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Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC

Macro Voices

Thu Feb 22 2024

MacroVoices #416 Mike Green: Inflation is Dead? Can You Buy Commodities Anyway?

MacroVoicesChief Investment StrategistInflationCommodities MarketsRates

MacroVoices podcast features Chief Investment Strategist Mike Green discussing inflation, commodities markets, rates, precious metals, and more. Market updates include S&P 500 futures down, US Dollar index down, crude oil up, gold up but uncertain, copper trading aggressively back towards highs. Key news to watch includes consumer confidence numbers, preliminary GDP, core PCE price index, and ISM manufacturing PMI numbers. Discussion on the possibility of Fed rate hikes instead of cuts due to potential inflation increase and market reactions. Commercial real estate sector may face challenges with rising interest rates and refinancing issues. Many owners of commercial real estate may need to pay down loans due to appraisals, impacting refinancing. The increase in Treasury issuance may be pressuring rates, affecting demand and supply dynamics. Changes in portfolio allocations and pension plans have influenced market demand and auction participation. Passive investing's impact on markets is being scrutinized, with concerns about distortions and impacts on active managers. Market awareness is growing regarding the distortions caused by passive investing, leading to discussions on trade-offs between market efficiency and accessibility of low-cost asset management services. Markets are being asked to do too much, leading to potential risks and distortions. Passive investing may have similarities to past financial scandals like Madoff's scheme. Commercial real estate risks may not be as contained as believed, with potential systemic implications. Americans are reluctant to shed low mortgage rates, which could lead to challenges in a recession.

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Thu Feb 15 2024

MacroVoices #415 Tian Yang: Fiscal, Sisyphus or Hercules

MacroVoicesTian YangVariant PerceptionGold ToppingUS Labor Market

This episode of MacroVoices features interviews with Tian Yang, CEO and Chief Market Strategist of Variant Perception. The discussions cover topics such as gold topping, US labor market, inflation outlook, fixed income opportunities, equity allocation, market breadth, investment strategies for institutional investors, market analysis for crude oil and equities, analysis of market trends and Fed's monetary policy, outlook on gold and US treasury yields. The episode also provides additional information and contact details.

Macro Voices

Thu Feb 08 2024

MacroVoices #414 Louis Vincent Gave: Party Like it’s 1999

financemacroeconomicsChinaelectric vehiclesnuclear energy

The podcast episode covers various topics including China's impact on the macro economy, China's capital markets and energy independence, US-China power dynamics and nuclear energy, China's energy dominance and geopolitical implications, and market analysis and insights.

Macro Voices

Thu Feb 01 2024

MacroVoices #413 Darius Dale: Still Bullish

Stock MarketUS EconomyPortfolio ConstructionInflationTreasury Dynamics

Darius Dale predicts continued bull run in stock market. US economy outlook focuses on soft landing. Portfolio construction emphasizes risk mitigation. Inflation persistence discussed. Treasury dynamics and China's impact analyzed. US balance sheet dynamics and market trends examined. Market outlook and investment strategies shared.

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Thu Jan 25 2024

MacroVoices #412 Dr. Anas Alhajji: 2024 Petroleum Outlook Update

Crude Oil PricesEnergy CrisisRed SeaGreen PoliciesElectric Vehicle Production

Dr. Anas Alhaji predicts steady crude oil prices in 2024 but warns of a global energy crisis in the late 2020s. The Red Sea becomes crucial for energy transportation. Failure of green policies leads to higher demand for oil. Electric vehicle production affects oil demand. Petroleum is still needed for essential purposes. Market analysis shows potential price increases. Listeners can access additional resources and follow updates on social media.

Macro Voices

Thu Jan 18 2024

MacroVoices #411 Jeroen Blokland: Inflation, Hard/Soft Landing, Geopolitics and More

inflationeconomic outlookgoldgeopolitical factorsmarket outlook

This episode covers topics such as inflation and economic outlook, gold and geopolitical factors, and market outlook and insights. The discussions include predictions on inflation, the impact of rising interest rates and increasing budget deficits, the sustainability of debt, gold as an investment, geopolitical events, market trends, and trading strategies for various commodities.

Macro Voices

Thu Jan 11 2024

MacroVoices #410 Justin Huhn: Investing in All Things Nuclear

MacroVoicesfinancial podcastnuclear energyuranium mininginvestment

MacroVoices is a financial podcast targeting professional finance, high net worth individuals, family offices, and other sophisticated investors. The episode focuses on the future of nuclear energy and how to invest in it right now. Justin Hune, the publisher of Uranium Insider newsletter, is the featured interview guest. The interview discusses investment plays in the uranium mining sector and pending legislation that strengthens the case for uranium and uranium mining. Eric Townsend has launched a new sub-stack blog called to express his views and opinions. Patrick Suresna provides macro scoreboard updates on various financial indicators.

Macro Voices

Thu Jan 04 2024

MacroVoices #409 Mark Nelson: All Things Nuclear Energy

MacroVoicesnuclear energymolten salt reactorssmall modular reactorsNuclear Regulatory Commission

This episode of MacroVoices features an interview with Mark Nelson, the founder of Radiant Energy and a pro-nuclear activist. The interview focuses on advanced nuclear energy technology, including molten salt reactors, nuclear waste reprocessing, and small modular reactors. There has been a significant shift in attitude towards nuclear energy worldwide, with growing interest and cultural acceptance. The advantages and challenges of different reactor types, such as molten salt reactors and small modular reactors (SMRs), are discussed. The potential of SMRs to revolutionize nuclear energy is explored, along with the role of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in advancing nuclear technology. Funding challenges and investment opportunities in the nuclear industry are also highlighted. The episode concludes with insights on uranium mining and a return to the regular show format.

Macro Voices

Thu Dec 28 2023

MacroVoices #408 Lyn Alden: Broken Energy

energy systemsrenewable energyenergy densityreturn on investmentnuclear power

This episode explores the broken state of our energy systems, the detachment from understanding where our energy comes from, and the challenges and limitations of renewable energy. It delves into the importance of energy density and return on investment, as well as the potential of harnessing natural forces for sustainable energy production. The episode concludes with insights on the role of nature in energy generation and upcoming content on advanced nuclear technologies.

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Thu Dec 21 2023

MacroVoices #407 Jim Bianco: Jay Powell’s “word salad”, FOMC Mood Swings, Interest Rate Outlook, Crypto & More

FOMCmonetary policybond marketJay Powellinflation

Jim Bianco discusses the FOMC's change in monetary policy, Jay Powell's struggle to explain decisions, concerns about inflation, and the impact on the economy. The market reacts to unclear communication from the Fed. The debate on interest rates and their impact is explored. The inverted yield curve and concerns about Bitcoin ETFs are discussed. The launch of Bianco Research Total Return Index and ETF is announced. The current investment landscape and outlook for the market are analyzed. Technical analysis of the market and outlook for gold are provided.

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