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Welcome to The Scoop, The Block's flagship podcast covering finance and technology industries through unmatched interviews with top thought leaders, cultural icons and industry veterans. The Block’s Frank Chaparro hosts new guests every week, diving into breaking news and topics ranging from NFTs, to the impact of DeFi on Wall Street, to Bitcoin's role in the economy and beyond.

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Tue Jun 18 2024

Stablecoins will keep winning because they are a 'fundamentally better product'

InvestingStablecoinsUSD HegemonyCryptocurrency Industry

The episode discusses the importance of taking a top-down framework when investing in a liquid fund. It explores the profit opportunity and innovation in stablecoins, as well as their impact on USD hegemony and financial inclusion. The factors driving change in the cryptocurrency industry are also examined.

The Scoop

Sat Jun 15 2024

How Lens Network is leveraging zkSync's tech

social mediacryptoscalabilitysecuritydecentralization

This episode explores the future of social media and crypto, focusing on scalability, security, and decentralization. It discusses the importance of on-chain podcasts and blockchain technology for non-financial use cases. The episode also delves into the different security and scalability requirements for financial and social transactions. Validium and ZK roll-ups are highlighted as solutions for low-cost and high-frequency payment transactions. Lens protocol is introduced as a multi-chain network for decentralized social spaces, prioritizing user governance and privacy features.

The Scoop

Tue Jun 11 2024

Financial advisors in the US are warming up to Bitcoin

CryptocurrencyFinancial AdvisorsBitcoinPortfolio Construction

Financial advisors are recognizing the significance of cryptocurrencies and considering their inclusion in portfolios. However, there is a disconnect between the crypto community and advisors, which can be bridged by providing clear benefits and data-driven insights. Advisors are cautious about recommending crypto investments but are open to ideas that serve their clients' best interests. Factors considered by advisors include relationships with providers, fees, and compliance with regulations. The traditional portfolio construction is shifting to include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Experienced advisors struggle with understanding Bitcoin's value but are realizing the need to change their approach. A course is available to help new staff understand the advisory marketplace.

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Thu Jun 06 2024

Wall Street should market Ethereum as the crypto 'app store'

CryptoRegulationEthereumWashington PoliticsETFs

This episode covers various topics related to the crypto industry, including regulatory clarity around Ethereum, crypto's importance in Washington politics, Ethereum ETF approval and its market impact, the investment potential of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin, developments in Polkadot and Len's Protocol, challenges and opportunities in crypto investments, starting funds in the crypto space, and challenges faced by funds in trading digital assets.

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Tue Jun 04 2024

Crypto's political paradigm shift

CryptocurrencyAmerican Politics

The episode explores the growing importance of cryptocurrency in American politics. It discusses the influence of crypto voters, the emergence of organizations advocating for crypto policies, and the bipartisan support for regulating crypto. The episode also delves into Trump's interest in crypto and Biden's evolving stance on cryptocurrency regulation.

The Scoop

Wed May 29 2024

Early-stage crypto investing is broken

Crypto MarketPokedahSyntheticsMakerStablecoins

This episode covers various topics in the crypto market, including Pokedah and Synthetics in the Web3 ecosystem, Maker and Stablecoins, overlap between stable coin traders and oil futures traders, meme coins, venture capital, token distribution, market uncertainties, regulatory issues, IPO comparisons, efficiency improvements, deal flow, angel investing, and the search for 'flow' at a conference.

The Scoop

Fri May 24 2024

Tether's next big bet is on AI


The episode discusses the growth and expansion of Tether, a stablecoin that has evolved to cater to over 300 million users globally. It explores Tether's focus on meeting people's needs rather than reinventing banking and its role in government debt markets. The episode also delves into Tether's expansion into AI and its vision for creating localized AI tools while ensuring data privacy. Additionally, it explores the potential of brain implants and AI integration for enhancing human intelligence, as well as the evolving role of stable coins and tokenized assets in crypto capital markets. The episode concludes with a discussion on digitizing money on a public blockchain and enabling remittances.

The Scoop

Wed May 22 2024

Crypto VCs are slowly transitioning into generalists

crypto venture capitalCoin FundtrendsAIblockchain

This episode explores the world of crypto venture capital, focusing on Coin Fund and the trends in the crypto venture market. It delves into the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies, highlighting the importance of Web3 and its applications in finance, digital art collectibles, and AI. The episode also discusses the challenges and opportunities in AI and blockchain technologies, as well as the concepts of Web 3, tokenomics, and interoperability. It concludes with insights on new paradigms in interoperability and institutional adoption, along with key insights from crypto funds and the potential of interoperability technologies.

The Scoop

Mon May 20 2024

The crypto industry is refocusing on the uses of its tech stack

PolkadotStellartokenizationstablecoinsblockchain technology

This episode covers key insights on Polkadot, Stellar, tokenization of assets, stablecoins, blockchain technology's impact on cross-border transactions, financial inclusion in emerging markets, regulatory challenges in the crypto industry, and the need for policymakers to step in.

The Scoop

Thu May 16 2024

The next phase of crypto derivatives

commodities tradingcollateralizationcrypto technologyderivatives marketdigital assets

This episode explores how Binomial is revolutionizing global commodities trading and collateralization using crypto technology. It discusses the challenges faced by new players in the derivatives market and the acceptance of digital assets as collateral in traditional commodities derivatives exchanges. The episode also highlights the changing landscape of derivative trading with digital assets as margin collateral.

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