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Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

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Mon Jun 10 2024

Why You Feel Empty

languishingmental healthwell-beingpurposeflourishing

This episode explores the concept of languishing, a condition characterized by an unsettling void in the soul despite external markers of success. It delves into the causes, effects, and interplay between languishing and flourishing. The episode emphasizes the importance of purpose, personal growth, warm relationships, and seeking help for mental health issues.

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Mon Jun 03 2024

Why Trying Too Hard Can Backfire On You


Effortlessness can lead to better outcomes in various aspects of life, from social interactions to sports performance. This episode explores the importance of relaxation and the detrimental effects of overthinking. It also delves into the role of authenticity and spontaneity in politics and the concept of unthinking generosity in Chinese philosophy. Additionally, insights on entering an Uway state and a story of overcoming poverty are shared.

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Mon May 27 2024

Innovation 2.0: Do Less


This episode explores the power of subtraction in problem-solving, innovation, design, and construction. It delves into the cultural bias towards addition in architecture and construction, psychological obstacles to embracing subtraction, and the benefits of recognizing and implementing subtraction. The episode also highlights the role of subtraction in various fields and provides historical examples and advocacy for subtraction as a key principle for success.

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Mon May 20 2024

Innovation 2.0: Shortcuts and Speed Bumps

frictioninnovationchange managementorganizational behaviorleadership

The episode explores the role of friction in organizations and how it can hinder or drive innovation and change. It highlights the importance of execution in innovation, the impact of disrespectful behavior, the origins of frustrations within organizations, the benefits of friction and diverse teams, driving change through friction, streamlining processes and effective leadership, and clear decision-making and building relationships. The insights gained from these topics provide valuable lessons for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate complex systems and improve their performance.

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Mon May 13 2024

Innovation 2.0: The Influence You Have

psychologyhuman behaviorinfluenceobedience to authoritysocial pressure

This episode explores the influential experiments of Philip Zimbardo and Stanley Milgram on human behavior. It delves into the controversy surrounding Milgram's study on obedience to authority and the insights of Vanessa Bonds on influence. The discussion highlights the tendency to underestimate one's influence and the impact of egocentric bias. It also examines the role of social pressure in unethical behavior and workplace dynamics. The episode concludes by emphasizing the power of influence and the importance of recognizing missed opportunities.

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Mon May 06 2024

Innovation 2.0: Multiplying the Growth Mindset

fixed mindsetgrowth mindsetculture of geniusstack rankingeducation

This episode explores the impact of fixed mindsets and the culture of genius on individuals, organizations, and society. It discusses the consequences of stack ranking in organizations, the influence of mindsets on success in different fields, the negative effects of fixed mindsets in education, strategies for promoting growth mindsets, creating cultures of growth, and the benefits of adopting a growth mindset in personal relationships.

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Mon Apr 29 2024

Innovation 2.0: How Big Ideas Are Born


This episode explores the journey of Sara Svete, an entrepreneur turned researcher, as she faces challenges in developing a water pump controller. It also delves into the importance of recognizing signals of potential downfall, avoiding misinterpretation of data, and embracing uncertainty in entrepreneurship. The episode highlights the significance of starting with what you have, recruiting the right people, and turning failures into opportunities. The 'lemonade principle' and effectual thinking are discussed as key concepts in successful entrepreneurship.

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Mon Apr 22 2024

Parents: Keep Out!

children's playindependenceadult interventionchild well-being

The episode explores the impact of adult intervention on children's play and independence. It discusses the novel 'Lord of the Flies' and real-life examples of children's cooperation and survival. The importance of independence in play, the impact of adult involvement on children's well-being, and the benefits of independent play for children's psychological development are also explored.

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Mon Apr 15 2024

The Curious Science of Cravings

cravingsaddictionsself-controlmindfulnesskind curiosity

This episode explores the challenges of controlling cravings and addictions, and presents a different approach to breaking bad habits through mindfulness and kind curiosity. It discusses the limitations of traditional methods and highlights the success of mindfulness training in helping people quit smoking. The episode also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to behaviors and sensations to discover better alternatives to cravings.

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Mon Apr 08 2024

What Is Normal?

trust in caregiverscultural influencesstigmatizationexclusiondisabilities

This episode explores the importance of trust in caregivers, cultural influences, stigmatization and exclusion of children with disabilities, personal struggles and societal prejudices, understanding Down syndrome and progress in inclusion, parenting a child with Down syndrome and advocacy, and personal reflections on sibling relationships. It highlights the need to challenge societal norms and redefine what is considered 'normal' or 'desirable'.

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