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Market Monday: How to Handle Jaylen Waddle's Rise, The Late-Round RB to Grab, Kyler Murray Slips (Episode 731 with Adam Levitan)

Mon Jun 10 2024
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This episode discusses the risers and fallers in best ball markets, including players like Braylon Allen, Jalen Waddle, Daniel Jones, Ben Sinnet, Kyler Murray, and Travis Kelsey.


Braylon Allen offers potential value

Braylon Allen's rise in best ball markets suggests he could provide standalone or injury-related value as the RB2 behind Breeze Hall.

Jalen Waddle's contingent value

Jalen Waddle's potential to excel if Tyreek Hill gets injured makes him an intriguing option in best ball drafts.

Daniel Jones's risks and rewards

Daniel Jones's rise in ADP comes with the risk of injury and potential benching by the Giants, but his pass-catching group and rushing ability make him an interesting option.

Ben Sinnet's fading hype

Ben Sinnet's fall in ADP suggests that the initial hype around him may have been overblown, and there are concerns about his quarterback situation and usage in the offense.

Kyler Murray's falling stock

Despite his rushing ability and potential for a big year, Kyler Murray's ADP has fallen, making him an intriguing option for fantasy managers looking for value.

Travis Kelsey's uncertain outlook

Travis Kelsey's fall in ADP raises questions about his production and role in the Chiefs' offense, as well as the team's strategy of saving him for the playoffs.


  1. Risers from the last seven days
  2. Jalen Waddle's rise
  3. Daniel Jones's rise and risks
  4. Fallers of the week

Risers from the last seven days

01:19 - 03:11

  • Braylon Allen has risen 16 spots to 196 overall on underdog
  • Braylon Allen is the early leader for the RB2 job behind Breeze Hall
  • Braylon Allen was Dane Bruegler's number six running back in this class
  • There is a small chance of standalone value for Braylon Allen
  • Braylon Allen could have massive value if there is an injury

Jalen Waddle's rise

03:12 - 05:38

  • Jalen Waddle has risen 5.8 spots to 24 overall on DraftKings
  • The move is not as big as it seems due to the tightness of the tier
  • Jalen Waddle has contingent value if Tyreek Hill gets hurt
  • Waddle is a good option for alternate weeks in the playoffs

Daniel Jones's rise and risks

06:47 - 09:12

  • Daniel Jones has risen 9.8 spots to 195 overall
  • Jones was Fantasy's quarterback 9 in points per game in 2022
  • Jones has a strong pass-catching group and rushing ability
  • There is risk due to his ACL tear and potential benching by the Giants

Fallers of the week

09:15 - 13:59

  • Ben Sinnet, rookie tight end, has fallen 5 spots to 163 overall
  • There is bias towards last year's rookie tight ends
  • Kyler Murray has fallen 4 spots to 84th overall on DraftKings
  • Murray has a rushing ceiling and potential for a big year
  • Travis Kelsey has fallen 1.4 spots to 26 overall
  • Kelsey has warts and the Chiefs may save him for the playoffs