The Liz Wheeler Show

The Liz Wheeler Show

The Liz Wheeler Show is an unapologetic exposé on the corruption that underpins the administrative state and the so-called “experts.” Distilling the most complex issues of the day and elucidating the Left’s murky motives, Liz Wheeler looks beyond policy to find solutions to our underlying problems. In each and every episode, The Liz Wheeler Show is your guide to the frontlines of the culture wars, defining the battles that will shape our nation for the next century. 

The Liz Wheeler Show

Fri Oct 27 2023

Ep. 456: How to Parents AND Children Can ESCAPE ‘Trans Nation’

gender dysphoriatransgendercontroversiesgender identity theoryreversal

The episode discusses the rise of gender identity disorders among youth and explores historical perspectives, controversies surrounding treatments, the origins of gender identity theory, and personal journeys of reversal.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Thu Oct 26 2023

Ep. 455: She Goes UNDERCOVER at a Socialist Conference & You Won’t BELIEVE What She Caught

SocialismEducationParental Rights

The episode covers an independent journalist's infiltration of a socialism conference, discussions on socialist curriculum in schools, concerns about parental rights, and the importance of vigilance and involvement to combat leftist influence on education.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Wed Oct 25 2023

Ep. 454: The Police State Targeted TRUMP and Now They’re Coming for You

Current State of the CountryPolice StateJustice SystemPolitical TargetingErosion of Rights

The episode discusses the current state of the country, highlighting the potential dangers of moving towards a police state in America. It delves into questioning the justice system, political targeting, erosion of rights, concerns about January 6th, skepticism of institutions by Republicans, and the importance of whistleblowers standing up against injustices. The film showcased real-life stories and aimed to make the audience more aware of these issues.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Tue Oct 24 2023

Ep. 453: Democrats Participate in NAZI IDEOLOGY, Plus Woman Shares DEVASTATING First-Hand Account From Israel

IsraelPalestinian ConflictTerrorismLeft-wing Politics

The episode covers the escalating situation in Israel, focusing on the left's reaction, comparisons to historical events, Palestinian terrorist tactics, controversies surrounding left-wing politicians, and recommendations for addressing the conflict.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Mon Oct 23 2023

Terrorist Sympathizers INFILTRATE America; Where Did They Come From?!

terrorismimmigrationassimilationMuslim populationcultural differences

The episode discusses the presence of terrorist sympathizers in the United States, conservative views on immigration, the immigrant population in the United States, Muslim immigration to the United States, cultural differences and radicalization, accusations and concerns, and Palestinian protests and advocacy.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Sun Oct 22 2023

John Bolton: Regime change in Iran does NOT mean American boots on the ground

IranHamasIsraelIntelligence FailureRegime Change

The episode discusses the ongoing threat posed by Iran, the need for regime change in Iran, the intelligence failure in detecting the Hamas attack on Israel, and Israel's course of action to prevent future attacks. It emphasizes the importance of protecting Americans and American interests and holding those responsible for terrorism accountable.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Fri Aug 11 2023

Ep. 401: Are Men Too Obsessed With Sports? Should Women Ditch Birth Control?

Controversial OpinionsGen Z VotersMillennial VotersHumorGender Roles

This episode covers a range of topics including controversial opinions, the challenges faced by Gen Z and millennial voters, humor and gender roles, the influence of powerful people, controversial opinions in pop culture, and the entertainment value of the GOP primary debate.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Thu Aug 10 2023

Ep. 400: $20M Biden Bribery Scheme EXPOSED, Plus What REALLY Happened in the Ohio Election

Insurance DenialBiden Family CorruptionMitch McConnellRepublican PartyOhio Abortion Amendment

The episode covers various topics including insurance denial, allegations of cocaine use by the Biden family, details of Biden family corruption, potential conflict of interest involving Mitch McConnell, Republican Party's failure in elections, and an Ohio constitutional amendment on abortion.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Wed Aug 09 2023

Ep. 399: Is Vivek Ramaswamy the Real Deal or a Grifter? Plus, TMFINR Lady DOXXED

Vivek RamaswamiRepublican PoliticsClimate ChangeAuthenticityJanuary 6th

The episode discusses the rise of Vivek Ramaswami in Republican politics and debates whether he is genuine or a grifter. It explores his background, views on climate change, and potential contradictions. The episode also highlights concerns about his stance on January 6th and shares a disturbing story of Joe Biden's insensitive hospital visit. Overall, it delves into the question of Vivek's authenticity and invites audience opinions.

The Liz Wheeler Show

Tue Aug 08 2023

Ep. 398: Rapper Ne-Yo SLAMS Woke Transgenderism, Plus BOMBSHELL Tristan Tate Videos Exposed After Tucker Carlson Interview

Lizzeweiler Show Community on LocalsRapper NeoTransgender ideologyAndrew and Tristan TateManipulation in pornography industry

The episode covers a range of topics including the Lizzeweiler Show Community on Locals, backlash and apology from rapper Neo, negative impacts of transgender ideology, controversial beliefs of Andrew and Tristan Tate, manipulation and controversy surrounding Tristan Tate, and questioning Tristan Tate as a role model. The episode explores issues such as gun control, gender identity, Marxist influence, retirement planning alternatives, and the moral implications of controversial figures. It also delves into the personal experiences and actions of Tristan Tate in relation to pornography and manipulation of women.

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