The Kevin Rose Show

The Kevin Rose Show

Kevin Rose explores the forefronts of the AI, investment hacking, optimizing wellness, technology of the future, and the world's lastest cultural trends. Each episode is packed with valuable insights to fuel personal and professional growth, from technologists and scientists to zen masters and productivity hackers; this variety show will always provide you with an abundance of unconventional wisdom. Kevin has been recognized as one of Time Magazine's 'Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web' and a 'Top 25 Angel Investor' by Bloomberg, highlighting his impact in the tech and investment spheres. His influence extends to the cover pages of prestigious publications like Businessweek, Red Herring, 7x7, and Inc. Magazine. Further highlighting his versatility and widespread recognition, Kevin has also made notable appearances on the Jimmy Fallon Show and Charlie Rose.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue Jul 09 2024

Diggnation Reunion Show (Pt 2., The Show - #65)

PodcastDignationReminiscingFuture PlansSkincare

This episode covers a wide range of topics including reminiscing about past episodes, future plans, skincare, fatherhood, weed consumption, financial planning, AI technology, options trading, moving to different countries, investing in Portugal, flying experiences, skepticism towards electric cars, mixed feelings about Tesla, embarrassing moments, and sponsorship opportunities.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue Jul 02 2024

Drunk Tales and Bitcoin Fails | The Diggnation Reunion (#64)

memorable experiencesdrinking adventuresmeat preferencesculinary experiencespartying in Japan

This episode covers various topics including memorable experiences, drinking adventures, meat preferences, culinary experiences, partying in Japan, aging, Bitcoin mining, financial experiences, work and personal reflections, engagements and threats, cutting back on drinking, balancing healthy eating and indulgence, and managing health and social interactions.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue Jun 25 2024

Unlock Your Why With Simon Sinek (#63)

PartnershipsEntrepreneurshipDiscomfortVulnerabilityConflict Resolution

This episode explores the importance of partnerships, embracing discomfort, vulnerability, seeking input, conflict resolution, building relationships, the curse of mastery, and meditation. It emphasizes the need for love and vision in partnerships, the role of discomfort in success, and the significance of finding one's 'why'. The episode also delves into conflict resolution skills, the impact of social awkwardness on relationships, and the benefits of meditation and Eastern practices for personal growth.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue Jun 18 2024

Why We Want Things We Don’t Actually Like with Dr. Lauris Santos

happinesstechnologyneuroscienceextrinsic rewardstime affluence

This episode explores the factors influencing happiness, the impact of technology on well-being, the neuroscience of happiness, the role of extrinsic rewards, the importance of time affluence, the effects of perfectionism and social media, strategies for well-being, intrinsic enjoyment versus extrinsic rewards, hedonic adaptation and gratitude, emotional well-being and adaptability, the value of challenging experiences, and overcoming depression and building resilience.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue Jun 11 2024

Never Feel Burnout Again with Cal Newport (#61)

productivityknowledge sectorAI advancementsworkload managementcraftsmanship

The episode explores the evolution of productivity in the knowledge sector, the impact of AI advancements on productivity tools, strategies for workload management, and insights from experts on productivity strategies. Key topics include the challenges of defining productivity in the knowledge sector, the mismatch between digital tools and cognitive processes, the potential of AI in knowledge work, improving productivity through workload management techniques, and the importance of focusing on craft rather than business. The episode also discusses innovative business practices and principles for reshaping work practices around productivity.

The Kevin Rose Show

Fri Jun 07 2024

Start Doing The Right Thing Now with Ryan Holiday (#60)

JusticeEthicsMoral StandardsPersonal GrowthPolitical Perspectives

The episode explores the concept of justice as a verb, emphasizing self-discipline and ethical decision-making. It delves into the importance of holding oneself to high moral standards and the challenges faced by creators in balancing audience expectations. The podcast also discusses the complexity of doing the right thing and the need for personal growth. Additionally, it touches on political perspectives, social issues, and the consequences of self-centeredness.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue May 28 2024

Why More Will Never Make You Happy with Arthur Brooks (#59)

happinesstranscendencefaithproductivityemotional well-being

This episode explores the pursuit of lasting happiness through practices that focus on enjoyment, satisfaction, and meaning. It delves into the concept of transcendence through faith and spiritual practices, as well as the impact of technology on happiness. The relationship between money and happiness is also examined, along with insights on mindfulness and personal growth. Throughout the episode, key insights are provided to help listeners navigate the complexities of finding true happiness in today's world.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue May 21 2024

How to speak to anyone with Charles Duhigg (#58)


This episode explores the art of super communication, focusing on creating connections through deep questions, genuine interest, and authenticity. It highlights the importance of building communication skills, understanding different types of conversations, and enhancing connections through vulnerability and curiosity. The episode also delves into the power of effective communication in various contexts, such as presentations and relationships. Ultimately, it emphasizes the potential for personal growth and meaningful connections through improved communication.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue May 14 2024

Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health, Dr. Casey Means (#57)

healthmetabolic dysfunctionchronic diseasesfunctional medicinetoxins

This episode explores the decline in Americans' health, the importance of addressing metabolic dysfunction, and the need for a holistic approach to healthcare. It highlights key biomarkers for metabolic health and provides insights into monitoring lab tests. The episode also discusses functional medicine, avoiding toxins, and reimagining health by overcoming fear. It concludes by emphasizing the dynamic nature of the body and the interconnectedness of humans with their environment.

The Kevin Rose Show

Tue May 07 2024

Carolina Reis Oliveira & Alessandra Zonari | OneSkin: Aging Myths, Senescent Cells, and How to Age Slower (#56)

skin healthskincareagingcollagenpeptides

This episode explores the impact of lifestyle choices on skin health, the role of fasting in promoting healthy skin, and the importance of collagen and skincare ingredients. It also delves into the scientific research behind One Skin's innovative approach to reversing skin aging and the effectiveness of their products. Additionally, the episode discusses skincare procedures, red light therapy, and common misconceptions in skincare practices.

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