Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

The Everyday AI podcast is a daily livestream, podcast and free newsletter where we help everyday people grow their careers with AI. The Everyday AI podcast is hosted by Jordan Wilson, a former journalist who's now the owner of a boutique digital strategy company with 20 years of martech experience.  Our main focus is to help you keep up with AI trends to make your job easier. Get your work done faster. Increase your output.  - Sign up for our free Prime Prompt Polish ChatGPT course: https://podPPP.com- Make sure to sign up for our daily newsletter at: https://youreverydayai.com- Email us: info@youreverydayai.com- Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanwilson04/In the Everyday AI podcast, we'll cover all things artificial intelligence, machine learning, and practical tips on how to use both in your daily life. We'll include a touch on a variety of topics, software and applications. We may be covering the latest AI news from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe and social channels like Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram. Or, we may be diving into software like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Bard, or Runway ML. 

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Tue Jul 23 2024

EP 320: Thanks A Million Celebration - How well do you know ChatGPT & other LLMs?

AIMetaOpenAIQuizGPT 4.0

The podcast covers various topics related to AI, including the launch of Meta's LLAMA3 model, OpenAI's transparency on safety measures, AI quizzes, GPT 4.0 features, Perplexity Pro pricing, Chat GPT functionality, video analysis in Chat GPT Plus, challenges of keeping up with AI developments, and upcoming giveaways. Listeners are encouraged to participate in the 'Thanks a Million Giveaway' and stay tuned for future episodes.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Mon Jul 22 2024

EP 319: AI News That Matters - July 22nd, 2024

AIcopyright infringementChatGPTeducationEU regulations

The podcast discusses recent developments in the world of AI, including allegations of data theft, legal battles over copyright infringement, insights on ChatGPT and OpenAI's legal case, challenges in AI education and the business landscape, EU regulations, OpenAI's GPT-4.0 Mini, performance and pricing of GPT 4.0 Mini, and OpenAI's position and legal dispute.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Fri Jul 19 2024

EP 318: GPT-4o Mini: What you need to know and what no one’s talking about

OpenAIGPT-4.0 MiniAI ModelsGenerative AIFuture of Work

OpenAI's GPT-4.0 Mini is a lighter version of their powerful large language model. It offers high quality at a competitive price compared to other models. The model supports text, images, upcoming video and audio inputs/outputs, and has improved tokenizer for non-English text. GPT-4.0 Mini outperforms other small models in various metrics. The podcast discusses the evaluation of large language models, testing scenarios for GPT-4.0 models, generated ideas by GPT-4.0 Mini, AI models' ability to identify details, insights and future implications of generative AI, impact on the future of work, and an upcoming live stream event.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Thu Jul 18 2024

EP 317: How Enterprise Companies Can Escape the AI Inertia

AI implementationEnterprise levelGenerative AIBusiness strategyEducation

This episode discusses the challenges and benefits of implementing AI at the enterprise level. It highlights the importance of aligning AI with business strategy, the need for education and adoption within organizations, and the impact of AI on various industries. The episode also emphasizes the requirement for continuous learning and responsible use of AI. Overall, it provides insights into how companies can leverage AI to enhance customer experiences, improve operations, and stay competitive in the evolving landscape.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Wed Jul 17 2024

EP 316: The Future of Generative AI in the Classroom. How Will It Work?

Generative AIHigher EducationAI in EducationFuture of Education

The podcast discusses the future of generative AI in higher education and its impact on future leaders. Tech giants are facing backlash for using YouTube subtitles to train AI models without creators' consent. Google is teasing its next version of AI image generator, imagine three, after facing controversies with previous versions. OpenAI co-founder has launched Eureka Labs, an educational lab aiming to integrate generative AI with traditional teaching methods. Jules White, senior advisor at Vanderbilt University, shares insights on incorporating generative AI into education and operations. AI in higher education is polarizing, with some institutions fully embracing it while others struggle to adapt. The use of AI in education requires a shift towards teaching students how to effectively utilize it for learning and problem-solving. Institutions face challenges in closing the educational gap created by the introduction of AI tools like ChatGPT. Adapting to new learning experiences with AI requires interdisciplinary collaboration across all departments, not just computer science or data science. The future of higher education will see significant changes due to the integration of AI tools like ChatGPT, impacting how subjects are taught and assessed.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Tue Jul 16 2024

EP 315: Microsoft Edge - The secret AI browser you need to use

AI-powered BrowsersMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft Co-pilotBrowser-based AI ToolTime-saving

The episode discusses AI-powered browsers like Microsoft Edge, the features and benefits of using Microsoft Edge as an AI-first browser, the use of Microsoft Co-pilot for research and content creation, browser-based AI tools for web interaction, the impact of AI on time-saving and productivity, targeted information retrieval with Co-Pilot, and concludes with a call to action.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Mon Jul 15 2024

EP 314: AI News That Matters - July 15th, 2024

AI advancementsAWS AI featuresProject StrawberryTransition to agent modelsPublic testing of AI models

The episode discusses recent advancements in AI, including new research and developments from major companies like Google's DeepMind and OpenAI. AWS has launched over 300 generative AI features this year driven by customer demand. The Strawberry project is part of an industry effort to enhance AI reasoning and work with humans better. The transition from traditional large language models to agent models is the future of AI work. Big companies like Google and OpenAI are using the public as testers for their AI models by releasing multiple versions and collecting feedback.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Fri Jul 12 2024

EP 313: How To Use Custom GPTs Inside ChatGPT

custom GPTsChatGPTAIcontent creationresearch

This episode covers the creation of custom GPTs in ChatGPT, including their benefits, comparison with plugins, guides for building custom GPTs, and tips for using them effectively. The process of creating and using custom GPTs is discussed, along with insights on priming and customization. The podcast also explores the creative aspects of the show and highlights the value of custom GPTs in research and content creation. Listeners are encouraged to engage with the podcast and provided with a call to action.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Thu Jul 11 2024

EP 312: Is AI only a resource hog? A greener side to AI

Artificial IntelligenceReforestationEnvironmental EffortsSustainability

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing reforestation efforts by enabling faster and more efficient tree planting. Lord of the Trees uses drones, robotics, and AI to restore biodiversity globally. The company combines high-tech tools like drones with low-tech practices rooted in ancestral knowledge for successful reforestation projects. Taking small steps towards positive change and collaborating with others are key to making a significant impact. Business leaders should embrace greener AI practices and support reforestation projects.

Everyday AI Podcast – An AI and ChatGPT Podcast

Wed Jul 10 2024

EP 311: Perplexity - How to use it & 5 things to know that will change how you work

AIPerplexityOpenAIWeb SearchesNike Air Jordans

Perplexity is an AI tool that streamlines online research by providing answers directly to users. It offers features like creating threads, organizing collections, generating in-depth articles, visualizing data points, and more. OpenAI's board changes and access restrictions have impacted its services. Utilizing Perplexity can automate tasks, generate lists, and provide detailed information. It has been used for SWOT analysis of Nike Air Jordans and is seen as a potential future of web searches. Google and Microsoft are also developing AI tools for web searches.

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