The Liz Moody Podcast

The Liz Moody Podcast

The Liz Moody Podcast, hosted by bestselling author and longtime journalist Liz Moody, is a research-backed wellness podcast all about helping you live your healthiest, happiest life. Each week, Liz sits down with some of the world's best functional doctors, researchers, authors, journalists and various other leaders in their field to answer all of health and wellness questions you want to know. In a world where wellness information is everywhere, this podcast aims at cutting through the noise and finding out what actually works. Come along with Liz as she uncovers the unknown hacks, tips, and tricks you need to know for making a healthier life easier—topics include what to eat to fight disease, how to take control of your finances, tips for fighting anxiety and depression, productivity and career advice, advice for making friends as an adult, the best skincare routine elements, healthy cooking secrets, and so much more. To get even more info, head to and come hang out on Instagram @lizmoody to enter giveaways!

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jul 17 2024

Beyond Ozempic: Metabolic Dysfunction Is Impacting Fertility, Weight, & Energy (+ A Stanford MD’s Plan To Fix It)

weight lossmetabolic healthmedication impactshealthcare system issueschronic diseases

The episode covers various topics related to weight loss, metabolic health, medication impacts, healthcare system issues, chronic diseases, and the importance of focusing on metabolic health. Key insights include the role of exercise and nutrition in improving mitochondrial health, concerns about medications like Ozempic, the need for long-term safety data, the influence of pharmaceutical companies on doctors, and the importance of addressing root causes in healthcare. The episode also highlights the significance of optimizing metabolic health for fertility and overall well-being.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jul 10 2024

The REAL Story Of Ozempic, Weight Loss, And The Metabolic Crisis 94% Of Us Are Facing

metabolic healthOzempicobesityGLP-1 receptor agonistsultra-processed foods

This episode explores the topic of metabolic health and its relationship with medications like Ozempic. It covers various factors contributing to obesity, the impact of Ozempic on metabolic health biomarkers, strategies to increase GLP-1 levels naturally, the influence of ultra-processed foods on cravings and satiety, holistic approaches to health, systemic issues affecting metabolic health, key biomarkers for metabolic health, detoxification systems, skincare and collagen peptides, the rise of ultra-processed foods, and insights from the book 'Good Energy' on improving metabolic health. The episode emphasizes the importance of understanding metabolic health beyond just obesity and highlights the complex relationship between health, industry, and consumer choices.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jul 03 2024

Alyson Stoner Opens Up About Child Stardom, Somatic Healing, And How Fame Can Be Addicting

HollywoodBody ImageMental HealthFameSomatic Therapy

The podcast episode features a raw and honest conversation with Allison Stoner, discussing her experiences in Hollywood and struggles with body image, mental health, and fame. Allison shares insights on growing up in Hollywood, the challenges child stars face, the financial aspects of acting, and her decision to take a break from acting to go to rehab. The episode delves into somatic therapy practices for anxiety and trauma healing that have been beneficial for both Allison and the host. Allison opens up about her eating disorder journey, healing her relationship with her body over time, and the lesser-known downsides of fame and success. The conversation touches on grief and trauma in Allison's life, highlighting the importance of somatic mind-body tools for stress relief and emotion regulation during challenging times.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Mon Jul 01 2024

The BEST Networking Tips For Your Dream Job, Friends, Health Habits, & More


This episode explores the importance of networking, building communities, and finding mentors. It highlights the impact of surroundings on habits, health, and well-being. The episode provides strategies for effective networking, communication, and seeking mentorship. It also emphasizes the value of optimizing metabolic health and investing in relationships. Building positive relationships, celebrating others' strengths, and taking action to build a supportive network are discussed. The episode concludes with insights on building relationships and making asks.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jun 26 2024

These Micro Habits Will Make You Happier, Healthier, And Wealthier

High-Performing LifeHappinessWealth ImprovementOvercoming HurdlesIdentity

This episode covers principles for a high-performing life, including micro habits for health, happiness, and wealth improvement. It explores the importance of balancing present enjoyment with future preparation and overcoming hurdles to make major life changes. The pursuit of happiness and wealth is discussed, along with the role of identity and aligning actions with priorities. The episode also delves into news consumption, skincare, communication in relationships, connecting with loved ones, and balancing career success with starting a family. Money management, time freedom, and productivity are explored, providing insights on how to live a fulfilling life.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jun 19 2024

How Are Millennials And Gen Z Already Having A Midlife Crisis? (Why They’re So Burnt Out + How To Deal)

MillennialsGen ZBurnoutAnxietyParenting styles

Millennials and Gen Z are facing extreme burnout, little support, and rising expenses. Dr. Lauren Cook discusses the anxiety experienced by younger generations and provides practical resources to combat stressors. Topics covered include the impact of parenting styles, financial concerns, anger at older generations, insecurity in jobs, social media's effects, pandemic impacts on mental health, and climate change's influence on decision-making and mental health. The episode explores the challenges faced by millennials and Gen Z and offers insights on redefining success, breaking ingrained cycles of behavior, empowerment through voting, financial challenges, questioning traditional paths, self-acceptance, strategies for mental well-being, gratitude, physical well-being, overcoming self-doubt, building resilience, acknowledging feelings, the impact of the pandemic on mental health, fear and busyness, connecting with the body, climate change anxiety, empathy, physical health, community connection, red light therapy, and building resilience.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Mon Jun 17 2024

Actor Tony Hale Spills Secrets About Inside Out 2, Managing Anxiety, And Why Success Doesn’t Make You Happy


The episode covers Tony Hale's anxiety journey, techniques to overcome panic attacks, and his anxiety toolkit. It also explores the challenges of maintaining long-term relationships, the impact of anxiety on Hollywood characters, and the importance of humor. Other topics include managing anxiety through therapy, understanding emotions, optimizing metabolic health, finding success in everyday moments, navigating award shows and aging, personal growth, and managing anxiety in teenagers. The episode concludes with information about following the podcast and health recommendations.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jun 12 2024

Should We All Be In Open Relationships?

open relationshipsself-explorationcommunicationbalanceskincare recommendations

The episode discusses various aspects of open relationships, including personal experiences, challenges, and societal norms. It emphasizes the importance of self-exploration, communication, and balance in non-monogamous relationships. The episode also touches on topics like skincare recommendations, vaginal health, and indoor air quality. The speaker shares insights from her own journey and highlights the need for diverse voices in discussing relationships and love.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Wed Jun 05 2024

Manifest Like A Neurosurgeon: The Surprising Science Behind The Mindfulness Technique

manifestationneurosciencemindfulnesspositive affirmationsstress relief

This episode explores the topic of manifestation and its connection to neuroscience. Experts share techniques for successful manifestation, including relaxation, mindfulness, and embedding intentions into the subconscious. The importance of stress relief, optimal brain function, human connection, and practical manifestation strategies are also discussed. Additionally, insights on happiness, self-worth, and financial empowerment are explored. The episode concludes with practical tips for manifesting desires and enhancing lives.

The Liz Moody Podcast

Mon Jun 03 2024

Actress Joy Bryant On Forgiving Your Parents, Having The Best Sex of Your Life, & Being Childfree By Choice

Actress Joy BryantTurning 50Aging in HollywoodSelf-LoveForgiveness

This episode features actress Joy Bryant as a guest, sharing insights on turning 50, aging in Hollywood, self-love, forgiveness, and maintaining relationships. The conversation explores topics like self-care, sensuality, therapy, health supplements, motherhood reflections, resilience, letting go of anger, and living authentically. The episode provides valuable advice and personal experiences on various aspects of life.

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