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Wed Aug 09 2023

Ethena Labs: Enabling the Internet Bond | Guy & Conor

StablecoinsGMX V2Market AnalysisCompetitionCoinbase

This episode covers various topics including stablecoins, GMX V2, market analysis, competition, Coinbase, PayPal, Ethereum adoption, Arbitrum's Bold dispute protocol, decentralized stablecoins, Athena, USDE protocol, risk management, yield in stablecoins, product strategy, liquidity, security, insurance fund, design decisions, transparency, insurance fund and L2 strategy.


Wed Aug 02 2023

Curve Armageddon, Base Chain BALD Memecoin, and Solana DEX Innovation | Eugene Chen (Ellipsis Labs)

DeFiCurve exploitVulnerabilityYield chasingMEV bots

A comprehensive summary of the episode covering topics such as the Curve exploit, concerns about DeFi vulnerability, safety concerns and yield chasing in DeFi, Maker and Coinbase's L2 base, composability and meme coin speculation, Curve exploit and DeFi development, cross-chain MEV and liquidity, MEV challenges and limit order books, price discrepancies and off-chain operations, off-chain systems and liquidity providers, interest rates and MEV reduction, Fire Dancer and adoption challenges, and a conclusion with research interests.


Wed Jul 26 2023

Centralized Builders Bull Case, Bear Market Conference, zkEVM Problems | EthCC Reflection

EthereumLayer 2Infrastructure TokensApp DevelopmentArbertrum

The episode covers the growing acceptance of centralized sequencing in Ethereum, the challenges of infrastructure tokens and app development, building on Arbertrum and interoperability, interop challenges and Layer 2 solutions, simplifying transaction execution and centralized sequencers, migrating to Layer 2 and centralized sequencers, creating base roll-ups and Eigenlayer, long-term solutions and institutional adoption, institutional players and liquid staking, programmable equity and institutional adoption, KYC-DEL2s and privacy solutions.


Thu Jul 20 2023

Solana Defi 2.0: The Comeback | Jarry Xiao, Lucas Bruder, MacBrennan Peet

SolanaDeFiCryptoLiquidityToken Incentives

Crypto true limiters abstract away L1 information from users. Appealing to immediate users is crucial for L1 adoption. Solana's DeFi ecosystem is experiencing explosive growth in TVL. Teams like Jito, Ellipsis, and Margin Labs are hitting inflection points with their products. Solana has a high number of daily active users and liquidity waiting for opportunities. Risk management is a key focus for handling the current liquidity bottleneck. Jito Soul has experienced significant growth due to Solana DeFi narrative and partnerships with other protocols. Points systems developed by Margin Labs, Cipher, and others contribute to the growth of Solana DeFi. Points systems have advantages and controversies surrounding them.


Wed Jul 19 2023

How LayerZero Seamlessly Connects Blockchains | Bryan Pellegrino

Zero X Research podcastPolygonL2sRetail attentionMKR

Zero X Research podcast episode featuring Brian Pellegrino, co-founder and CEO of Layer Zero Labs. TVML and Cosmo's ecosystem are converging on Ethereum for liquidity. Protocol teams may prefer to do programmatic sales on centralized exchanges rather than DEXs for better verification of KYC user base. Retail attention is returning to the crypto market. Effort Capital predicts that MKR will be a top 10 asset by market cap in the next few years. Avi doesn't deserve to be at the band that we should add words at. Layer zero is designed to provide a flexible and modular security system for large applications. Layer zero and IBC are interesting concepts for moving state data between chains. Layers are like isolated execution environments with strong trade-offs. The speaker is not concerned with determining the exact number of volume on the bridge, but rather focuses on building a bridge with maximum utility. V2 aims to incentivize liquidity and reduce gas emissions on the Stargate platform. The goal should be to capture as much surface of fees as possible in an efficient manner. OFT is a contract structure that turns control of assets back to the end creator, avoiding delegation to third parties. Operating with veto rights allows for maintaining external security while having control over messages


Mon Jul 17 2023

The Reboot | Uncommon Core 2.0 with Hasu and Jon Charbonneau


The episode explores various aspects of crypto, including the role of writing as a learning tool, understanding the workflow in crypto, deep diving into research, MEV and roll-ups, challenges in roll-up governance, decentralization and governance in roll-ups, centralized and decentralized sequences in roll-ups, proof of stake and governance in roll-ups, liquid staking and roll-up governance, governance of the super chain in roll-ups, and roll-up governance considerations.


Wed Jul 12 2023

JitoSol: Building Solana's Hot Seat DeFi Moment | Lucas Bruder (Buffalu)

SolanaArkham IntelligenceMEV ExtractionLiquid StakingBlockchain

This episode covers a range of topics including Solana's trade-offs between decentralization and ease of use, the launch of Arkham Intelligence's on-chain intelligence exchange, MEV extraction and liquid staking on Solana, and the future developments and advantages of Solana. The episode also explores the challenges and opportunities in liquid staking, the user experience and integration on Solana, and the market dynamics of MEV on Ethereum and Solana.


Wed Jul 05 2023

How Osmosis Could Become Cosmos' DeFi Hub | Sunny Aggarwal

Hub Development Team's ICSDEX ArchitectureGovernance UpdatesCollateral ListingsFDV Compression

This comprehensive summary covers various topics including the design of the hub development team's ICS, interesting developments in the DEX architecture by Osmosis, notable governance updates from Curve, Ave, and BitDow, the listing of Wrapped Bitcoin and Ethereum as approved collateral by Curve, the ongoing migration to Mantle by BitDow, the potential compression of FDV due to reduced emissions in DeFi tokens, the PR disaster faced by Azuki Dao and their recovery efforts, the potential case against bit.dao for misleading marketing, Coinbase's position with ETF applications and the SEC's active lawsuit against them, the requirements for spot ETFs and the uncertainty surrounding their approval, the aim of Superstate to bridge traditional markets and blockchain ecosystems, the change in Compound Labs CEO and its implications, the potential of CD5 and DeFi opportunities, the building of a decentralized exchange called Osmosis and its collaboration with other projects, the development of a decentralized stablecoin by Membrane and its use cases, the capture of MEV in Osmosis and its impact on revenue distribution, the introduction of a protocol fee in Osmosis for self-sustainability, the importance of capital efficiency in providing liquidity on Osmosis, the different strategies for market making on Osmosis including active and passive approaches, the challenges in discriminating against toxic flow in market making due to privacy concerns, the competition among different decks and primitives in Cosmos, Osmosis's competition with Coinbase and its focus on decentralized retail trading experience, the duality proposal and its potential impact on security and economics, the role of validators in different chains and the dominance of staking derivatives in proof of stake systems, the potential options for liquid staking including native liquid state within chains or DeFi protocols becoming their own liquid-staking providers, and the extension of ABCI protocol through ABCI++ enabling various functionalities. The summary also provides information on specific projects and initiatives within Osmosis such as Mars, Levana, OMX, IBCX, Calc, StreamSwap, Pronelev, and Anker in Terrap.


Thu Jun 29 2023

Are Hyperchains The Scaling End Game? | Alex Gluchowski, Anthony Rose

  • ZK Stack is an interoperable modular solution for building L2s and L3s based on Ethereum.
  • The ZK Stack provides an out-of-the-box interoperability solution called hyperbridges.
  • Hyperbridges enable seamless and trustless bridging between different hyperchains using shared prover technology....


Wed Jun 28 2023

Ambient: Building The On-Chain Venue for Price Discovery | Doug Colkitt

  • A proposal has been made to turn the current polygon proof of stake chain into a Validium, which would increase scalability and lower transaction fees but sacrifice security and censorship resistance.
  • The proposal lacks details on how the data availability layer would be managed.
  • Switching to a Validium could solve issues with reorgs on the proof of stake chain, but there are concerns about centralized power and lack of transparency....
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