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Odd Lots

Thu Jun 13 2024

How Indonesia and China Cornered the Nickel Market

Nickel MarketBattery ProductionChina's DominanceChallengesCopper Market

This episode explores the changes in the nickel market, China's dominance in the supply chain, challenges faced by producers outside China, and the volatility in the copper market. It also discusses the potential shortages in copper supply, environmental impacts of nickel production, and the debate surrounding ESG investing in 'dirty' industries.

Odd Lots

Wed Jun 12 2024

Elon Musk Dominates Outer Space Like Nobody Has Before

SpaceXRocket LaunchesSatellite CommunicationSpace InternetMultiple Rocket Companies

This episode explores SpaceX's dominance in rocket launches and satellite communication, their revolutionizing impact on the space industry, the implications of space internet and multiple rocket companies, the global space industry landscape, Elon Musk's vision and role in engineering, SpaceX funding and government contracts, and national security concerns.

Odd Lots

Mon Jun 10 2024

This Is How the Food Industry Is Preparing For a Post-Ozempic World

snack foodsbeveragescapitalismconsumer economyGLP1 drugs

The podcast discusses the significance of snack foods and beverages in the context of capitalism and consumer economy. Two mega trends in the snack food industry are highlighted: the impact of GLP1 drugs on consumption patterns and the need for companies to be more creative to drive consumption. Technological advancements, such as AI, are influencing the production and innovation of snack foods. The episode features an interview with Barb Stuckey, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at Madsen, who shares insights on flavor innovation across various food and beverage categories.

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Fri Jun 07 2024

Lots More with Kyla Scanlon on the Economic Vibes

CultureSocial MediaConsumer SentimentCreativityEconomics

The episode covers various topics including culture, social media engagement, consumer sentiment, creativity, economics, and the podcast team. It explores the influence of culture on the economy, the role of social media in shaping narratives, the impact of media polarization on consumer sentiment, and the importance of creativity in conveying nuanced information. The episode also discusses different perspectives on finances and work-life balance, the connection between economics and human behavior, and insights from the podcast team.

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Thu Jun 06 2024

Orsted's Americas CEO on Fixing What Went Wrong in Wind Power

Offshore WindEnergy TransitionSupply Chain ChallengesRenewable Energy Financing

This episode explores the challenges faced by the offshore wind industry in the US, focusing on Orsted's experiences. It covers topics such as the all-electric BMW i7, complexities of electricity markets, supply chain challenges, financing considerations, policy impacts, collaboration efforts, and wind energy economics. The episode concludes with insights on offshore wind as a bipartisan solution and tax incentives for renewable energy projects.

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Mon Jun 03 2024

Corporations Learned The Maximum Amount They Can Charge For a Product

Dynamic PricingPersonalized PricingData AggregatorsConsumer IsolationLegal Response

The episode explores the use of dynamic pricing strategies by companies, the rise of personalized pricing, the role of data aggregators, concerns about consumer isolation and fairness, legal responses to pricing practices, challenges faced by consumers, leveraging consumer data for profit, economic implications of pricing dynamics, and discussions on pricing issues.

Odd Lots

Fri May 31 2024

Lots More on the Two Troubled NYC Office Buildings Everyone's Talking About

Mutual of New York buildingoffice buildingsManhattan trophy towerpotential tenantsrepurposing office buildings

This episode discusses concerns about the Mutual of New York building, challenges faced by office buildings in New York City, Company 1440 and the Manhattan trophy tower, challenges for potential tenants and repurposing office buildings, and the benefits of using Salesforce powered by Einstein AI.

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Thu May 30 2024

The Big Problem With the Modern Electricity Grid

Electricity MarketsUS Energy IndustryNuclear PowerRenewable EnergyWind Power

The episode discusses the flaws in electricity markets in the US and how they evolved to their current state. It explores the challenges of transitioning from a centralized to a deregulated market, hindrances for nuclear power expansion, challenges for solar and wind energy, the role of wind power as a complement to natural gas, the benefits of public ownership of utilities, and the history of electricity provision in the US. The episode highlights the need for careful integration of renewables and the importance of addressing issues with big utilities and independent power generators.

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Wed May 29 2024

Are We Doing Decarbonization Totally the Wrong Way?

Renewable EnergyInvestmentElectricity PricesDecarbonizationNuclear Power

The episode discusses the current state of the renewable energy market, challenges in investing in solar and wind, financing renewable energy projects, stabilizing electricity prices for renewables, different approaches to renewable energy, the comparison between renewables and nuclear power, financing renewable energy development, and challenges in renewable energy expansion.

Odd Lots

Mon May 27 2024

How a Professional Sports Bettor Really Makes Money

sports bettingreal estate investinginsurance solutionsevolution of sports bettingsetting prices

The episode explores the world of sports betting, covering topics such as real estate investing, insurance solutions, the evolution of sports betting, setting prices, challenges for professional bettors, international gambling operators, niche markets, integrity concerns, industry growth, profits and concerns in the gambling industry, advice and regulation in sports betting, betting constraints, and market insights.

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