Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3.0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. Disclosure: I'm a nocoiner.


Tue Jun 11 2024

Why Robinhood, a TradFi Hub, Is Growing Its Crypto Business Globally

RobinhoodCrypto MarketTokenizationRegulatory DevelopmentsCustody Rules

This episode covers various topics related to Robinhood's expansion into the crypto market, including tokenization of securities, transparency in the crypto market, regulatory developments in different regions, custody rules, asset listing decisions, institutional interest, advancements in blockchain technology, differentiation in products, platform stability, listing new assets, and the need for clear regulations.


Fri Jun 07 2024

How Coinbase Might Bring 1 Billion People Onchain Using Its Smart Wallet

CoinbaseSmart WalletGas SponsorshipMoonwell ProtocolStablecoins

This episode covers Coinbase's Smart Wallet, gas sponsorship, Moonwell protocol, stablecoins, mobile-first approach, security incidents, industry developments, and the Unchained podcast.


Wed Jun 05 2024

Bits + Bips: Is This the Real Reason the SEC Approved the Ethereum ETFs?

Crypto MarketBitcoin ETFsEthereum ETFsSEC CommissionPolitical Influence

The episode discusses the veto of SAB 121 by Biden and its impact on the crypto market. It explores the political landscape, theories on Bitcoin ETFs approval, the verdict's impact on the election, expectations for Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, challenges of launching an Ethereum ETF, investment flow in China and Hong Kong, US economy and Fed rate decisions, glitches in stock exchanges, deplatforming and social media influence, and future market trends.


Tue Jun 04 2024

How the U.S. Government Can Protect the Dollar Through Stablecoins


The episode discusses the need for new systems to finance the economy and store value for retirement. It explores blockchain technology, stablecoins, regulation, geopolitics, and the impact of emerging technologies on finance. The role of stablecoins in global finance, privacy concerns, cybersecurity risks, and the future of stablecoins are also covered. The podcast highlights the importance of responsible innovation, market surveillance, regulatory challenges, and forward-looking regulations. It emphasizes the need to maintain integrity and trust in crypto markets and advocates for transparency and innovation in financial products. The episode concludes with discussions on shaping internet standards, a new synthetic dollar token, and the battle of values in the future of digital currencies.


Sat Jun 01 2024

The Chopping Block: Crypto Populism: From Celebrity Coins to Politics

ETFsCrypto RegulationsDigital Asset RegulationTrump's CommutationMoney in Politics

This episode covers a range of topics including the approval of ETFs for trading, the SEC's stance on crypto regulation, legislation for digital asset regulation, Trump's commutation of Ross Albright's sentence, the influence of money in politics within the crypto industry, and the rise of celebrity coins and NFTs.


Fri May 31 2024

With Ether ETFs in the Works, How Else Might the SEC Pivot on Crypto?

SECcrypto regulationcourt casesSEC chair appointmentbipartisan cooperation

The episode covers the SEC's evolving stance on crypto, internal discord within the SEC, ongoing court cases, potential impact of SEC chair appointment, bipartisan cooperation in crypto regulation, recent developments in the crypto industry, and disputes and transfers in the crypto space.


Tue May 28 2024

Why Many Democrats, Including the White House, Have Come Around on Crypto

Crypto LegislationBipartisan SupportRegulatory ChallengesIndustry EngagementAgency Roles

This episode covers the importance of bipartisan support for crypto legislation, challenges faced in Congress, evolving views on regulations, industry engagement, and the impact of recent votes. It also discusses the expansion of regulatory authority, concerns about agency roles, legislative initiatives, stakeholder engagement, and predictions for future policy. The episode highlights the openness of Democrats to conversations about the crypto industry and emphasizes the need for appropriate messaging and education.


Fri May 24 2024

Senator Cynthia Lummis on Why Crypto Now Has Bipartisan Support in Congress

Bitcoin ETFsEthereum ETFWashingtondigital assetsbipartisan support

This episode covers the consideration of Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum ETF in Washington, the shift in Washington's consideration of digital assets, bipartisan support for digital assets and mainstream acceptance, regulatory frameworks, controversies, and potential for innovation, recent developments and industry news, resignations, settlements, and security breaches, and challenges and advantages of different cryptocurrencies for payments.


Thu May 23 2024

The Chopping Block: Response to SAB-121, ETH ETF, & More

Crypto RegulationPolitical LandscapeMeme CoinsBipartisan SupportBiden's Stance on Crypto

The episode explores the intersection of crypto regulation and politics, highlighting the changing landscape and bipartisan support for sound crypto-specific policies. It delves into the influence of meme coins on political engagement and the shifting political stance on crypto. The potential impact of Biden's stance on crypto and debates within the community are discussed. Market dynamics, token distribution, subsidies, and legal ramifications of sandwich attacks are also explored.


Tue May 21 2024

Bits + Bips: Is US Politics Driving the ETH ETF Approval?

Crypto ETFsMarket ImpactPolitical LandscapeRegulationsStablecoins

The episode covers various topics related to the approval of cryptocurrency ETFs, their potential impact on the market, political landscape, regulations, stablecoins, and prospects of ETFs for different cryptocurrencies. Key insights include speculation about political influence, market volatility, anticipation of demand for Ethereum, political shifts, crypto's role in American politics, stablecoin regulations, market impact of stablecoins, community dynamics, and prospects of ETFs for different cryptocurrencies.

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