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Bell Curve

Bell Curve breaks down the most important themes in crypto for people who, like us, are confined to the middle of the bell curve. Each season explores a different thesis that we'll test and refine through debate with crypto's best. If you're a crypto native, degen or investooor, this podcast is for you.

Bell Curve

Tue Jun 11 2024

How AVSs Enable Scalable, Secure and Customizable Execution | S8 E4 | Ludwig & Muto

blockchainAVSliquidity managementcrypto economicssecurity

The episode covers various topics related to AVS (Application-Specific Chains) on Ethereum. It discusses the importance of preconfirmations in blockchain applications, building solutions for efficient on-chain liquidity management, restaked ETH for cheaper and more programmatic solutions, attributable security for designing systems correctly, attention and value in the AVS ecosystem, validator sets and consensus design in Eigenlayer, restaked ETH for securing decentralized sequencers in rollups, determining stake and asset mix for security, attributable security and insurance in AVSs, efficiency and interoperability in the future of DeFi, benefits and design decisions of AVS on Ethereum, staying on Ethereum with shared liquidity and L1 benefits, economic security and incentives in Eigenlayer, and the future of Eigen.

Bell Curve

Fri Jun 07 2024

Crypto's Great Rate Cut Cycle | Roundup

CryptocurrencyPolitical FactorsETHXRP ETFInvestment Strategies

The episode covers various topics including the impact of political factors on the cryptocurrency market, institutional interest in ETH, XRP ETF possibility, investment strategies, restructuring and crypto assets in economic climate, Solana's success and blockchain infrastructure, Solana's DeFi and future of blockchain technology, security and market dynamics, and weekend price action and market direction.

Bell Curve

Thu Jun 06 2024

Exploring Crypto's Modular Path | Rex & NoSleepJon

blockchainmodularizationblock size warszero-knowledge proofsmonetization strategies

The episode explores the modular ecosystem in blockchain technology, covering topics like modular blockchains, Celestia, and unique roll-ups. It discusses the cultural and technical arguments surrounding blockchain scalability and reflects on the block size wars. The rapid advancements in zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) and their potential to disrupt existing blockchain architectures are explored. Monetization strategies, composability, and lessons from previous blockchains are also discussed. The episode concludes by examining different cultural ecosystems in blockchain.

Bell Curve

Wed Jun 05 2024

The Modular Integration Spectrum | Keone & Zon

blockchainmodular designAnishaMonadEVM

Expansion is a podcast focused on the modular ecosystem in blockchain design and architecture. The podcast aims to provide digestible narratives and concepts for builders and users in the modular system. Modular blockchain design involves specialized components that can be integrated to form a complete chain. There is a spectrum between truly modular blockchains and fully integrated chains, with Anisha and Monad falling somewhere in between. Anisha focuses on stacking different modular components to create an integrated chain, while Monad emphasizes clear boundaries between components with a clear API.

Bell Curve

Tue Jun 04 2024

The Power Dynamics of Liquid Restaking | S8 E3 | Sam, Kane, & Clayton

Liquid Restaking TokensDeFiAsset-Backed SecuritiesEthereumEigenlayer

The episode discusses liquid re-staking and the history of Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs). It explores the role of LRTs in enabling node operators to stake on Eigenlayer in a compliant manner. The rise of LRTs was influenced by the bear market, leading to current LRT providers shifting focus to restaking. The potential future developments include building a comprehensive ecosystem for Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and offering additional value-added services. Competition and partnerships, institutional adoption, and multi-asset restaking are also discussed. Use cases and opportunities for LRTs in DeFi are explored, including utility channels, gas usage on Layer 2, and different asset options like Terra's Alliance module and Babylon's Bitcoin staking.

Bell Curve

Fri May 31 2024

Is Crypto Bipartisan Now? | Roundup

CryptoBipartisanshipWealthy InvestorsMeme CoinsBitcoin

This episode covers various topics including the bipartisan nature of the crypto industry, wealthy investors' involvement in crypto assets, market shifts in meme coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, intellectual property in the software industry, challenges in the tech industry, and future predictions. The speakers also discuss the current state of the crypto market and introduce StakeNet as a new initiative by Gito.

Bell Curve

Tue May 28 2024

Exploring EigenLayer and The Future of Ethereum Security | S8 E2 | Sreeram Kannan

Eigenlayerrestakingdecentralized tablesnative restakingeconomic security

The episode discusses Eigenlayer, a platform focused on actively validated services (AVS) for distributed systems builders. It explores the importance of native restaking in promoting decentralization within the staking economy. The podcast covers topics such as economic security, decentralized trust models, collateral redistribution, and proposal commitments in Ethereum. It also highlights the role of AVSs in supporting the roll-up era and the debate around security and incentivization in Ethereum. The episode concludes with insights on decentralization preferences and how listeners can get involved with the Eigenlayer ecosystem.

Bell Curve

Fri May 24 2024

How ETH ETFs Will Reshape Crypto Regulation | Roundup

Crypto MarketETF ApprovalCrypto-Political EventsRegulatory ChangesDecentralization

The episode covers various topics including the imminent approval of a new blockchain technology, the impact of ETF approval on crypto markets, recent crypto-political events and regulatory changes, decentralization efforts and the market structure bill, retail participation and institutional adoption, NFTs and digital collectibles, as well as web3 social experiences and future events.

Bell Curve

Tue May 21 2024

Restaking's Renaissance: The Next Generation of Blockchain Security | S8 E1

restakingshared securitycapital efficiencymarket structurerisks and challenges

The podcast explores the concept of restaking and its potential impact on the security and efficiency of blockchain networks. It discusses various aspects such as capital efficiency, shared security, market structure, risks and challenges, gradual efficiency improvements, decentralization, debates and concerns, security measurement, competitive landscape, and choosing blockchains. The episode provides insights into the emerging restaking platforms and their role in improving the security properties of networks like Ethereum and Solana.

Bell Curve

Fri May 17 2024

The Growing Partisan Divide in Crypto | Roundup

CryptoFinanceInvestingMarket AnalysisRegulation

This episode covers a wide range of topics in the crypto industry, including the financial challenges faced by Roman and Chamath, the success and challenges of Social Capital, advantages and challenges of liquid crypto funds, GameStop's impact on the market, market outlook and crypto market sentiment, hedge funds and institutional involvement in crypto, trading strategies and crypto platforms, legal actions and privacy concerns in crypto, the US government's influence on financial transactions, political dynamics and regulatory issues in crypto, politics and innovation in the crypto space, and improvements in blockchain technology.

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