Devils in the Details

Devils in the Details

A Manchester United podcast focused on detailed, evidence driven analysis. Hosted by Aaron Moniz (@amonizfootball) and Kees van Hemmen (@HemmenKees) – two data scientists and United fans.

Devils in the Details

Mon Nov 20 2023

#56: Expiring Contracts, Injury Updates, and How Are United's Rivals Performing?

Manchester UnitedContract SituationsInjuriesCenter Back AnalysisFuture of Players

The episode covers various topics related to Manchester United, including contract situations, injuries, center back analysis, future of players, squad analysis, depth and tactical analysis, insights from other teams, analysis of Arsenal's performance, and a book discussion. The episode provides updates on player contracts, injury status, and analyzes the center back situation at Manchester United. It also discusses the future of players like Lindelof, Varane, and Maguire, as well as the squad analysis and tactical issues. Insights from other teams and analysis of Arsenal's performance are also covered. The episode concludes with a book discussion and a reminder to follow the podcast on Twitter.

Devils in the Details

Tue Nov 14 2023

#55: Recapping a Seven Game Rollercoaster [Fixed Audio]

Manchester UnitedPremier Leaguefootballtacticsperformance

Manchester United's recent results and approach have raised questions about their goals and tactics. The midfield selection has been a contentious decision, with concerns about McTominay's role. Poor performances and lack of improvement in build-up play and final third play are major issues. Managerial decisions, defensive problems, and offensive issues have also contributed to United's struggles. Mental strength, attack problems, and defensive issues have affected the team's performance. Unlucky penalties and concerns about managerial decisions add to the challenges faced by Manchester United. The coach and club face various challenges, and there are concerns about the team's current condition. Champions League prospects and Premier League performance are not reflecting how poorly United has been playing. Despite recent struggles, there is still hope for United to compete for top four. Changes in selection choices and addressing tactical problems are necessary for improvement.

Devils in the Details

Tue Nov 14 2023

#55: Recapping a 7 game Rollercoaster

Manchester UnitedPremier LeagueFootballPerformanceMidfield Selection

The podcast discusses Manchester United's recent performance, including issues in midfield selection, wing play, and out-of-possession approach. They also highlight problems in the team's final third play, mentality issues, defensive problems, and managerial and player performance issues. Despite the challenges, there are opportunities for improvement. The hosts also share music recommendations and discuss social media topics.

Devils in the Details

Mon Oct 16 2023

#54: How Buildup Issues Prevent United From Dominating Bottom Half Sides

Manchester UnitedPremier Leaguebuild-up playcenter backsHarry Maguire

United's build-up play struggles, Maguire's impact on the field, player's impact on United's creative output, discussion on Casemiro and Rashford, reducing reliance on Rashford, improvements in build-up play, United's struggles in creating chances, concerns about Castamero and potential solutions, upcoming topics and conclusion

Devils in the Details

Tue Oct 10 2023

#53: Palace Twice, Galatasaray, and Brentford – Yes, We're As Frustrated As You Are

Manchester UnitedPerformanceEvaluationChallengesErling Haaland

Manchester United's recent performance, challenges faced, evaluation of Onana's performance, and Erling Haaland's impact are discussed in this episode.

Devils in the Details

Mon Sep 25 2023

#52: Drama at Bayern, Beating Burnley, and How Much Can We Expect Given the Injury Crisis?

Manchester UnitedinjuriesBayern MunichBurnleybuilding from the back

Manchester United's recent matches against Bayern Munich and Burnley were affected by multiple first-team injuries. The team is currently focused on surviving rather than thriving. Issues in building from the back and midfield struggles were evident in the match against Burnley. Strategies against Burnley's defense and options for the number 10 position were discussed. Assessing Manchester United is challenging due to personnel and tactical limitations. The team has talented players despite recent challenges. The podcast hosts also discussed desserts and movies, including their experience watching Inception and plans to watch other Christopher Nolan movies.

Devils in the Details

Tue Sep 19 2023

#51: Pressing Breakdowns and Midfield Disaster in a 4-4-2 Diamond as United lose to Brighton

Manchester UnitedFormationPressingDefensive StructureTactics

This episode discusses Manchester United's 3-1 defeat to Brighton and the new formation they used. The 4-4-2 diamond formation had both positive and negative impacts on United's performance. The chapter summaries cover various aspects of the game, including the complex roles in the 4-4-2 diamond, upsides and downsides of the formation, mistakes in the press, improved performance in possession, defensive struggles, criticism of the formation, and focus on the upcoming matches. The episode also includes insights into the hosts' weekend activities and book recommendations.

Devils in the Details

Tue Sep 12 2023

#50: A Deep Dive on Sofyan Amrabat, A Quick Look at Sergio Reguilón, and Who Plays Right Wing Now?


This summary covers various aspects of Amrabat's role in Morocco and Fiorentina, his impact in possession and defense, his comparison to Erickson, his ability in deep areas, the midfield combination and right wing situation, the options and suspensions on the right wing, resolving the issues with Sancho and squad depth, and some music recommendations and podcast information.

Devils in the Details

Tue Sep 05 2023

#49: The Arsenal Loss In Context and What We Learned from Højlund's Debut

FootballManchester UnitedArsenalPremier LeagueTactical Analysis

The episode covers the impact of Onana on United's possession, challenges in build-up play, passes over the top, individual performances, physicality, match result, defending insights, and Batman movies.

Devils in the Details

Tue Aug 29 2023

#48: How United Survived Injuries and Shocks To Beat Nottingham Forest

Manchester UnitedNottingham ForestPremier LeagueMatch AnalysisPlayer Performances

In this episode, we analyze the match between Manchester United and Nottingham Forest. We discuss United's comeback from a two-goal deficit, Forest's defensive struggles, and individual mistakes that led to goals. We also examine the impact of Marcy all and Rashford's performances, key moments in the match, and player performances. Additionally, we provide insights on tactical analysis, preview the upcoming Arsenal match, and discuss transfer rumors. Throughout the episode, we highlight United's strengths and weaknesses.

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