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The 404 Media Podcast

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The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jul 17 2024

The Worst Telecom Breach Ever

AT&T Data BreachJD VanceAI Regulation

AT&T customers' text and call records were stolen in a data breach, impacting nearly all customers. The breach reveals individuals' patterns of phone use, contacts, locations, and potentially more personal information through metadata analysis. JD Vance's book 'Hillbilly Elegy' gained attention during the search for explanations on Trump's victory in 2016. Vance expresses concerns about AI becoming too 'woke' and supports regulation against big tech companies.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jul 10 2024

The Ticketmaster Hack

Ticketmasterdata breachticket scalpingticket brokersransom demand

The Ticketmaster hack exposed sensitive information of over 500 million users and led to a logistical nightmare for fans and brokers. Ticket scalping issues, concerns of ticket brokers, ransom demands, ticket system exploitation, replication of tickets, and impact of transfer restrictions are discussed.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jul 03 2024

Your Identity Hacked, Yet Verified

Content QualityID Verification ServiceAge Verification LawsIneffectiveness of Age Verification MethodsCredentials Exposed

The episode covers improvements in content quality for the 404 Media podcast, a cybersecurity researcher exposing an ID verification service, concerns about age verification laws in the adult industry, the ineffectiveness of age verification methods, credentials exposed and Zoom bombings, FBI investigation on Zoom bombings, and children's involvement in disturbing online activities.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jun 26 2024

Replacing 404 Media with AI

AI Content CreationEthical ConcernsAutoblogsArticle SpinnersAI-generated Content

The episode explores the capabilities of AI in content creation, ethical concerns surrounding AI-generated articles, autoblogs and article spinners, the impact of AI-generated content on journalism, challenges and legal concerns of AI-generated music, copyright infringement in generative AI, complexities of copyright laws in AI-generated music, and the role of AI chatbots and a journalist-founded platform.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jun 19 2024

AI Celebs Take Over Google Image Search

AI-generated ContentTech ResponsibilityPassive InvestingPersonal Finance

Google image search results are displaying AI-generated images of celebrities, including non-consensual AI-generated pornography. Users are exposed to inappropriate content, and there are concerns about the spread of harmful AI-generated material. The integration of AI into art raises ethical questions, and tech companies struggle with moderation challenges. Passive investing impacts company operations, and there are concerns about transparency in personal finance.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jun 12 2024

Hacking the Adderall Shortage

MedFinderCerebralhealthcare systemmedication accessAirTags

The episode discusses the challenges individuals face in accessing medications like Adderall and weight loss drugs. It explores services like MedFinder and Cerebral that assist in finding prescription drugs. The broken healthcare system and the emergence of human-based services are highlighted. The podcast also delves into the security concerns and potential misuse of Apple's AirTags for stalking purposes. Apple's efforts in enhancing physical security are discussed.

The 404 Media Podcast

Thu Jun 06 2024

DARK WIRE on Whale Hunting

Encrypted PhonesCriminal CommunicationFBI OperationPrivacy

The episode discusses the use of encrypted phones by criminals and the FBI's operation to intercept messages from these phones. It reveals the evolution of criminal communication, specialized phones used by criminal organizations, revelations from intercepted messages, and the implications for privacy and future actions.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed Jun 05 2024

A Massive Google Leak

Googledata breachescontractor leaksinsider threatsdeep fakes

The episode covers Google's internal incident database, data breaches and contractor leaks, insider threats and deep fakes, and AOC's advocacy for laws on deep fakes at the federal level. It also explores the cultural norm around pornography and its impact on addressing the issue.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed May 29 2024

Google Somehow Got Even More Shit

GoogleAI-powered featuressearch qualityuser-generated forumsdata scraping

The episode discusses the issues caused by Google's new AI-powered features, including inaccurate and harmful responses. It explores the decline in search quality, the integration of AI with user-generated forums like Reddit, and the impact on human spaces online. The limitations of AI algorithms, potential conspiracy theories, and the use of AI-generated imagery are also examined.

The 404 Media Podcast

Wed May 22 2024

Your Phone's Location is Exposed

telecommunicationsSS7 vulnerabilityprivacy concernslocation trackingtelecom industry

The episode explores the vulnerabilities of the SS7 network protocol, which is exploited by governments, spy firms, and criminals for tracking and intercepting communications. It discusses the worldwide spying capabilities enabled by SS7, privacy concerns, location tracking attempts, and the ongoing security concerns in the telecom industry. The episode also features a telecommunications expert named Briggs who has been warning about SS7 security issues.

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