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Thu Jun 20 2024

The MetaDEX: Aerodrome & Velodrome Explained | Ace & Alexander

Ethereum L2sMeta-dexesLiquidity providersPermissionless eventCompetition with Uniswap

The episode covers the success of focusing on Ethereum L2s, partnerships with Belladrome and Aerodrome, liquidity providers on Uniswap v3, the Permissionless event and partnerships, competition with Uniswap, Velodrome's super chain vision, Optimism's role in Ethereum L2 space, success of Base team and Optimism governance, and Base Team's commitment to Ethereum's vision.


Wed Jun 19 2024

Does Crypto Have Any Real Users? | Analyst Round Table

App Store GamesMarket ActivitiesFee GenerationDeFi EcosystemNIR Chain

This episode covers various topics including observations on app store games and market activities, fee generation in the DeFi ecosystem, challenges faced by Ethereum, infrastructure development, competition in the cryptocurrency sector, Celestia as a potential solution, Angle Protocol and on-chain gaming, DeFi and on-chain gaming narratives, building on-chain games, and determining product quality and liquidity in DeFi.


Thu Jun 13 2024

Inside Hyperliquid's Onchain Perp DEX Vision | Jeff Yan

Decentralized ExchangeL1 InfrastructureHyperBFT ConsensusEVM IntegrationNative Token

The episode discusses the innovation and advantages of a decentralized exchange (DEX) compared to centralized exchanges like Binance. It explores the creation of a vault primitive on the L1, the meticulously designed bridging experience on Hyperliquid, and the shift towards extending the L1 infrastructure. The episode also delves into the HyperLiqu1 team's approach to keeping everything on chain using HyperBFT consensus mechanism. It highlights the integration of NIDI VVM in HAPA-LQL1 and Hyper Liquid's aim to enable atomically composed chains. The episode concludes with insights on Hyper Liquid's success, long-term vision, and focus on innovation.


Wed Jun 12 2024

Making Sense of Crypto's Sentiment & Fundamentals | Analyst Round Table

Crypto MarketEthereumBTCSolana DeFiToken Launch

This episode covers various topics in the crypto space, including insights into the crypto market, Ethereum and BTC analysis, Solana DeFi challenges, token launches, decentralized exchanges, celebrities launching tokens, new platforms, Telegram's TON ecosystem, Coinbase's impact, and efforts to enhance user experience in the BTC ecosystem.


Wed Jun 05 2024

The Search for Reasonably Priced Tokens | Analyst Round Table

BlockchainGamingPrediction MarketsLiquidity Transport ProtocolSolana

This episode covers various topics including an incident on the Linnea protocol, the allocation of funds for gaming in crypto, slow adoption of blockchain in gaming, prediction markets on chain, Polymarket and Stargate liquidity transport protocol, Stargate V2 and Hydra bridging service, valuation and attention in Solana projects, Solana's success in DeFi and Vertex Edge, and Vertex Edge and Hyperliquids.


Wed Jun 05 2024

The Modular Integration Spectrum | Keone & Zon

modular blockchain designblockchain scalabilityinteroperabilitydecentralizationcommunity building

This episode explores the concept of modular blockchain design and its benefits. Industry leaders discuss the debate between modular and integrated blockchains, highlighting platforms like Monad and Anisha. Building on Monad offers scalability, complexity, security, portability, access to existing libraries, and applied cryptography research. Anisha focuses on empowering users to own their own blockchain within the ecosystem. The episode also covers topics such as scalability, composability, interoperability, decentralization considerations, layer two solutions, and community building.


Thu May 30 2024

Magic Eden's Contrarian Strategy to NFT Trading | Zhuoxun Yin

Magic EdenNFT MarketplacesBitcoinEthereumSolana

The episode discusses Magic Eden's decision to start on Solana, challenges of launching support for Bitcoin, building infrastructure and collaboration, expanding to other chains and EVM L1s, layer 2 solutions and multi-chain wallet, maximizing user experience and future plans, and NFT market cycles and the future of Magic Eden.


Wed May 29 2024

CMT Digital's Guide to DeFi in 2024 | Matt & Aryan

Crypto MarketRetail InvestorsDeFi OpportunitiesAPRSUSDE Product

This episode covers various topics in the crypto market, including retail investors' opportunities in DeFi, APR for SUSDE product, economic value and supply dynamics in DeFi, real-world assets in DeFi space, liquidity transport protocol, enhanced staking rewards, restaking projects, NIR Foundation's potential roles, token launches, and AO's storage capabilities.


Thu May 23 2024

Inside Eigenlayer's Vision for Decentralized Security | Sreeram Kannan

EigenlayerDecentralized TrustSlashingIntersubjective TruthForking

This episode explores the Eigenlayer protocol and its mainnet launch. It covers topics such as decentralized trust, slashing, intersubjective truth, forking, cost of social consensus, attributable security, staking, validator bonds, flexible crypto economics, and milestones in deployment. The Eigenlayer ecosystem aims to enable arbitrary decentralized protocols and provide decentralized trust for validated protocols. The protocol introduces the Eigen token for intersubjective slashing and handles faults by requiring a majority of nodes to be bad. Forking is implemented at the application layer to avoid chaos in the blockchain. Metering the cost of social consensus helps prevent forking incidents. Shared security in Eigenlayer reduces the need for separate insurances. The episode also discusses the importance of property isolation, compensation through slashing and redistribution, proof of solvency, security budgeting, and trust mechanisms between stakers and operators. Eigenlayer allows for open innovation and post-market bundling of services. The next milestones include payments and slashing, with a focus on market structure and feedback adaptation.


Wed May 22 2024

The End of NFT Scarcity | Analyst Round Table

CryptoOn-chain GamingNFT CommunitiesTokenization of AssetsMeme Coin Super Cycle

This episode covers various topics in the crypto space including on-chain gaming, NFT communities, tokenization of assets, and the meme coin super cycle. It explores projects like Rugged.Fun, Fantasy.top, Parallel, and Rock-Dot-Fun. The discussion highlights the challenges and potential of these projects, as well as the shift towards simpler NFTs and tokenization in traditional finance. The episode also touches on the dispersion of liquidity in meme coins and the cautionary outlook on their potential heights.

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