The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC) interviews the world's greatest venture capitalists with prior guests including Sequoia's Doug Leone and Benchmark's Bill Gurley. Once per week, 20VC Host, Harry Stebbings is also joined by one of the great founders of our time with prior founder episodes from Spotify's Daniel Ek, Linkedin's Reid Hoffman, and Snowflake's Frank Slootman. If you would like to see more of The Twenty Minute VC (20VC), head to for more information on the podcast, show notes, resources and more.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Wed Jun 12 2024

20VC: Scale's Alex Wang on Why Data Not Compute is the Bottleneck to Foundation Model Performance, Why AI is the Greatest Military Asset Ever, Is China Really Two Years Behind the US in AI and Why the CCPs Industrial Approach is Better than Anyone Else'

AI developmentmilitary potentialdata scarcitydata abundancecompetitive advantage

This podcast explores various aspects of AI development, including its military potential, the importance of diverse and complex data, the shift from data scarcity to abundance, the role of data as a competitive advantage, shifting value capture in AI, regulatory concerns, geopolitical implications, effective communication, leadership and talent ecosystem, and future outlook.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Mon Jun 10 2024

20VC: Reid Hoffman on Foundation Models: Who Wins & How Do Incumbents Respond | The Inflection AI Deal: How it Went Down | Why Trump is a Threat to Democracy | The Future of TikTok | Lessons from Sam Altman, Brian Chesky and the OpenAI Board

artificial intelligencetechnologystartupsquality improvementprivacy

This episode covers a wide range of topics related to artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society. It explores key insights such as the potential cognitive industrial revolution brought about by AI, the challenges and opportunities for startups in the AI space, the importance of quality improvement in AI models, and the role of AI in shaping future societies. The episode also delves into discussions on privacy, regulation, and the impact of AI on various sectors. Overall, it provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and future prospects of AI.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Fri Jun 07 2024

20Sales: How Rippling Built Their Sales Machine: How to Hire, Train and Manage the Best SDRs, What is the Right Comp Package for Sales Teams & The Playbook to Start and Scale Your SDR Team

Sales DevelopmentSDRsOutbound SalesHiring SDRsOnboarding SDRs

This episode covers key insights and strategies for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in building and scaling sales teams. It explores the importance of experience in sales development, the role of SDRs as a bridge between marketing and sales, effective hiring and onboarding practices, and tips for success in SDR roles. The episode also discusses the future outlook for sales development and the evolving landscape of outbound sales.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Wed Jun 05 2024

20VC: Perplexity's Aravind Srinivas on Will Foundation Models Commoditise, Diminishing Returns in Model Performance, OpenAI vs Anthropic: Who Wins & Why the Next Breakthrough in Model Performance will be in Reasoning

AI ModelsReasoningAcquiring ModelsTalentFuture of AI

This episode explores the current state of AI models and reasoning, the challenges and improvements in AI reasoning, acquiring models and talent, and the future of AI and Perplexity. Key insights include the focus on reasoning and feedback in future models, the value of expertise in AI companies, challenges in developing AI models with memory, and the potential profitability of advertising for Perplexity. The episode also discusses the importance of questioning project alignment with personal priorities, misconceptions about AI's impact, and the potential integration of AI into browsers.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Mon Jun 03 2024

This Week in SaaS: PluralSight Goes to Zero, Salesforce and Mongo Hit Hard, The Next IPO Candidates and How Do We Solve the Problem of Liquidity in Venture Capital

SaaS industrymarket performancechallengesAI impactacquisitions

This episode covers major news and company performance in the SaaS industry. It discusses market performance, challenges in B2B and SaaS industries, market dynamics, AI impact, acquisitions, liquidity concerns, customer acquisition, growth trends, founders' choices, fundraising strategies, revenue impact of events, team management, CEO perspectives, investment decisions, and the outlook for the SaaS industry.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Fri May 31 2024

20Growth: The Six Channels Startups Need to Dominate to Grow, Why the Best Growth Talent Never Comes from Marketing or Product, Who and How to Hire Growth Leaders and Teams and Why in a World of AI, Growth is More Science than Art with Matt Lerner

growth strategiesscaling growth teamsfinding customersdelivering valueoptimizing processes

This episode covers key insights on growth strategies, starting and scaling growth teams, finding customers, delivering value, optimizing processes, choosing North Star metrics, managing finances, effective messaging, hiring growth talent, conducting interviews, onboarding new hires, driving experimentation, social media engagement, growth loops, technological revolutions, influencer marketing, challenges in growth space, and emerging strategies for B2B companies.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Wed May 29 2024

20VC: Former Meta CTO, Schrep on Why Climate is a $10TRN Problem, Operating Lessons Scaling Products to Billions at Meta and Why the Best Leaders are Like Music Conductors

building a companyleadershipboard dynamicsfunding startupsclimate tech investing

This episode covers key insights on building a company, effective leadership, board dynamics, decision-making processes, funding startups, climate tech investing, clean energy markets, fusion technology, addressing climate change, investing strategies, and personal reflections on stress management and parenting. The speaker shares experiences from the tech industry and emphasizes the importance of aligning teams, understanding market forces, and finding opportunities for growth. The episode also explores the challenges and opportunities in clean energy, climate tech investing, and the future of sustainable practices.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Mon May 27 2024

20VC: Why Seed is Systemically Broken | Why Pricing is Worse Than Ever and There is More Funding Than Ever | Benchmarks for Churn, Retention and Growth Rates - Good vs Great | Why Last Vintage for Private Equity Will Suck with Jason Lemkin

Seed InvestingFoundersCTOsStartup SuccessCompetition

This episode covers the challenges and successes of seed investing, the importance of founders and CTOs in startups, key insights for CTOs and investors, factors impacting startup success and competition, HubSpot's growth and founder-led companies, expanding product offerings and due diligence, changing venture funding landscape and churn rates, challenges in selling to small businesses and predicting growth, success factors in SMBs and transitioning from enterprise to SMB models, investing considerations and learning from deals, maximizing returns and long-term success, long-term growth potential and investor caution, investing strategies and personal growth.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Fri May 24 2024

20VC: OpenAI's Sam Altman, Mistral's Arthur Mensch and more discuss: Will Foundation Models Be Commoditised | Which Startups Are Threatened vs Enabled by OpenAI | Is the Value in the Infrastructure or Application Layer?

AIinvestmentfoundational modelsapplication layercommoditization

This episode explores the investment landscape in AI, focusing on the value of foundational models and the application layer. It discusses the challenges and opportunities for investors in rapidly commoditizing technologies like GNAI. The episode also highlights Google's significant investment in AI and the strategies for building on AI. Additionally, it examines the role of AI technology in productivity and decision-making.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC): Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Wed May 22 2024

20VC: Box's Aaron Levie on Predictions for the Next Wave of AI: Will Foundation Models Be Commoditised | How the Business Model of SaaS Changes Forever | Startups vs Incumbents: Who Wins | App vs Infrastructure Layer: Where is the Value?


This episode explores the current state of AI, the challenges and opportunities in the AI space, the impact of AI agents on the changing landscape of work, AI implementation and future implications, OpenAI's impact and the importance of adaptability, decision-making and Google's approach to AI, AI transformation and global impact, revolutionizing industries with AI, and Apple's approach to AI and future potential.

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