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Each week, CNBC Fast Money contributors Dan Nathan and Guy Adami, along with former hedge fund manager Danny Moses (as featured in The Big Short), and SoFi’s Head of Investment Strategy, Liz Young, break down market-moving headlines, provide their insights into the financial markets and discuss under-the-radar investment themes. You’ll leave each episode with a better perspective on financial and business news from three experienced, nonconsensus voices whose goal is to provide listeners with the intellectual framework to think critically and make smarter investment decisions. Each episode, the co-hosts go Off The Tape with a guest from the world of finance, media, entertainment or sports. Dan Nathan is a CNBC contributor, the Principal of Risk Reversal Advisors and is the founder and editor of RiskReversal.com. Guy Adami is an original member of CNBC’s Fast Money and is currently the Director of Advisor Advocacy at Private Advisor Group. Danny Moses has been on Wall Street for decades in a variety of roles, is currently a private investor and was also featured in The Big Short for his bet against the housing market. Stay up to date at OnTheTapePodcast.com, follow us on Twitter @OnTheTapePod and subscribe to On The Tape in your favorite podcast store.

On The Tape

Fri Jul 19 2024

A Monkey Wrench In The Market + Liz Ann Sonders on Her Second Half Outlook

Market TrendsTech CompaniesGeopolitical TensionsAI InvestmentsMarket Volatility

The episode discusses market trends, recent performance of big tech companies, geopolitical tensions impacting stock markets, AI investments, market volatility, rotation down the cap spectrum, opportunities for stock pickers, perceptions and sentiment in the market, contrarian moves and factor diversification, evolution of momentum and active investing, and unemployment rate and economic assumptions.

On The Tape

Wed Jul 17 2024

Will Regulators Beat the Wiz? + The ‘Yes Chef’ Ryan Hardy

technologybusinesshospitalityAIrestaurant industry

This episode covers a range of topics including Current's Paycheck Advance feature, Google's potential acquisition of Wiz, regulatory hurdles for big tech M&A, concerns about generative AI, market rotation and tech valuations, an interview with chef Ryan Hardy, creating unique dining experiences, transitioning from chef to business owner, expanding ventures and adapting to industry changes, optimizing revenue and brand building in the hospitality industry, the importance of brand value and mentorship, and supporting aspiring chefs and adapting to industry changes.

On The Tape

Mon Jul 15 2024

A Reckoning For The Consumer

risk managementconsumer spendinginflationglobal trademarket performance

This episode covers key insights on various topics including risk management, consumer spending, inflation, global trade, and market performance. The speaker discusses the impact of rate cuts, changing consumer behavior, and challenges faced by companies in different sectors. The episode also highlights the importance of China's economy and its influence on global trade. Additionally, it provides insights into small cap companies, upcoming earnings reports, and potential market corrections.

On The Tape

Fri Jul 12 2024

Truth or Consequences with Lori Calvasina

market insightscompany performanceeconomic trendscurrency marketstock volatility

This episode covers various market insights, company performance and economic trends, currency market and stock volatility, tech stocks and market speculation, gold, bitcoin, and central bank actions, Federal Reserve and economic indicators, Tesla stock and market manipulation, an interview with Laurie Kalvasina, market valuation and hedge funds, market performance and economic growth, tech companies and economic outlook, market uncertainty and inflation, generative AI and technological disruptions, and stock performance and growth expectations.

On The Tape

Wed Jul 10 2024

After The AI Gold Rush with Guy Adami | Okay, Computer.

Market TrendsDeal ActivityPerformance DisparityInvestment FlowApple Developments

This episode covers market trends, deal activity, performance disparity between semiconductor and software companies, Apple's developments and valuation, stock movements of Apple and Tesla, investment insights, and Google's stock performance.

On The Tape

Mon Jul 08 2024

You Never See The Market Turn Coming

CME GroupiConnectionsextreme heatwavesbirthdaysstock market performance

This episode covers various topics including CME Group and iConnections, extreme heatwaves and birthdays, stock market performance, unemployment rate and Fed policy, diversifying portfolio and market trends, bank earnings and market dynamics, crypto and market stability, and the bond market and presidential election.

On The Tape

Fri Jul 05 2024

The Way of the Champion with Paul Rabil | Okay, Computer.

Premier Lacrosse LeagueSports MarketingPrivate EquityGrassroots InitiativesAI Utilization

The episode covers various topics related to the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), including innovative business strategies, social media engagement, private equity interest, increased wages, storytelling, family dynamics, coaching impact, lacrosse history, inclusivity, future strategies, and the quality of the PLL. It highlights the importance of investment and innovation in professional sports leagues and the significance of grassroots initiatives for building a sustainable sports ecosystem. The episode also explores the alignment of interests in podcasting, video games, movies, and film with the goal of elevating PILA. Additionally, it discusses the impact of recognition from famous athletes, debates about 'Greatest of All Time' (GOAT) in sports, overcoming imposter syndrome, writing a book, and promoting inclusivity in lacrosse. The episode concludes by focusing on the safe space provided by sports for diverse individuals to engage in healthy dialogue, efforts to make lacrosse more accessible and inclusive, and the future strategies of the PLL leading up to the Olympics.

On The Tape

Wed Jul 03 2024

The Cycle Is Coming with Helima Croft

CommoditiesGeopolitical IssuesFed Chair PowellMarket ExpectationsNon-Farm Payrolls

This episode covers a wide range of topics including insights on commodities and geopolitical issues, analysis of Fed Chair Powell's statements, market concerns, optimism, tech stocks, volatility in the market, challenges faced by semiconductor companies, insider trading, stock performance, valuation concerns for high PE stocks, Apple's AI implementation, Tesla's deliveries, OPEC meetings, geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, and the impact of oil policy and sanctions on Iran.

On The Tape

Mon Jul 01 2024

Stocks Rise to Start the Second Half | MRKT Call

market eventsearnings growthmarket conditionsrate cutsbank performance

This episode covers upcoming market events, market rotations, earnings growth expectations, choppier market conditions, rate cut expectations, bank performance, individual stock earnings, trends in gold and Nike stock performance, and a comparison between Nike and Lululemon. Key insights include the impact of Fed rate cuts on markets, sector analysis, and the potential shift in performance for semiconductor stocks. The episode also discusses the trends in gold prices and the challenges faced by Nike compared to the growth potential of Lululemon.

On The Tape

Fri Jun 28 2024

Asset Inflation: The Real AI with Mike Wilson

Market TrendsEquity MarketRate CutsAI SectorEconomic Growth

This episode covers various market trends and predictions. It discusses the influence of post-pandemic fiscal support and Fed policies on the equity market. Potential risks to the current market scenario are explored, including inflation re-acceleration, bond market pushback, or a recession. The episode also delves into the concentration of market cap, earnings, and valuation in the top 10 S&P 500 stocks. It highlights concerns about overvaluation and performance of expensive stocks, particularly in the AI sector. The impact of potential rate cuts by the Federal Reserve on the equity market is analyzed, along with skepticism about how the market will react. The need for positive growth surprises to support stock performance is emphasized. Challenges faced by active managers in navigating the market dominated by passive flows are discussed, as well as concerns about possible significant corrections and economic downside surprises during an election season. The episode explores the possibility of a stock market sell-off due to potential rate cuts, Microsoft's high valuation compared to OpenAI's AI model sales, and expectations of earnings growth deceleration in the tech sector. It also examines the significance of the yield curve in predicting economic trends and factors influencing the current economic landscape. The role of sentiment and price momentum in market dynamics is highlighted. The implications of elections on markets, asset inflation, fiscal sustainability, rising yields, and the strength of the US dollar are analyzed. The episode concludes with insights on commodity markets, underlying risks in the current market cycle, and factors affecting market performance such as quality favorites and non-farm payrolls.

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