The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Deeply researched, technical interviews with experts thinking about AI and technology. Hosted, recorded, researched, and produced by Daniel Bashir.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu Jun 06 2024

Vivek Natarajan: Towards Biomedical AI

AI in MedicineHealthcare AccessibilityEvaluation MetricsMedical Decision-MakingGenerative AI

AI systems in medicine have the potential to expand clinical knowledge and democratize medical expertise. However, challenges such as healthcare accessibility, evaluation metrics, and refining AI systems need to be addressed. This podcast explores the advancements, challenges, and future vision of AI in healthcare.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu May 30 2024

Thomas Mullaney: A Global History of the Information Age

knowledgeauthenticityworld-makingwritinghuman temperament

This episode explores the pursuit of knowledge, authenticity, world-making, evolution in writing, human temperament, clarity in projects, epistemic frames, alternative forms of organization, uncertainty in interpretation, dimensionality in historical writing, authentic connection in writing, editing and exploration, and preparation in writing. The speakers discuss various insights related to these topics and reflect on their personal experiences and perspectives.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu May 23 2024

Seth Lazar: Normative Philosophy of Computing

AI ethicsAI safetyPhilosophy of computingAttention allocationIntuitions in moral philosophy

This episode explores various topics related to AI ethics, safety, and philosophy. It covers anormative philosophy of computing, attention allocation, intuitions in moral philosophy, metaphysical economy, AI safety efforts, open source AI, cognitive dissonance in big AI companies, ethics and safety in AI development, algorithmic systems and societal impacts, LLMs and feasibility horizons, explainable AI, manipulation, public interest research, collaboration between tech companies and public interest researchers, algorithmic transparency, safe harbor for research, academic ecosystems, interdisciplinary work, conferences, and the importance of public input and expertise.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu May 16 2024

Suhail Doshi: The Future of Computer Vision

AICreative ExpressionGraphics ModelsOpen-Source ModelsAGI

This episode explores the intersection of AI and creative expression, focusing on Playground AI's efforts to build an AI-powered graphics editor. The accessibility of technology like AI is enabling more people to create art and music, leading to discussions on the distinction between personal expression and commercial success. The podcast delves into advancements and challenges in graphics models, including the need for better benchmarks and architectural innovations. It also examines the debate around open-sourcing models and the quest for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu May 09 2024

Azeem Azhar: The Exponential View

TechnologyAIAcademiaAGIHuman Creativity

This episode covers a wide range of topics related to technology and AI analysis, including challenges in achieving transformative AI, the evolution of academia, the risks of AGI, the impact on human creativity, engagement with evolving technologies, uncertainties in predicting the future, cultural diversity in AI, future scenarios and trade-offs, and the evolution of communities and cultural expression.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu May 02 2024

David Thorstad: Bounded Rationality and the Case Against Longtermism

bounded rationalityinterdisciplinary researchBayesian modelsepistemic normsheuristics

The episode explores topics such as bounded rationality, interdisciplinary research, empirical violations of standard Bayesian models, rational belief, epistemic norms, heuristics, reason responsiveness, metacognition, singularity hypothesis, long-termism, existential risks, epistemic humility, online communities, publishing challenges, and theory of change. The discussions highlight the importance of integrating psychology into formal models of cognition, addressing challenges in interdisciplinary research, and considering the impact of biases and limited information on decision-making processes. The episode also delves into the potential risks and benefits associated with long-term thinking and explores different ethical theories in relation to friendship and truth-telling.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu Apr 25 2024

Ryan Tibshirani: Statistics, Nonparametric Regression, Conformal Prediction

StatisticsMachine LearningNon-Parametric RegressionTrend FilteringConformal Prediction

This episode explores the intersection of statistics and machine learning, discussing topics such as research focus, non-parametric regression, trend filtering, conformal prediction, and assessing data quality in epidemic tracking. The guests share insights on the differences between the statistics and ML communities, the challenges and limitations of conformal prediction, and the importance of diverse perspectives in collaborative projects. They also highlight the need for openness in research and discuss future research directions.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu Apr 11 2024

Michael Sipser: Problems in the Theory of Computation

theoretical computer sciencecomputation limitsP versus NPmathematical problemsfinite automata

This podcast episode explores the field of theoretical computer science, focusing on the work of Michael Sipser and the challenges of solving complex problems. The discussions cover topics such as the limits of computation, the relationship between P and NP, the complexity of mathematical problems, converting finite automata, circuit complexity, relativization, representing Boolean expressions, impossibility lower bound arguments, and the role of academia in training students. The episode also touches on the balance between university work and corporate focus.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu Apr 04 2024

Andrew Lee: How AI will Shape the Future of Email


This episode explores the revolutionizing potential of AI in email communication. It delves into the challenges faced by existing email clients like Gmail and highlights the value and governance of email as a decentralized communication system. The episode also discusses the development of an AI-powered email assistant that leverages advanced search infrastructure and conversational bots. Optimization techniques for efficient AI systems are explored, along with exciting future developments in the field.

The Gradient: Perspectives on AI

Thu Mar 28 2024

Joss Fong: Videomaking, AI, and Science Communication

science journalismvideo productionAIbeauty culturetechnology

The episode explores the challenges and evolution of science journalism in the digital age. It discusses the importance of effective communication of scientific concepts through videos, the transition from writing to video production, and the impact of storytelling in explainer journalism. The episode also delves into the role of AI in beauty culture, ethical considerations in technology, and the need for responsible journalism in understanding new technologies. It concludes with insights on maintaining authenticity in journalism and adding clarity and creativity to digital platforms.

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