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Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend


Thu Jan 25 2024
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This episode explores the world of slime, discussing its production, popularity, fascination, and even its presence in anime. From the ingredients used to create different textures to the cultural phenomenon surrounding slime, this episode covers it all.


Slime as a Sensory Experience

Slime products have gained popularity among various age groups due to their comforting texture and sensory appeal.

The Influence of Social Media

Platforms like TikTok have played a significant role in the rise of slime as a cultural phenomenon, with users creating and sharing slime-related content.

The Longevity of Slime

Properly stored slime can have a long shelf life, making it a durable and enjoyable toy for slime enthusiasts.

Slime and Self-Expression

Creating and playing with slime can be seen as a form of self-expression and a way to relax and enjoy life.

The Quirky World of Anime

Anime has embraced the concept of slime girls, adding to the diverse range of characters and themes within the genre.


  1. The World of Slime
  2. The Phenomenon of Slime
  3. The Fascination with Slime
  4. The Curious Case of Slime Girls

The World of Slime

00:04 - 06:21

  • Patty, an art director at a slime company, discusses the production and sale of different types of slime.
  • Slime is primarily made of glue, water, and borax, but can have various textures depending on the type of glue used and any additional ingredients added.
  • The slime sold by Patty's company comes in small plastic containers with lids to keep it airtight.
  • DIY kits are also available that include clay toast and slime toppings for a fun pretend food experience.
  • It is important to note that none of the slime or clay items are edible, and all labels clearly state "do not eat."

The Phenomenon of Slime

06:04 - 12:38

  • Slime products are popular not only with kids but also with young adults and older people who find comfort in the texture of slime.
  • Some slimes are scented and resemble laundry detergent, leading to discussions about potential sexual uses of slime.
  • Different textures and types of slime, including thick clay-based slimes, are discussed.
  • Slime has become a phenomenon with content creation on platforms like TikTok and ASMR videos.
  • The sound of slime coming out can be described as schlarpie squishy bubbly pop, and some slimes even make popping sounds when squeezed.
  • There is curiosity about whether someone submerged in slime could escape or would suffocate.

The Fascination with Slime

12:14 - 18:47

  • Slime can be heavy in large batches but not necessarily sticky.
  • The shelf life of slime depends on the type and can last for a long time if properly covered and maintained with activator pens.
  • Creating slime is compared to humans returning to the primordial ooze.
  • Putting too much pressure on oneself to achieve all goals by a certain age is unnecessary. Relax and enjoy life like slime.
  • There is a genre of anime where people are into the idea of women made of slime.

The Curious Case of Slime Girls

18:30 - 21:44

  • There is a prominent genre of anime on the internet that involves women made of slime.
  • People are really into vampire girls, werewolf girls, and other monster girls, as well as slime girls.
  • The hosts express surprise and curiosity about slime girls.
  • The guest expresses her admiration for the show and being a fan for many years.
  • Conan thanks the guest for liking his "weirdness" and encourages her to embrace slime.