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Masters in Business

Introducing: Big Take Asia

Mon May 20 2024


The episode covers the challenges of understanding Asia, introduces the Big Take Asia podcast from Bloomberg, and highlights its focus on the biggest economies in the region and their global impact.


Asia's Complexity

Asia is a diverse region with numerous countries and languages, making it challenging to comprehend.

Covering Asia's Economies

The podcast delves into the fast-growing economies of Asia and their significance in global affairs.

Big Take Asia Podcast

The Big Take Asia podcast by Bloomberg provides insights into the major economies, markets, tycoons, and businesses in Asia.

Understanding Asia's Impact

The podcast aims to answer important questions and demonstrate how developments in Asia have a global impact.


  1. Understanding Asia
  2. Introducing Big Take Asia
  3. Listen to Big Take Asia

Understanding Asia

00:01 - 00:26

  • Asia is like a giant jigsaw puzzle with 40 countries and over 2,000 languages.
  • Covering Asia can be incredibly challenging due to its fast-growing economies.

Introducing Big Take Asia

00:27 - 01:22

  • Big Take Asia is a weekly news podcast from Bloomberg.
  • It covers the biggest and most powerful economies in Asia, along with the markets, tycoons, and businesses that drive the region.
  • The podcast aims to answer tough questions and show how Asia's developments impact the world.

Listen to Big Take Asia

01:23 - 01:27

  • Big Take Asia is available every Wednesday on all major podcast platforms.