The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Welcome to The Game w/Alex Hormozi, hosted by entrepreneur, founder, investor, author, public speaker, and content creator Alex Hormozi. On this podcast you’ll hear how to get more customers, make more profit per customer, how to keep them longer, and the many failures and lessons Alex has learned on his path from $100M to $1B in net worth.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Wed Jun 12 2024

How to Recover From Huge Mistakes in Business | Ep 723

businesscustomer servicemistakescompensation

The episode discusses the importance of handling mistakes in business and provides insights on how to rectify errors effectively. It emphasizes the need to go above and beyond in customer service, validate customers' feelings, and empower employees to take ownership of their mistakes. Additionally, it explores the concept of turning negative experiences into positive ones and offers strategies for compensation and resolution.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Mon Jun 10 2024

This Idea Will Make Your Business Unstoppable | Ep 722


This episode explores the importance of preparation for success in various fields such as sales, marketing, content creation, and customer success. It highlights the strategies and key insights for effective preparation and performance. The episode emphasizes the need for dedication, efficient resource allocation, and repetition in achieving success. It also discusses the level of preparation required in different situations and provides tips for optimizing performance through preparation.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Fri Jun 07 2024

How 1 Woman Turned 5800 Followers into $1 Million Per Year | Ep 721

content creationniche contentengaged audiencebusiness metrics

This episode explores the importance of choosing the right topics for content creation and the power of niche content. It shares the story of a registered dietitian who generates significant income through her small but engaged audience. The episode also highlights the pitfalls of chasing vanity metrics and emphasizes the value of focusing on business content.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Wed Jun 05 2024

What to Do When People Shamelessly Steal Your Stuff [Hint: Get Over It] | Ep 720


This episode explores the concept of competition in business and challenges the idea of owning ideas or content. It emphasizes the importance of embracing competition, understanding that no one owns truth or ideas, and focusing on customers rather than competitors. The episode highlights the futility of thought ownership and encourages businesses to beat copycats by outgrowing them through advertising and growth. It concludes by emphasizing the positive role of competition in driving innovation and improvement.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Mon Jun 03 2024

You're Not Behind: My System for Outlearning Everyone | Ep 719

competencegift card strategymindsetpersonal growthskills

The episode explores the levels of competence and their application in different business domains. It discusses the importance of following correct steps in a failed gift card strategy and the mindset of individuals who believe they are exceptions to success. The podcast also highlights the significance of achieving results, personal growth, and the role of skills and meta skills for success. Additionally, it emphasizes learning from successful people and the importance of execution in the learning process.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Fri May 31 2024

The Ultra Rich Playbook [Legal and Tax-Free] | Ep 718

wealth accumulationwealth generation$10 million goalsuccess in wealth generation

This episode explores strategies for wealth accumulation, different approaches to wealth generation, strategies for achieving a $10 million goal, factors influencing wealth accumulation, and tips for success in wealth generation.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Wed May 29 2024

This is How to Deal with Haters | Ep 717

dealing with hatehandling negativityignoring attacksagreeing with attacksone-upping attackers

This episode explores strategies for dealing with hate, negativity, and attacks in business and personal life. The host shares personal experiences and provides tactical approaches to handling insults, lies, and attacks on reputation. The importance of ignoring, agreeing, and one-upping as response options is emphasized, along with the power of focusing on delivering value and amplifying one's own message. The episode concludes with insights on the nature of hate and the role it plays in success.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Mon May 27 2024

What It Really Takes to Grow Your Business | Ep 716


This episode explores the importance of understanding the true nature of your business, effectively communicating unique selling points, talent management, solving big problems, commitment, perseverance, and facing challenges head-on. It emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to stay focused on their current business and confront obstacles to achieve long-term success.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Fri May 24 2024

Why Hard Work Beats Happiness Every Time | Ep 715

skill improvementhappinesshard workmasterygoal pursuit

This episode explores the importance of identifying the input/output equation for skill improvement, the fallacy of chasing happiness, the value of hard work, the journey to mastery, and the rewards of pursuing goals. It emphasizes the need for self-improvement, service to others, and dedication to continuous improvement.

The Game w/ Alex Hormozi

Wed May 22 2024

How Loving the Work Fuels Unstoppable Success | Ep 714

goal-settinghard workhappinessmotivationsuccess

This episode explores the importance of setting goals, the rewards of hard work, the fallacy of pursuing happiness, the role of deprivation and motivation, the different paths to victory, the work as the goal, and the fallacy of work-life balance. It emphasizes the value of challenging oneself, finding joy in the process, and focusing on meaningful work. The episode encourages listeners to prioritize their goals and embrace hard work as a means to personal growth and fulfillment.

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