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This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis covers startups, tech, markets, media, and all the hottest topics in business and technology. He also interviews the world’s greatest founders, operators, investors, and innovators.

This Week in Startups

Wed Jun 12 2024

Inflation cools, how Waymo handled a crash, and the next startups to go public | E1965

Regulatory FrameworkTransparencyCrypto ProjectsSelf-Driving CarsInvestments

This episode covers a wide range of topics including regulatory frameworks in crypto projects, self-driving car safety, investments, inflation data, upcoming IPOs, and potential IPO candidates. It also discusses ethical concerns in tech companies, fast fashion criticism, quality concerns with online purchases, and the Twist 500 list.

This Week in Startups

Tue Jun 11 2024

Apple’s WWDC 2024: Reactions, Highlights & Breakdowns with Jason and Alex | E1964

AppleiOS 18iPadOS 18macOS SequoiaSiri

Apple introduced iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia to enhance personal intelligence on devices. Siri has been revamped with a focus on privacy and personalization. Apple Intelligence will enhance Siri's capabilities to understand and take actions on-screen. Apple is positioned uniquely in the app economy due to its ability to integrate AI models like Chat GPT into Siri across a range of devices. Equinix Metal offers cost-effective solutions with direct access to physical servers and cloud benefits. Apple simplifies complex tasks and makes technology accessible and easy to use. The addition of subtitles in streaming media is seen as a revolutionary feature. New Apple products may require upgrades and emphasize privacy and user control over data sharing. The Twist 500 is being launched this week.

This Week in Startups

Tue Jun 11 2024

The state of seed, the first TWIST500 startups, and the impact of anonymous apps on society | E1963

venture investingpokerGPsseed stage investingwhistleblowers

This episode covers a wide range of topics including venture investing, poker, dynamics among GPs, seed stage investing, whistleblowers, anonymity online, negative impact of social media on adolescents, starting a rival company, talent fluidity in the tech industry, capitalism, consumer choice, AI in media, content creation, challenges of starting a podcast or media company.

This Week in Startups

Sat Jun 08 2024

Great Builders & Success First with Intercom’s Eoghan McCabe | E1962

businesscustomer serviceSaaS productssoftware spendingAI

This episode covers a wide range of topics including building successful businesses, the impact of immigrants, innovation in customer service, challenges in SaaS products, optimizing software spending, the future of AI in customer service, criticisms in the AI industry, the future of personal computing, diversity and leadership in the workplace, promoting diversity and supporting underrepresented groups, building a resilient and focused workforce, success and work-life balance, overcoming challenges, and taking action for societal benefit.

This Week in Startups

Fri Jun 07 2024

Rising Above the Noise in Consumer VC with Kirsten Green of Forerunner | E1961

consumer productsAIsocietyculturebusiness

This episode explores key insights on successful consumer products, the role of AI in product development, the impact of AI on society and culture, cultural shifts and trends in business, investing in robotics, automation, and consumer hardware, and insights on successful investing in consumer companies. The episode highlights the importance of novel and useful products, investment trends influenced by factors like network effects, addressing changing consumer preferences and needs, personalization through AI, cultural influences on demand and innovation, challenges and opportunities in hardware investments, and strategies for successful investing in consumer companies.

This Week in Startups

Thu Jun 06 2024

Texas energy grid challenges and solutions with Base Power’s Justin Lopas | E1960

Texas energy marketrenewable energybattery integrationpower outagesBase Power

This episode explores the challenges of the Texas energy market, the impact of renewable energy sources, and the role of batteries in managing power outages. It discusses Base Power's battery installation service, the benefits of battery integration into the grid, and the company's efforts to make battery installation easy and efficient. The episode also covers regulatory hurdles, future prospects of battery technology, and the importance of batteries in supporting renewable energy generation. Additionally, it touches on AI advancements, nuclear energy investments, and the community-building aspect of Founder Fridays.

This Week in Startups

Fri May 31 2024

Steve Jurvetson and The Metals Company on Ocean mining, EV market growth, and AI's tech impact | E1959

Electric VehiclesMineral MarketPolymetallic NodulesEnvironmental ImpactNuclear Power

This episode discusses the global transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and the impact on the mineral market. It explores a startup called The Metals Company that collects polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor for sourcing minerals in an environmentally friendly way. The episode also covers the importance of considering the best way to do something rather than rejecting one option, as well as efforts to measure and minimize the environmental impact of metal extraction. Additionally, it touches on Apple's lack of innovation compared to Steve Jobs' era and potential new business ventures for the company beyond smartphones.

This Week in Startups

Wed May 29 2024

Mastering Venture Capital and Founder Strategies with Rory O’Driscoll and Mark Suster

EntrepreneurshipAIInvestment StrategiesTech Industry

This episode covers various aspects of entrepreneurship, AI, investment strategies, and navigating transitions in the tech industry. Key insights include the importance of failing quickly, open communication with investors, differentiation in the AI market, and understanding investor motivations. The future of AI, market challenges, company exits, and advice for long-term success are also discussed.

This Week in Startups

Wed May 29 2024

TWIST News: xAI's massive $6B raise, the startups building our drone future & TWIST500 | E1957

AITechnological AdvancementsGlobal Market PotentialStrategic InvestmentsBuilding Chips

This episode covers various topics including investment in AI, technological advancements, global market potential for AI services, strategic investments in AI companies, importance of building chips and strategic decisions, creating a database of notable companies, defense tech and AI interactions for kids, ethics of investing in defense technology and privacy concerns, privacy, investment decisions, and remote work, remote work challenges and benefits, 'bro barn' concept and hiring practices, and tips for getting on the show and PR pitfalls.

This Week in Startups

Mon May 27 2024

AI investments, VC ecosystem geography, and VC hypocrisy | E1956

Basketball SeasonStartup Investing ConferenceAI InvestmentsVenture-backed BusinessesValuations of AI Startups

This episode covers a wide range of topics including basketball season, startup investing conference, AI investments, venture-backed businesses, valuations of AI startups, integration of AI into products by Meta and Google, challenges in venture business, strategies for high-risk investments, dynamics of venture capital industry, founders' success and feedback handling, VC ecosystems and global tech hubs, career advice and startup ecosystems, positive impact in Abu Dhabi, and Liquidity podcast featuring Michael Eisenberg, Hami Madis, and Jason Calacanis.

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