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Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC

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Thu Jul 18 2024

MacroVoices #437 Lyn Alden: Energy Security, Precious Metals & More

economyinterest ratesequity marketsenergy stabilitynuclear technology

The episode covers various economic topics including inflation, interest rates, equity markets, energy stability, nuclear technology, crude oil market, VIX, US dollar, gold, uranium markets, and bonds. Key insights include discussions on the resilience of the US economy to rate hikes, market expectations of interest rate cuts, concerns about equity market valuation, China's economy and gold market, energy stability in Europe and Egypt, AI data centers' impact on energy demands, nuclear technology's potential role in the energy industry, crude oil market trends, equities performance, VIX volatility, US dollar index breakdown, gold and silver market outlook, uranium market fundamentals and technicals, and bond market opportunities.

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Fri Jul 12 2024

MacroVoices #436 Tian Yang: Left & Right Tails

leading indicatorstrade strategyinflationfiscal deficitselection outlook

The episode covers various topics including leading indicators, trade strategy, inflation, fiscal deficits, election outlook, market reactions, Euro outlook, commodities, models and market insights, portfolio strategies, program updates, and resources.

Macro Voices

Wed Jul 03 2024

MacroVoices #435 Daniel Lacalle: Navigating Monetary Debasement

monetary debasementgovernment spendingsocialisminvestment strategies

The episode discusses the impact of monetary debasement on investment portfolios, government spending and socialism's economic impact, understanding government deficit spending and market risks, and investment strategies in the face of monetary debasement.

Macro Voices

Thu Jun 27 2024

MacroVoices #434 Bill Blain: Will Higher For Longer, Lead To Market Mayhem?

Equity MarketBond YieldsFinancial Asset InflationInterest RatesGlobal Economy

This episode covers various topics including equity market melt-up, inflation, bond yields, financial asset inflation, interest rates, global economy, central banks, political landscape, economic impact, European challenges, energy security, China's economic dominance, global implications, market analysis and insights, market trends and outlook, market correction and future outlook.

Macro Voices

Thu Jun 20 2024

MacroVoices #433 David Rosenberg: Calling The FED’s Bluff

US EconomyStock MarketInflationConsumer ResistanceUS Election

This episode covers the current state of the US economy and stock market, predictions on inflation and factors influencing it, consumer resistance and potential deflation, the impact of the US election and global economic recovery, China's economic challenges and investment opportunities, a discussion with Rosie on financial markets and investment strategies, oil prices and market volatility, NVIDIA's performance and market trends, and the uranium market and treasury yields.

Macro Voices

Thu Jun 13 2024

MacroVoices #432 Jeff Currie: Metals, Energy, Commodity Super Cycle & More

Energy TransitionCommodity MarketsDecarbonizationOil PricesGold Market

This episode covers topics such as energy transition investing, the disconnect between the dollar and oil prices, copper's role in decarbonization efforts, the commodity super cycle, challenges in decarbonization, global oil supply dynamics, market conditions, and gold and uranium market outlooks.

Macro Voices

Thu Jun 06 2024

MacroVoices #431 Lakshman Achuthan: 2024 Turning Points

global industrial growthinflation trendsmanaging inflationmarket analysisinvestment opportunities

This episode covers global industrial growth, inflation trends, challenges in managing inflation, and market analysis. It provides insights into the potential impact of rising inflation expectations on central bank policies and investment opportunities in commodities like gold, copper, and uranium.

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Thu May 30 2024

MacroVoices #430 Jim Bianco: Rate Hike On Deck

inflationrate cutsgovernment spendingGDPbond yields

This episode covers topics such as inflation, rate cuts, government spending, GDP, bond yields, real yields, fiscal crisis, China's economy, oil prices, investor behavior, the presidential election, market volatility, technical analysis, market breadth, key levels, consolidation phase, and commodities.

Macro Voices

Thu May 23 2024

MacroVoices #429 Dr. Anas Alhajji: Oil Market Outlook, Iran & Energy Geopolitics

Energy MarketsOil DemandIranStrategic Petroleum ReservesSaudi Arabia

The episode discusses the energy markets outlook for the second half of 2024, including predictions on oil demand growth and challenges in data quality. It explores the impact of recent developments in Iran and negotiations with Iran, as well as the potential use of strategic petroleum reserves. The tensions in Saudi Arabia and OPEC developments are analyzed, along with the implications of demand changes and climate change policies. Market trends and insights, including crude oil inventory, US oil production, and equities discussion, are covered. The episode also provides insights on market volatility and trends, such as buying insurance for potential market corrections. Updates on the uranium market and treasury bond yields are discussed. Listeners are encouraged to access additional insights through

Macro Voices

Thu May 16 2024

MacroVoices #428 Adam Rozencwajg: AI Demand, Energy & Precious Metals

Energy MarketsNatural GasUS Shale Oil ProductionNuclear PowerOil Prices

The episode covers various topics including energy markets, natural gas, US shale oil production, nuclear power, oil prices, gold, global monetary system, market analysis, outlook, uranium market, and grain markets.

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