The Warblers by Birds Canada

The Warblers by Birds Canada

This award winning podcast shares Canadian information, insights and inspiration on the world of birds and bird conservation. The lively discussions are hosted by Andrea Gress whose curiosity leads to discovering fun facts and useful tips while travelling uncommon flight paths to learn from expert guests. Thanks to our incredible listeners, The Warblers podcast was named the winner of the 2022 Nature Inspiration Award - Canadian Museum of Nature in the non-profit (large) category! We would love to hear from you, let us know what you think about the podcast here or which topics you will love ->

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Tue May 21 2024

Warblin' about Warblers

Bird ConservationWarbler IdentificationBird MigrationThreatened SpeciesWarbler Characteristics

The episode covers various aspects of warblers, including bird conservation efforts, warbler identification and behavior, bird migration and tracking, threats to warbler species, warbler characteristics and behaviors, and conservation efforts through citizen science projects. Key insights include the importance of supporting boreal forest conservation, the role of behavior in identifying warbler species, and the unique characteristics of different warbler species. The episode also highlights the challenges faced by threatened warbler species due to habitat loss and human activities.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Mon Apr 29 2024

A Writer's Guide to Conserving Grasslands

GrasslandsBird ConservationFictionEnvironmental ConservationWriting

The episode explores the importance of grasslands for bird conservation through the perspective of author Trevor Harriet. It discusses his award-winning books, recent bird observations, and the challenges faced by grassland bird species. The episode also delves into the role of fiction in engaging audiences in conservation, the failures of current environmental efforts, and the writer's mission to awaken people to the beauty of nature. Additionally, it highlights the speaker's involvement in environmental projects and their writing process.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Mon Mar 25 2024

NatureCounts: Helping Birds with Your Data

bird conservationcitizen sciencedata managementNature Countsconservation efforts

The episode discusses volunteer programs for bird conservation in Canada, the role of citizen scientists and the Nature Counts app, communications and data management in conservation, benefits and future developments of Nature Counts, and the importance of data analysis in bird conservation. Efforts are being made to utilize citizen science programs and open data platforms to make the conservation process more efficient amidst the climate and biodiversity crises. Nature Counts collects and manages data from researchers and citizen scientists, providing valuable insights for species assessments and key biodiversity areas. The platform also allows users to explore and analyze bird data, with upcoming developments focused on integrating external datasets and improving data collection.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Mon Feb 26 2024

The Wake-up Call: Roseate Tern

species at riskbird conservationrosiet turnsrosy terns

The episode discusses the conservation efforts for rosiet turns and rosy terns in Canada. It highlights the threats faced by these species, the challenges they encounter, and the actions needed for their conservation. The episode emphasizes the importance of protecting habitats, managing predators, and engaging in beach clean-up initiatives to ensure the survival of these bird species.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Fri Feb 09 2024

The Superb Snowy Owl

Super Bowl DaySnowy Owls

This bonus episode of The Warblers podcast celebrates Super Bowl Day by focusing on the snowy owl, a circumpolar species that breeds in the far north of Canada. Andrew Coughlin, the parental director in Quebec, shares his love for snowy owls and discusses their conservation. The episode also highlights citizen science projects like the Christmas Bird Count and the Nocturnal Owl Survey. Tips for observing snowy owls ethically are provided.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Mon Jan 29 2024

The healing power of nature and birds

BirdingNature Prescription ProgramMental HealthPhysical Health

The episode discusses the topic of winter birding and its potential to improve mental and physical health. It features Dr. Melissa Lem, the director of Canada's National Nature Prescription Program, and Melissa Hafting, an ecologist and advocate for bird conservation. The episode highlights the connection between nature and improved health, positioning it as an essential pillar of a healthy lifestyle.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Fri Jan 12 2024

How do birds survive the extremes of winter?!

birdsbird conservationpolar vortexWestern Canadacold weather

This episode of The Warblers podcast explores the impact of the polar vortex on birds in Western Canada. Host Andrea Gress is joined by Jodie Allaire from Bird's Canada to discuss observations of cold birds, adaptations to cold weather, and ways to help birds during extreme temperatures.

The Warblers by Birds Canada

Mon Dec 18 2023

A Year for the Birds: 2023 highlights from across Canada

birdingCanadarare bird sightingsfinch movementsbird names

The episode is a recap of birding stories from across Canada in 2023. Topics discussed include rare bird sightings, finch movements, bird names, El Nino's impact on birds, bird conservation efforts, and birding events and recommendations.