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Wed Aug 09 2023

Multichain’s China situation could take more than a year to play out

Multi-chainPhantomBridgesDecentralizationReputational Damage

Multi-chain ceases operations as CEO and sister are detained in China with $220 million of funds. Phantom's involvement leads to reputational damage. Efforts made to track down frozen assets and solve multi-chain situation. Challenges of bridges and decentralization discussed. Bridging technology and security properties explored. Efforts to drop multi-chain case and form consortium.

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Mon Aug 07 2023

Here's how a 'ghost' whale is shaping the crypto options market

options marketcryptoplatformsmarket makerstraders

This episode features a discussion on the current state of the options market in crypto. The conversation covers major players in the market, including platforms, market makers, and traders. It explores the challenges and opportunities in the options market, as well as future outlook and innovations in settlement and prime brokerage. The episode also highlights the importance of relationship management and trust-building in trading desks. Overall, it provides insights into the dynamics of the options market and its potential for leveraging strategies.

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Thu Aug 03 2023

Worldcoin co-founder Alex Blania talks about orbs, AI and aliens

Identity VerificationCypherpunkToken LaunchInternetAI

Rockcoin and World Coin are two projects aiming to revolutionize identity verification on the internet. Rockcoin offers a cypherpunk alternative to traditional methods, while World Coin focuses on providing a foundational proof of human identity. The token launches of both projects have exceeded expectations, with plans for expansion and integration. The future of the internet is expected to see significant changes, including the use of AI and neural networks. World Coin's world ID could have applications in gaming and metaverses. Additionally, biotech and gene tech with deep learning are areas of interest for Alex.

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Wed Aug 02 2023

A handshake agreement has kept DeFi from toppling, for now

CryptoDeFiRug PullCurveLending Protocols

The episode discusses the embarrassing rug pull incident involving the 'Bald' meme coin and its connections to Sam Bankman-Fried. It also covers the issues faced by Curve and its lending protocols, as well as the challenges in the DeFi industry.

The Scoop

Mon Jul 31 2023

This VC thinks we’re in the 'best bear market of all-time'

Market SentimentDecentralized Social NetworksGamingBitcoin

The episode discusses the current market sentiment, the shift in investor behavior, and the potential opportunities in decentralized social networks, gaming, and Bitcoin. It highlights the importance of quality projects in bear markets and the advantage of experienced crypto founders. The impact of Larry Fink's changing attitude towards crypto is explored, along with advancements in zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) technology. The episode concludes with insights into the potential renaissance of Bitcoin.

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Wed Jul 26 2023

EthCC Paris: Celo contributor explains move to Eth L2 and why 'thousands' of chains will follow suit

blockchainmobile appsEthereumscalabilitygas fees

Stella is an EVM compatible layer one blockchain that aims to make building easy-to-use mobile apps on top of Ethereum easier. Celo's origin story began with the attempt to build a user-friendly mobile wallet similar to Venmo on top of Ethereum, but it proved challenging due to scalability issues and the need for gas fees. To address these challenges, Celo created an efficient consensus protocol, enabled payment for gas with tokens natively on the platform, added the ability to send value to phone numbers, and developed a ZK snark-based client for easy chain syncing on mobile phones. The combination of these features allows developers to build user-friendly mobile apps on Celo. The market was not ready for Celo's global Venmo-like product initially due to challenges with on and off-ramps for cashing in and out of crypto. Celo has launched FIA Connect, an open API standard that facilitates communication between wallets and on/off-ramp companies, making it easier for wallets to integrate with multiple providers globally. The goal is to create a more compelling experience for receiving payments into crypto wallets by improving accessibility and usability. When Celo first started in 2018, there were no roll-ups or clear roadmap for scalability solutions like Ethereum's roll-up technology. Building a layer one blockchain was seen as necessary at the time.

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Tue Jul 25 2023

EthCC Paris: Inside Coinbase’s plan to build an Ethereum Layer 2

Crypto ConferenceBuilding on EthereumApplications with Sticking PowerTechnical Challenges for BaseReducing Fees on Ethereum

The episode covers the crypto conference, building on Ethereum, applications with sticking power, technical challenges for Base, reducing fees on Ethereum, and addressing scalability issues.

The Scoop

Tue Jul 25 2023

EthCC Paris: Wildcat protocol, court interventions in DeFi, and grey hat hackers with Laurence Day

Crypto Credit MarketAlex Mchinsky's ChargesECC ConferenceBlockchain TechnologySmart Contracts

The episode covers various topics including Lawrence Day's work on Wildcat, the crypto credit market, Alex Mchinsky's charges at Celsius, the ECC conference, blockchain technology and public policy, and smart contracts in English law. The discussions touch on regulatory acceptance of crypto, interest rate benchmarks, transparency in DeFi lending, recent collapses of hedge funds, Alex Mchinsky's charges and demeanor, the focus of the ECC conference on blockchain-level development, Uniswap X as an improvement over Cow Swap, OASIS seeking an injunction after the wormhole hack, public policy considerations for blockchain technology, consequences for exploiters, investment in white hackers, formal verification challenges, and academic interest in ZK technology and smart contracts.

The Scoop

Fri Jul 21 2023

a16z's Brian Quintenz: Congress must provide clarity where the SEC won't

Crypto IndustryRegulatory ClarityDecentralizationNo Action LettersExemptive Relief

The episode discusses the lack of regulatory clarity in the crypto industry, challenges faced by founders, and the involvement of Congress in defining regulations. It explores the concept of securities, the importance of decentralization, and the potential benefits of implementing a web3 version of the Howie test. The use of no action letters and exemptive relief is examined, along with concerns about special purpose broker dealers. The chapter also covers policy pillars, global interactions, Chinese walls in investment banks, legislative frameworks, and the impact on foreign policy and national security.

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Mon Jul 17 2023

How AI can breathe fresh life into Web3 gaming

Venture CapitalWeb3CryptoGamingPartnership

Venture capital investments in web 3 and crypto are down, but the quality of projects and innovation being presented to investors is increasing. The gaming industry has also experienced a decline in volume, but Q1 was still active. Partnership between LightSpeed and Faction VC allows them to compete for deals more effectively. Web3 game studios have the potential for multi-billion dollar empires. Blockchain adoption in game studios is more likely for spinouts from big studios. Crypto play-to-earn games and in-game monetization are evolving. Monetization and AI are becoming core components of gaming. Seeding the economy and the future of gaming are important considerations.

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