Bryce Paul, acclaimed author of 'Crypto Revolution'—with over 100,000 copies sold and a foreword by ABC Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington—teams up with Brendan Viehman on this podcast. Viehman, a crypto seer since 2012, has accurately pinpointed major market shifts, secured major returns on Ethereum, Cardano, and Chainlink, and is recognized as a top 15 crypto YouTuber by Coin Bureau. Together, they cater to a community of hundreds of thousands of retail investors, aiming to bring the world's leading crypto experts to their listeners. The podcast's mission: to equip these retail investors with the insights they need for massive crypto success!


Thu Jun 13 2024

Crypto Rundown: Inside The Newest AI Crypto "ASI Coin"

AIDecentralized AIMergerToken Swap

This episode features an interview with Hugh Mayan shake, the CEO of fetch AI, discussing the merger between Fetch AI, SingularityNet (AGIX), and Ocean Protocol. The launch date for the ASI token has been changed to July 15th, 2024. The merger aims to provide a viable alternative to centralized AI technology and create real-world applications for decentralized AI. The tech stack combines Fetch AI's focus on use cases and applications with SingularityNet's AI models and Ocean Protocol's data handling capabilities. Decentralized AI offers specialist AI models that can interact with other machine learning models. The merger decision was community-driven, with votes from token holders. The token swap process will involve a rename and network upgrade for Fetch AI.


Tue Jun 11 2024

Ep. 605 Own Your Data in the Future of AI w/ Sahara Labs AI

AIBlockchainData MarketplaceCrypto Infrastructure

The episode discusses Professor Sean Ren's journey into AI and blockchain, the use of blockchain to realign incentives in the AI economy, addressing privacy concerns with Sahara AI, the future of crypto infrastructure with AI, launching the Sahara data marketplace, and upcoming launches in Thunderrope. The conversation emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the crypto and AI communities.


Thu Jun 06 2024

Crypto Rundown: The Top Preforming Crypto Sectors of 2024

Crypto MarketBitcoinEthereumAltcoinsMeme Coins

The episode covers various aspects of the crypto market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum reaching all-time highs, altcoin market trends, performance of different crypto verticals, growth potential for Ethereum-based projects, discussion on GME exposure and market manipulation, and growing interest in crypto technology. Key insights include the potential for altcoin season, the performance of meme coins, and the impact of Ethereum ETFs on the ecosystem.


Tue Jun 04 2024

Ep. 604 Advancing Bitcoin Mining Post Halving with Gryphon Digital Mining

BitcoinMiningEfficiencyCostsHalving Cycles

This episode explores various aspects of Bitcoin mining, including its connection to traditional mining, the importance of efficiency and operational issues, the impact of location and mining costs, the role of halving cycles and the fee market, the debate between proof of stake and proof of work, and key players in the industry.


Thu May 30 2024

Crypto Rundown: Why US Politics Are ALL IN On Crypto

CryptocurrencyPolitical SpectrumUS GovernmentEthereum ETFsCrypto Regulation

This episode discusses the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency on the political spectrum, major bills passed in the US government, approval of Ethereum ETFs, positive crypto regulation, and potential buying opportunities in the market.


Tue May 28 2024

Ep. 603 Scaling Base For The Onchain World with Jesse Pollack

BlockchainEthereumLayer Two SolutionsScalabilityCrypto Innovation

This episode explores Base, a layer two scaling solution on top of Ethereum that aims to reduce transaction costs and improve scalability. It discusses the growth of Ethereum, the benefits of smart wallets and on-chain transactions, the adoption of layer two solutions by institutions, and Base's role in driving innovation. The episode also highlights opportunities for builders and advocates for crypto innovation.


Thu May 23 2024

Crypto Rundown: The Ethereum ETF Is Coming

Ethereum ETFsCryptocurrency MarketStaking and CentralizationPrice Surge and Bitcoin DominancePotential Gains and Price Predictions

The podcast discusses the potential approval of Ethereum ETFs, causing excitement in the cryptocurrency market. There is a sudden shift from a 25% chance to a 75% chance of approval, with a deadline approaching. The recent surge in Ethereum's price has impacted Bitcoin dominance and could potentially lead to an altcoin season. Staking has been removed from the new updated filings for Ethereum ETFs, potentially due to SEC regulations and concerns about security laws. Ethereum's price surged significantly, reaching around $3850 with positive technical indicators like breaking out of falling wedge and downtrend. Cryptos associated with Ethereum surged in response to ETF news impacting Ethereum and its applications. Many prominent institutions and individuals are disclosing their Bitcoin exposure through 13F filings. The crypto space is becoming a big political issue with both sides of the political parties discussing it. A significant portion of Bitcoin reserves has been lost by a company due to outflows, raising concerns about similar outcomes with Ethereum ETFs.


Tue May 21 2024

Ep. 602 An Insider's Guide to Crypto Derivatives with SwapGlobal

Crypto OptionsDerivativesDecentralized DerivativesCrypto TradingMarket Dynamics

The podcast episode features a discussion with Yev Feldman, the co-founder of SWAP Global, about crypto options and derivatives. Topics covered include the growth and challenges of decentralized derivatives in crypto, opportunities in crypto and options trading, challenges and potential of crypto derivatives, understanding market dynamics in crypto, balancing fundamental and technical analysis, evolution of trading practices in crypto, and the future outlook for cryptocurrencies.


Thu May 16 2024

Crypto Rundown: Bitcoin Breakout & The Correlation of Gamestop & Crypto

Crypto Market AnalysisBitcoin Price MovementAltcoin ReboundMarket AnalysisInstitutional Adoption

The episode provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the crypto market. It covers Bitcoin's price movement, potential breakouts, altcoin performance, and the impact of political and regulatory factors. The episode also discusses the rise of Bitcoin ETFs, institutional adoption, and speculations about influential figures changing their stance on crypto. The comparison between GameStop and crypto markets is explored, highlighting the differences in behavior. Overall, the episode offers insights into market trends and potential opportunities for retail investors.


Tue May 14 2024

Ep. 601 The Future of AI and Decentralization: Insights from Fetch AI's CEO Humayun Sheikh

AIBlockchainCommercializationMerging Technologies

This episode explores the impact of AI on everyday life, the future of AI and blockchain, commercialization and future developments, and merging technologies and communities. Advancements in AI are changing software development and marketplace structures, with expectations of significant impact on various aspects of life. Decentralization facilitated by AI tools is transforming information search, connectivity, and decision-making processes. The combination of blockchain technology and AI has the potential to revolutionize applications in the web 3 model. Commercialization is crucial for technology to generate economic value and scale, while future developments in AI will focus on actions and automation. The merger of AI projects aims to pool resources for real-world applications while maintaining decentralization, with regulatory considerations playing a significant role in the process. Companies are also merging their tokens to build vertically integrated application stacks, emphasizing community voting and governance mechanisms. Balancing logic and emotion is essential in navigating the complexities of merging technologies and communities.

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