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"Pedro Pascal"

Mon Jun 12 2023

Theater Experience and Guest Introduction

  • The speakers discuss a theater in Van Nuys where they saw a play with impressive acting.
  • Steven Spielberg was present as an investor and was impressed by the play.
  • Marty Short made a joke about one of the speaker's lack of talent compared to the actors in the play.
  • The speakers express their love for each other and how much it meant that they came out to support one of them at the play.
  • Pedro Pascal is introduced as a guest on the podcast.

Working in Game of Thrones and Narcos

  • The podcast episode contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.
  • The guest had a guest role in the show during its peak popularity, which led to more consistent work opportunities.
  • They also worked on Narcos, which was shot in Colombia and heavily relied on the physical landscape as a character in the show.
  • The host asks about working conditions in Colombia, including humidity and location logistics.
  • The conversation briefly touches on the sponsor BetterHelp and the importance of taking time for oneself through therapy.

Personal Background and Experiences

  • The speaker's parents were young liberal college students with ties to the opposition movement.
  • They helped tend to a wounded person who was later taken into custody and tortured, giving up names of others involved.
  • The speaker's parents had to go into hiding for six months before finding asylum at the Venezuelan embassy by physically climbing over the wall.
  • The speaker saw the movie "Missing" as a child, which had an impact on him due to its relation to his parents' experience.
  • The speaker has been back to Venezuela since and his family ended up on the list of part and exiles when he was eight years old.
  • The speaker and their older sister were sent back to Chile when they were young, and have been going back ever since.
  • The speaker's younger siblings were born in the US but raised in Chile.
  • The speaker does not have a place in Chile, but their siblings and father do.
  • The speaker's dad did not allow them to watch "The Breakfast Club" because it sent a bad message about kids complaining about their parents.
  • The speaker moved to Orange County with their parents in 1986/87 before attending NYU in New York City.
  • The speaker worked at various coffee shops and restaurants, including Flamingo East where they bartended for parties upstairs. They were fired from multiple places due to poor performance or difficulty dealing with management/customers.

Hydration and Sleep

  • The speaker regrets not trying electrolyte drinks sooner for hydration during performances.
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Audible and Mandalorian

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  • The hosts discuss their love for the show Mandalorian and ask questions about the production process.
  • The speakers discuss the challenges of acting in a Mandalorian helmet, including limited visibility and potential odor issues.
  • They also mention the technical work involved in post-production editing.
  • There is a brief discussion about auditioning for the show and Amy Sideris making Pedro Pascal laugh so hard he spat into his helmet.

"Strange Way of Life" Movie

  • The podcast discusses a movie called "The St. Laurent Cowboys" about gay cowboys who reunite after 25 years apart.
  • The movie is shot in the same locations as Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns in Spain.
  • Suttleron does the costumes for the movie.
  • The hosts of the podcast had Ethan Hawke as a guest previously and enjoyed working with him on the movie.
  • Pedro Motovar directed the movie and was collaborative with his actors.
  • The movie will premiere at Cannes Film Festival.
  • There are plans for three installments of these 30-minute English language movies by Pedro Motovar.
  • The hosts ask if they can hear Paige's funny voice from SNL, but she declines to do it.

Closing Remarks

  • The podcast hosts say goodbye to Pedro.
  • They discuss their love for The Last of Us game and its prequel.
  • One host mentions a clean headset for playing the game.
  • They talk about a successful director who has been in the industry for a long time and is comfortable in his own skin.
  • Jason has to leave to attend a charity event.