One Sweet Dream: A  Beatles Podcast

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

One Sweet Dream provides a fresh take on the music, people, and narrative of the Beatles. This is the Beatles, through a new lens. The podcast includes 5 major series: (1) The Breakup Series: Revisiting the roots and causes of the Beatles' Breakup. (2) The Aftermath Series: Revisiting the events following the Beatles' Breakup. (3) The New Lens Series: Exploring key themes through interviews and deep dives. (4) The Get Back Series: Exploring all elements of the Get Back Documentary through a new lens. (5) The Hidden Gems Series: Examining Beatles and Post-Beatles songs through a new lens. Diana Erickson hosts and is joined by a group of guests and core contributors.

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Sat Jul 15 2023

Bonus Episode: The 1986 Q McCartney Interview — Cleaned Up

Kaylee CuocoPaul McCartneyThe BeatlesLegal TroublesRecording Process

This episode covers various topics including Kaylee Cuoco's trip to Maui, Paul McCartney's interview and reflections on the Beatles' breakup, legal troubles faced by the group, challenges in the recording process, personal reflections on past relationships, avant-garde interests and stories about John Lennon, the breakup of The Beatles and Paul McCartney's reflections, a business meeting that led to the band's breakup, and insights from Hunter Davis' account of John Lennon.

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Mon Jul 03 2023

Birthday Special Pt 3: Book Club! A deep dive into Salewicz's book and portrait of McCartney. With Halle Ryan.

Paul McCartneyThe BeatlesJohn LennonPartnershipLegacy

This episode is part three of the McCartney birthday special, featuring an interview with Chris Salavitch from three years ago. Part one contains the host's thoughts on Salavitch's framing of McCartney as an artist and reflections on the interview. Part two is a reprise of the interview with Chris Salavitch. Part three is a conversation between the host and Hallie Ryan, a researcher for One Sweet Dream. The first part of their conversation focuses on the contents and themes of Salavitch's book. The second part delves into McCartney's open and frank interview from 1986, providing insights into his thoughts at that time. The hosts discuss their perspectives as John girls and how understanding John helps in comprehending Paul's behavior. They highlight the importance of exploring Paul's life beyond his role in The Beatles and appreciate Salavitch's positive portrayal of him in his book. Hallie Ryan finds Paul to be a deeper character than he is often given credit for, while acknowledging his desire to preserve The Beatles' legacy with love.

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Wed Jun 21 2023

Revisiting Paul As Artist. An Interview With McCartney Biographer Chris Salewicz. Birthday Ep Pt 2

  • Salavitch treats McCartney as an artist rather than a Beatle.
  • McCartney's image has been influenced by situational elements such as the Beatles breakup, Lennon's murder, and McCartney taking on the role of steward of the Beatles brand.
  • McCartney is complex and not completely transparent or open about his talents....

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Tue Jun 20 2023

Birthday Special Pt 1: The Case For McCartney As Artist. Not Beatle

  • Salavitch's book treats McCartney as an artist and one of the most significant artists of the 20th century comparable to C Picasso.
  • McCartney opened up to Salavidge in 1986, giving him one of his best interviews.
  • Salavich wrote this book basically as a defense for McCartney because things had gotten so ridiculously out of whack in the wake of John Lennon's tragic murder when Lennon and McCartney were basically treated as a zero-sum game where praising one meant diminishing the other....

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Fri Jun 02 2023

Revisiting Ian Leslie's Hidden Gems and Unsung Masterpieces

  • The podcast explores the Beatles and is called One Sweet Dream.
  • This episode focuses on hidden gems and unsung masterpieces of Lennon and McCartney compositions.
  • The audio was recorded on July 3rd, with occasional sounds of fireworks in the background.
  • The host is joined by writer Ian Leslie, who has written about the Beatles for various publications and is the author of Conflicted.
  • Conflicted is a book about how to h...

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Wed May 17 2023

Revisiting The Episode: Author Pete Paphides On The "Magical and Miraculous" Film, Get Back

  • The podcast is One Sweet Dream, hosted by Diane Erickson.
  • The episode features an interview with author and music journalist Pete Pefidis.
  • Pefidis has a wealth of experience in music journalism, having worked for various publications and even launching his own record label.
  • He was also one of the journalists who reviewed "Get Back" before its full release.
  • Despite this, one does not need to have seen the film to enjoy the conversat...

One Sweet Dream: A Beatles Podcast

Wed May 03 2023

Revisiting RAM. Engineer Eirik Wangberg On The Making of RAM: "His Spirit Was Free"

  • Eric Wangberg worked with Paul and Linda McCartney during the recording of Ram, portraying McCartney as deeply emotional, raw, authentic, and present while creating his masterpiece album.
  • Paul preferred to work alone with minimal distractions and could lose his temper when pushed. Linda was always present, taking care of Paul's needs and they were a close couple.
  • Ram was a mixture of joy, anger, and heartbreak, but it was an honest piece of work that has stood the test of time.
  • Paul McCa...