My First Million

My First Million

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri brainstorm new business ideas based on trends & opportunities they see in the market. Sometimes they bring on famous guests to brainstorm with them.

My First Million

Tue Jun 11 2024

$100M Founder Reveals The Secret To Making Data Profitable

CB InsightsData BusinessEducationEntrepreneurshipConvenience Stores

This episode covers various topics including the journey of CB Insights from selling PDFs to building a nine-figure company, insights on soft dollars, pricing strategies, and valuable data collection methods. It also explores the potential of recruiting service businesses, home options, and building an entrepreneurship school. Additionally, it delves into alternative education models, compact convenience stores, online addiction centers, gambling trends, motivation techniques, innovative teaching methods, and effective learning techniques. The episode concludes with discussions on specialization, entrepreneurial potential, and contact information.

My First Million

Fri Jun 07 2024

The GameStop Guy Has Returned… (And Has A New $210M Bet)

GameStopKeith GillRoaring KittyRyan CohenStock Market

This episode covers the GameStop saga, Keith Gill's investment success, collusion accusations, ethics of social media influence on stock prices, luxury travel options, paternity leave experiences, inspiration from 'The Lehman Brothers' play and Sylvester Stallone's determination, running clubs and endurance events, building communities through running events, evolution of fitness events and social connections, importance of constructive feedback, and charity campaigns.

My First Million

Wed Jun 05 2024

25 Years Of Founder WISDOM In 55 Minutes (ft. Jason Fried)


This episode covers various topics including injecting risk into business, loosening grip for growth, astronauts' perspective, challenges of growth and transition, injecting risk as a founder, balancing hard tasks and harmonious partnerships, financial transparency and Midwestern values, sharing wealth and reflecting on luck, personal growth and historical insights, and historical predictions and caution in today's world.

My First Million

Mon Jun 03 2024

This $50M/Yr Side Hustle Is On Track To Make $1 Billion By 2030

EntrepreneurshipMedia BusinessGamingSports TechnologyAI

Entrepreneur Craig Fuller discusses his business model of acquiring old media businesses and leveraging them to sell high-value products. Success stories, expansion plans, the value of print magazines, collaboration opportunities, gaming products, AI cameras in sports, AI advancements, investing in marketing technology, and networking are also explored.

My First Million

Fri May 31 2024

He Turned $300/mo Into $3,750,000/mo From GARDENING

gardeningbusinessentrepreneurshipagriculturesmall business

This episode explores the journey of Kevin Espiritu, the founder of Epic Gardening, from starting a gardening blog to building a successful business. It covers topics such as transitioning from media revenue to product sales, strategic acquisitions, challenges in the seed business, and the science of developing new plant varieties. The episode also delves into the passion and fulfillment of small product companies and discusses beekeeping as an approachable hobby.

My First Million

Wed May 29 2024

This Navy SEAL Built A Million Dollar Book Empire With 0 Employees

Author InterviewsWriting ProcessStorytellingPersonal GrowthBrand Inclusion

The episode features author Jack Carr, known for his best-selling book series 'The Terminal List' and its adaptation into an Amazon Prime show. The podcast explores Carr's writing process, the importance of authenticity in storytelling, and the challenges of building a reader base in the digital age. It also delves into topics like personal growth, strategic planning, and the impact of challenging experiences. The episode concludes with mutual appreciation and support between the guest and host.

My First Million

Mon May 27 2024

How To Master Storytelling

StorytellingContent CreationPerformance OptimizationOvercoming Challenges

The episode features discussions on the power of storytelling, crafting effective stories, creating engaging content, optimizing performance and mindset, and overcoming challenges through storytelling. Key insights include the importance of working backwards from emotions, building a 'binge bank' of content, balancing logic and emotion, and addressing readers' potential questions or thoughts in writing.

My First Million

Wed May 22 2024

How Gary Vee Predicts The Next Facebook (Every Time)

EducationTechnologyAttentionLanguage LocalizationEntrepreneurship

This episode covers a wide range of topics including reflections on education and technology, the concept of attention as a universal currency, language localization and unique experiences, mindset, success, and entrepreneurship, future technology and business strategies, versatility, risk-taking, and gratitude in business, gratitude, happiness, and successful investments, Logan Paul's success and strategic decision-making, and resilience, hard work, and inspiration.

My First Million

Mon May 20 2024

A Masterclass On Hiring A CEO To Run Your Company ft. Andrew Wilkinson

hiring CEOsdelegating tasksbusiness growthentrepreneurshiprecruiters

This episode provides insights on how to hire great CEOs for businesses. It covers topics such as the importance of delegating tasks, when to hire a CEO, using recruiters in the hiring process, finding the right CEO, transitioning leadership roles, conducting thorough diligence, valuing equity, and key insights. The episode emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to focus on high-level strategy by delegating tasks and hiring a CEO instead of selling or shutting down their company.

My First Million

Fri May 17 2024

RARE interview with the "Indian Warren Buffett" - Mohnish Pabrai

Investment StrategiesEntrepreneurshipValue InvestingBusiness SuccessCapital Allocation

This episode covers the investment strategies of Monish Pabrai, the early years of Warren Buffett, lessons from C's Candy and Coca-Cola, the entrepreneurial mindset and success factors, backgrounds and risk management for entrepreneurs, value investing and venture-backed businesses, the Patel family's success in business, Pabrai Funds and investment strategies, Pabrai Funds' growth and meeting Warren Buffett, building exceptional relationships, insights on success and investing, patience and long-term investing, the power of compounding, key decisions and contrarian investing, recognizing asymmetric opportunities, investing in mispriced assets, capital allocation and exceptional individuals.

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