Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast

Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast

The metal podcast by Invisible Oranges, the metal blog. Features a rotating selection of hosts that go in-depth on heavy metal music, culture, and art.

Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast

Thu Aug 03 2023

Episode 26: Interview with Lunar Chamber

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Lunar Chamber is a band formed in 2018, aiming to create a heavier sound than their previous work. They draw inspiration from various bands and explore esoteric and spiritual themes. The band released an EP on 20 Buck Spin and plans to continue working with the label. They have upcoming live shows and are currently writing a full-length album. The new material will have influences from doom, ambient music, and black metal. Lunar Chamber expresses gratitude for the support they have received.

Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast

Wed May 31 2023

Episode 24: Tenhi’s ”Valkama” and the Passage of Time

  • Hosted by Jonathan Rosenthal and Ted Newbell, with guest host Nathaniel from Musk Ox and Tiko and Ilmari from the band Tenhi.
  • The podcast discusses Tenhi's new album "Valkama" and their unique process of making music where albums float on top of each other.
  • Took a long time to create, capturing the essence of all their previous albums while remaining unique.
  • Features more present vocals and lead instruments compared to previous al...

Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast

Mon May 15 2023

Episode 23: Dungeon Synth and Sportswave with Vaelastrasz’s Min Naing

  • Hosted by John Rosenthal and Ted Newble, joined by Captain Carbon.
  • Their guest is Dungeons and Thars YouTuber Vailastros, also known as an artist and semi-retired shit poster.
  • Vailastros' 2014 album "Sponsored Athletics" was inspired by a thread on the 4chan music board about hypothetical music genres.
  • The album features slowed down video game songs layered over reverb broadcasts of old NFL games, interspersed with ambient music a...

Screaming Bloody Oranges: The Invisible Oranges Podcast

Tue May 02 2023

Episode 22: Nu-Metal and Neocrust with Memorrhage’s Garry Brents

  • Gary Brents has had a diverse range of music projects, including black metal, post-rock, and new metal. He incorporates jazz aspects into his playing.
  • The guest discusses their experience with funky bass noodling and how it influences their playing in Memoryage, a new metal project. They also talk about the influence of Korn's Fieldy and rediscovering new metal through a Woodstock documentary.
  • Social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram, has influenced the speaker's taste in music and...