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Life lessons from the greatest thinkers on the planet with Chris Williamson. Including guests like David Goggins, Dr Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Jocko Willink, Dr Andrew Huberman, Dr Julie Smith, Steven Bartlett, Ryan Holiday, James Clear, Robert Greene, Balaji Srinivasan, Steven Pinker, Alex Hormozi, Douglas Murray, Chris Bumstead, James Smith, Dr David Sinclair, Mark Manson and more. Understanding the world is hard. This podcast will help.

Modern Wisdom

Thu Jun 13 2024

#796 - Rob Kurzban - The Evolutionary Psychology Of Human Morality

moralitypersonal motivationsabortion policyopen debatehypocrisy

This episode explores the origins of morality, the influence of personal motivations on abortion policy, the complexity of modern morality, the impact of technology on moral judgments, and the role of accusations and hypocrisy in shaping moral discourse. It delves into topics such as the evolution of morality, the role of personal incentives in moral justifications, the decline of open debate, the psychology of hypocrisy, and the consequences of reputation attacks in the digital age.

Modern Wisdom

Mon Jun 10 2024

#795 - Ryan Holiday - 11 Harsh Stoic Truths To Improve Your Life

StoicismSuccessTaking RisksConfidenceAdversity

This episode explores the principles of Stoicism, the importance of doing the work, defining success on your own terms, taking risks, maintaining confidence, embracing adversity, and the pursuit of justice. It also delves into topics like parenting, breaking generational patterns, nonviolent resistance, and the role of role models in making tough decisions with integrity.

Modern Wisdom

Sat Jun 08 2024

#794 - Scott Galloway - The 4 Secrets To Get Rich In A Broken Economy

wealthfinancial securityinvestingdiversificationrelationships

This episode explores key insights for building wealth, achieving financial security and freedom, investing and diversification, building relationships and overcoming setbacks for success, mental health and personal growth for financial well-being, and the impact of taxes on wealth accumulation. The episode emphasizes the importance of financial discipline, identifying natural talents, embracing diversification, building relationships, maintaining physical fitness, and forgiving oneself. It also discusses the benefits of atheism, setting financial goals, giving away excess wealth, and the need for a more progressive tax structure.

Modern Wisdom

Thu Jun 06 2024

#793 - Menno Henselmans - The New Science Of Using Protein To Build Muscle

nutritionprotein intakemindsetdietingcaffeine

This episode covers various topics related to evidence-based nutrition, optimal protein intake, mindset and expectations, flexible dieting, caffeine and carb loading, fat burners and sustainable fat loss, sleep quality and artificial sweeteners, high protein diets and health benefits, muscle growth and type 2 diabetes, training wisdom and intrinsic motivation, psychological tricks and underrated foods, and dietary choices and identity.

Modern Wisdom

Mon Jun 03 2024

#792 - Craig Jones - Fighting A Woman For $1M, Ukraine War & Gordon Ryan

Brazilian Jiu JitsuTournamentsFinancial DisparitiesWar ZonesChernobyl

This episode covers various topics related to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, including the challenges of organizing profitable tournaments, innovations in the sport, turning competitions into non-profit events, financial disparities among athletes, unique match formats, and the impact of money on athletes' lives. It also delves into philosophical questions, transparency in event metrics, substance use in the sport, and the responsibility of event organizers. The episode explores war zones in Ukraine and experiences in Chernobyl, as well as issues related to women's rights in Kazakhstan. It concludes with insights into guns, travel experiences, and the upcoming transition in the competitive landscape of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Modern Wisdom

Sat Jun 01 2024

#791 - Dr Robert Glover - Why Most Men Fail To Attract A Quality Woman

Modern Wisdom

Thu May 30 2024

#790 - Vienna Pharaon - How To Overcome A Difficult Childhood

family dynamicspersonal growthrelationshipshealingself-compassion

This episode explores the impact of family dynamics on personal growth and relationships. It emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself, reconciling emotional needs from childhood, and addressing unresolved past issues. The role of family systems in shaping communication and conflict resolution skills is highlighted. The episode also delves into the influence of past experiences on self-worth and relationships, the healing process from trauma, and the significance of setting boundaries and making relational choices. Key insights include the importance of honoring personal experiences, practicing self-compassion, and embracing growth through small changes.

Modern Wisdom

Mon May 27 2024

#789 - Neil Strauss - Why The World’s #1 Pickup Artist Left The Game Behind

relationshipsco-parentingauthenticitymodern datingemotional healing

Neil Strauss reflects on his evolution in relationships, from dating to navigating the complexities of marriage. The discussion covers topics such as co-parenting, unconventional conception, authenticity, modern dating culture, emotional healing, effective communication, enmeshment in parent-child relationships, decision-making, self-compassion, and embracing imperfection. The episode provides insights into personal growth, healthy relationships, and navigating the challenges of modern society.

Modern Wisdom

Sat May 25 2024

#788 - Mo Gawdat - How To Save Your Brain From The Dangers Of Stress & Anxiety


This episode explores the relationship between stress, success, and well-being. It delves into the impact of stress on the body, the importance of managing stress triggers, and the role of emotions in our lives. The episode also discusses strategies for combating loneliness, managing physical stress, and finding balance in life. Overall, it provides insights and practical tips for navigating stress and achieving a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Modern Wisdom

Thu May 23 2024

#787 - Bessel van der Kolk - The Surprising Solutions To Heal Trauma Without Medication

traumaholistic approachbody-mind connectionsocial supportovercoming trauma

This episode explores the holistic approach to understanding and releasing trauma. It emphasizes the role of the body in trauma and highlights the importance of social connections, feeling safe, and receiving support. The chapters delve into the effects of trauma, self-compassion, healing practices like yoga, and the impact of trauma on bodily experiences. The episode also discusses confronting inner thoughts and emotions, therapy techniques, and exploring different modalities for personal growth.

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