for health and performance.

Huberman Lab

Mon Oct 30 2023

Mental Health Toolkit: Tools to Bolster Your Mood & Mental Health

MoodMental HealthSelf-CareSleepLight

The podcast episode discusses tools for mood and mental health. Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett mentioned several important tools for improving mood and mental health. Dr. Paul Conti, a psychiatrist, provided tools for understanding oneself and improving relationships. Recent publications highlight specific actions that can significantly improve mood and mental health. Viewing morning sunlight and avoiding light at night have been shown to improve mental health outcomes. Deliberate cold exposure can induce positive shifts in mood, alertness, and focus. Plunge offers a versatile at-home self-cooling cold plunge for deliberate cold exposure. 8Sleep makes smart mattress covers with cooling, heating, and sleep tracking capacity to optimize sleep quality. Waking Up is a meditation app that offers various meditation programs to achieve different brain and body states.

Huberman Lab

Mon Oct 23 2023

Mark Zuckerberg & Dr. Priscilla Chan: Curing All Human Diseases & the Future of Health & Technology

Chan Zuckerberg InitiativeCZIDisease CureBasic ScienceSingle Cell Sequencing

The episode features a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan, co-founders of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). CZI aims to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of the century. The podcast covers CZI's motivations, funding scientists, building software tools, and conducting research. It also explores the importance of understanding disease processes, advancements in AI and single cell sequencing, nutrition, technology's impact on health, virtual reality, smart glasses, and AI interfaces in social media.

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