On The Margin

On The Margin

The worlds of macro finance and crypto are continuing to draw closer together. On the Margin will host some of the greatest minds in the world of asset management, markets, and discuss how ideas that were once on the margin are now becoming mainstream.

On The Margin

Sat May 25 2024

The Ethereum ETF Turning Point | Weekly Roundup

Avalanche BlockchainBlockworksPolitical LandscapeCryptoEthereum

This episode covers topics such as the adoption of Avalanche blockchain, political landscape and its impact on crypto, Ethereum's market reactions, institutional demand for Ethereum, yields in crypto, altcoins and policy, market concerns and bullish outlook, US new home sales and housing market, government spending and the crypto market cycle, and the importance of nuclear power in a potential global breakdown scenario.

On The Margin

Fri May 24 2024

The Ethereum ETF Is Approved | Eric Balchunas & James Seyffart

EthereumETFPolitical InfluenceDecentralized FinanceRegulation

The episode discusses the political influence on the approval of the Ethereum ETF, the debate surrounding its potential market share, Ethereum's position in the decentralized financial world, and regulatory hurdles for crypto-related ETFs. It also explores the possibility of a market structure bill and the evolving acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

On The Margin

Fri May 24 2024

Forget Rate Cuts, The Fed Will Raise Rates Again In 2024 | Danny Dayan

Federal Reservemonetary policyfinancial conditionsbond marketsfiscal spending

This episode covers various topics related to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy, financial conditions, bond markets, fiscal spending, investor behavior, commodities, and equity market outlook. Key insights include concerns about inflation, interest rates, the impact of financial conditions on the economy, bond market dynamics, fiscal and monetary policy challenges, investor behavior in the bond market, and the outlook for commodities and equity markets.

On The Margin

Sat May 18 2024

The Biggest Risk Is A Market Melt-Up | Weekly Roundup

GameStopCrypto MarketBlockchainCryptocurrencyMarket Dynamics

This episode covers insights on GameStop's price increase, correlations between traditional and crypto markets, bullish sentiment towards blockchain and cryptocurrency, market dynamics, Bitcoin's credibility, shifts in sentiment towards altcoins, user metrics, stablecoins, crypto legislation, crypto's future in US politics, cultural differences, and miscellaneous topics.

On The Margin

Sat May 11 2024

What Stops The Runaway U.S Fiscal Trainwreck? | Weekly Roundup

Inflation ExpectationsConsumer SentimentStudent Loan DebtFinancial NihilismFunding Student Loan Forgiveness

The episode covers a wide range of topics including the impact of inflation expectations and consumer sentiment on market movements, student loan debt and financial nihilism, funding student loan forgiveness, historical perspectives on fiscal deficits, the Federal Reserve's forward guidance, bond market positioning, eliminating forward guidance, political influence on crypto, public perception of crypto, challenges faced by FTX, cyclical nature of crypto, macroeconomic factors in crypto cycles, financial media and human values, and Trump's comedic style.

On The Margin

Sat May 04 2024

Powell's Bullish Signal To Markets | Weekly Roundup

Federal ReserveDebt IssuanceMarket PerformanceVolatilityInvestment Landscape

The episode covers key insights from the Federal Reserve meeting, debt issuance, market performance, volatility, investment landscape, media landscape, passive management, debt, Ponzi schemes, bond funds, airdrops, market manipulation, meme coins, crypto tokens, Coinbase earnings, market share, crypto trading, monetary strategies, marketing, education, and political shifts.

On The Margin

Wed May 01 2024

Surging Liquidity Is Fueling Higher Inflation | Bob Elliott

Federal ReserveQuantitative TighteningTreasury IssuanceBond YieldsInflation Targets

This episode covers the Federal Reserve's decision on quantitative tightening, Janet Yellen's approach to Treasury issuance, the impact of bond yields on the economy, challenges in achieving inflation targets, factors affecting the bond market and central banks, gold as a diversifying asset, the role of commodities and oil in portfolios, and acknowledgements and future conversations.

On The Margin

Sat Apr 27 2024

Huge Earnings Beat For Big Tech | Weekly Roundup

US GDPMarket ConditionsTech SectorInflation TargetsInterest Rates

This episode covers a wide range of topics including US GDP, market conditions, tech sector performance, inflation targets, interest rates, housing market, Bitcoin ETF, market holding pattern, VC interest in Bitcoin, and market analysis. Key insights include the impact of imports and exports on US GDP, challenges faced by global central banks, the relationship between nominal GDP and corporate profits, the transition of tech companies towards issuing dividends, and the potential tectonic shift in monetary policy. The episode also discusses the influence of interest rates on economic activity, housing market dynamics, and the role of Bitcoin infrastructure in the market.

On The Margin

Wed Apr 24 2024

Inflation Still Isn't Going Back To 2% | Vincent Deluard

Fiscal PolicyInflationDeficitsGeopoliticsMonetary Policy

This episode covers topics such as fiscal policy and inflation, deficits, risks, and geopolitics, monetary policy and fiscal dominance, debt, rebalancing, and portfolio implications, as well as oil, inflation, and global demand. Key insights include the power of fiscal policy in stimulating the economy, the impact of geopolitical tensions on markets, the challenges faced by the Fed in balancing various factors, and the significance of oil as an asset. The episode also discusses potential solutions to economic imbalances and the need for diversified portfolios.

On The Margin

Sat Apr 20 2024

The Bitcoin Halving Impact | Weekly Roundup

Geopolitical TensionsMarket ReactionsBitcoin Market DynamicsRisk AssetReserve Asset Shifts

The podcast episode features discussions on geopolitical tensions and market reactions, Bitcoin market dynamics, Bitcoin as a risk asset and reserve asset shifts, inflation, monetary policy, fiscal spending, global economic challenges and social issues, balanced perspectives and Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin price movement and currency defense strategies, Japan's economic challenges and Bitcoin's long-term trend, private funding, investing opportunities, and short-termism, and challenges for private companies and token launches.

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