The Problem With Jon Stewart

The Problem With Jon Stewart

The issues we tackle on The Problem With Jon Stewart are Too Big for TV™—so they spill over into the brilliantly titled The Problem With Jon Stewart podcast. Jon is joined by the staff and expert guests for nuanced discussions, updates on action items, and airing of grievances from writers over jokes that didn’t make the show. The Problem With Jon Stewart is an Apple TV+ podcast produced by Busboy Productions.

The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wed Apr 05 2023

The Trump Indictment and Who We Think Deserves Prosecution

  • The justice system in America has a two-tiered approach, with some individuals being held accountable while others are not.
  • Wage theft is a significant problem, with over $40 billion lost compared to $340 million lost to robbery.
  • Deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) have become the standard way of prosecuting corporate crimes, leading to a lack of accountability for individuals.
  • The lack of accountability in the financial industry has led to explicit fraud and foreclosures, resulting i...

The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wed Mar 29 2023

Rethinking Crime and Punishment With San Francisco’s Mayor

  • Bobby Slatonist was a famous comedian from San Francisco who took the speaker as his opening act in New York.

  • The podcast features John Stewart, London Brie, and writers Chris and Jimovich discussing various topics such as cancel culture and indictments, as well as Kanye West's opinions on Hitler and Pete Davidson.

  • The area around the courthouse is barricaded and filled with reporters, making it difficult for people to get to work. The hosts discuss the possibility of Donald Trump being i...

The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wed Mar 15 2023

Making Cents of SVB’s Collapse With Mark Cuban and Sheila Bair

  • The FDIC was created during the Great Depression to prevent bank runs and still exists today to backstop deposits.
  • Silicon Valley Bank's high percentage of uninsured deposits was a risk that ultimately led to its collapse.
  • The rollback of liquidity goals for banks between $50 billion and $250 billion in 2018 was a mistake, and normal regulation is difficult for these banks to undertake.
  • Dodd-Frank and Glass-Steagall were put in place to prevent situations like Silicon Valley Bank's failu...

The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wed Mar 08 2023

London Edition: Satire in the Age of Murdoch and Trump

  • The hosts interview Ian Hislop at the offices of Private Eye magazine in London about his running of the magazine and British politics.

  • Rupert Murdoch's influence on media and politics is discussed, including his failed attempt to set up Talk TV in Britain and the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

  • UK leaders like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are following a similar playbook, leading to concerns about a world where corruption goes unpunished.

  • Boris Johnson was removed from offic...

The Problem With Jon Stewart

Wed Mar 01 2023

Group Therapy: Talking WWIII, Lab Leaks, and Pedro Pascal

  • The hosts discuss upcoming topics for their show, including crime and guns, and criticize the lack of curiosity in the news media.
  • They highlight the need for stricter gun regulations across the country and express concern about the abundance of guns leading to domestic disputes and endangering law enforcement.
  • The escalating tension with China is a cause for concern, and there is an inability to discuss important issues without falling into political allegiances.
  • The media's weaponizati...