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Mon Oct 02 2023

190 - Sergey Nazarov on Chainlink’s CCIP

blockchainbankstrust minimizationCCIPOracle networks

This episode explores Chainlink's role in bridging banks and blockchains. It covers topics such as trust minimized off-chain computation, Oracle networks, CCIP protocol, and the future of crypto. The goal is to enable the whole world to run on blockchains and connect banks with blockchain technology. Chainlink aims to create a verifiable web backed by protocols and standards that are immune to manipulation. The episode discusses the importance of trust minimization, the challenges in connecting banks and blockchains, and the potential for securitization 2.0.


Thu Aug 24 2023

Is Good or Evil?


The episode discusses the presence of ICOs and NFT mints in the market cycle for financial assets. It explores the Friend.Tech application, a social financialization game built on layer two base. The conversation revolves around the implications of Friend.Tech as a financialized social application and its potential to go mainstream. The mechanism design of Friend Tech is analyzed, along with criticisms and concerns about financialization in crypto. The chapter also delves into tokenization, market maximalism, positive impacts of crypto, and the importance of inclusivity and mainstream adoption.


Fri Aug 11 2023

ROLLUP: Base Kicks-Off Onchain Summer

Crypto marketEthereum scalingStablecoinsLayer 2 solutionsDecentralization

The episode covers various topics including the crypto market, Ethereum scaling, stablecoins, layer 2 solutions, decentralization efforts, network security, wallet innovations, regulatory developments, and the future outlook of the crypto market. Key insights include the potential impact of PayPal's stablecoin launch, the growth of layer twos in Ethereum's ecosystem, and ongoing debates about data availability and naming conventions for rollups. The episode also highlights the importance of vigilance against scammers and the bullish sentiment towards layer twos and public goods funding.


Thu Aug 10 2023

Austin Federa: Is SOL Money?

SolanaEthereumDesign PhilosophyUtilityMEV Opportunities

Bankless explores the nature of Solana and its native asset, comparing it to Ethereum. The episode covers the design philosophy of Solana, its utility, collateralization, MEV opportunities, DeFi and layer 2 solutions, stake-weighted approach and governance, as well as a comparison between Ethereum and Solana. It also examines the strengths, vulnerabilities, security, and governance of both networks.


Wed Aug 09 2023

Arbitrum's BOLD New Bet with Ed Felten & Raul Jordan

ArbitrumLayer 2DecentralizationPermissionless ValidationSecurity

Arbitrum, a layer 2 solution, is making significant progress in decentralization and security. With the introduction of bold protocol, Arbitrum aims to achieve fully permissionless validation. It has already achieved green slices for data availability, proposal failure, and sequencer failure. The upcoming upgradeability and state validation features will further enhance its decentralization. The bold protocol ensures safe permissionless validation by eliminating false claims. Running local nodes and challenging incorrect claims are crucial for securing the chain. Decentralized sequencing and shared sequencing are being explored as alternatives to having a single party as the sequencer. The bold code is licensed under a business source license, allowing other layer twos to incorporate it. Staking is not required in the design of the Arbitrum protocol, but it can be introduced by the Arbitrum DAO. The recent innovations in dispute resolution and smart contract development make Arbitrum a leader among layer 2 solutions.


Mon Aug 07 2023

In Defense of Lido With Hasu

EthereumLidoStakingDecentralizationDual Governance

This episode explores concerns about Lido's dominance in Ethereum staking and its potential impact on decentralization. It delves into the cultural clash between idealists and pragmatists in Ethereum and discusses the need for a balance between ideals and network effects. The episode also addresses controversies surrounding Lido's size and influence on validators. It examines the risks of concentration and chain finalization, as well as the challenges of protocol control and governance. The concept of dual governance and future visions for Lido are explored. The chapter concludes with insights on customization, liquid staking, and the importance of maintaining decentralization in Ethereum.


Fri Aug 04 2023

ROLLUP: Curve Exploit | BASE Memecoins | Richard Heart vs SEC

Binance fraud chargesDeFi exploitsBase mainnet launchSEC lawsuitsStaking protocols

The episode covers a wide range of topics including fraud charges against Binance, DeFi exploits, the launch of Base mainnet, SEC lawsuits, staking protocols, market updates, US debt rating, Tether concerns, Curve hack, 'bald' token rug pull, suspicion of scams, Uniswap delisting, potential charges against Richard Hart, crypto scammers, Ether ETF futures, layer 2 developments, WorldCoin concerns, layer 2 security, DeFi maturation, crypto investing tips, Vitalik's perspective on crypto culture and infrastructure development. The episode provides insights into the current state of the crypto industry and highlights important news and events.


Thu Aug 03 2023

The New DeFi Meta with Paradigm’s Head of Research, Dan Robinson

DeFiCryptoUniswap XSwappingIntents

The episode covers the introduction of Uniswap X, its impact on swapping in DeFi and crypto, the concept of intents, efficient order flow auctions, MEV threats and opportunities, cross-chain swaps and bridging improvements, Uniswap V4's focus on liquidity provision, challenges in liquidity provision, and the role of off-chain infrastructure in trustless protocols.


Wed Aug 02 2023

Will DeFi Survive This?

DeFiCurve ProtocolExploitLending ProtocolsRisk Management

The episode covers the exploit of the Curve Protocol in DeFi, its implications and contagion, risks and challenges in lending protocols, Michael's financial situation and strategies, leverage and risk management, systemic risks, and provides a summary of insights. The exploit of the Curve Protocol resulted in the draining of Curve pools and a loss of $70 million worth of assets. The founder of Curve had a significant amount of CRV tokens as collateral, putting him at risk of liquidation. Lending protocols face risks due to market volatility and potential liquidation of collateralized assets. Michael's financial situation involves selling loans and collateralized assets to repay his debts. The use of leverage and socializing losses pose risks to lending and borrowing protocols. The episode concludes with insights on systemic risks, Lindy resetting events, code auditing, and the resilience of DeFi.


Tue Aug 01 2023

Africa's Crypto Revolution: Leapfrogging into the Future

Crypto AdoptionBlockchain TechnologyWeb3Financial InclusionAfrican Economy

Africa has the potential to revolutionize crypto adoption, providing financial stability, access, identity services, and credit facilities. However, there are barriers such as visa restrictions and lack of trust, identity, and property rights. Blockchain technology can address these challenges and offer alternatives to traditional currencies. Demand for Web3 utility products and services is high in Africa, particularly in finance, identity, and trust. The vision of a borderless Africa aligns with the shared experience and challenges faced by African builders. The network state movement aims to create a new world order in Africa, leveraging crypto and the internet to overcome historical constraints and build nations around shared values and purpose.

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