F1: Beyond The Grid

F1: Beyond The Grid

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F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Aug 29 2023

Fred Vasseur: pursuing the ‘pinnacle’ with Ferrari

FerrariFormula OneTeam Principal

Fred Vassar's mission as Ferrari team principal is to make the team world champions once again. Joining Ferrari comes with a lot of emotional pressure and high expectations from fans and the media. Vassar has experience winning titles in GP2 and improving Alfa Romeo's standings. He is confident in turning Ferrari's fortunes around despite a frustrating season so far. Ferrari's culture, passion, and emotion are different compared to other teams Vassar has worked with. The team's strength lies in its passion and ability to react quickly to challenges. Vassar got the call from Ferrari after Abu Dhabi last year and saw it as a big challenge.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Mon Aug 28 2023

The man under most pressure in the paddock? This week on F1 Beyond The Grid...

F1 Beyond the GridFred VassarFerrariItalian Grand Prix

This episode of F1 Beyond the Grid features an interview with Ferrari Team Principal, Fred Vassar, recorded at Monza during the Italian Grand Prix weekend. Vassar discusses the passionate fanbase of Ferrari, his desire to win for them, and shares insights and jokes throughout the episode.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Aug 01 2023

Herbie Blash: race mechanic to Race Control

Formula OneHerbie BlashColin ChapmanLotusDamon Hill

The episode covers the F1 journey of Herbie Blash, Colin Chapman and Lotus, Damon Hill's career and Yamaha's Formula One program, pushing the limits in Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone and Brabham, the controversial Brabham fan car, and the role of Charlie Whiting in race control. It also remembers Charlie Whiting's contributions to the sport.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Jul 25 2023

Otmar Szafnauer: leading Alpine upwards

Formula OneAlpineTeam PerformanceImprovementsTeam Culture

The episode covers Otmar Sattnauer's background, Alpine team performance, challenges and improvements, team culture and management, improvements and cost cap in Formula One, comparisons and past successes, creating a winning culture, Ottmar's background, and a unique perspective. Listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts on various topics.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Jul 18 2023

Mario Illien: powering F1 champions

Ilmore EngineeringEngine TechnologyFormula OneIndyCarMcLaren

Ilmore Engineering, co-founded by Mario Iliyan, has been a pioneer in engine technology for four decades. Their focus on lightweight, powerful, and efficient engines has led to innovations using exotic materials like beryllium and MMCs. Ilmore's journey started in IndyCar and expanded to Formula One with notable successes. Collaborations with McLaren and Mercedes brought further achievements, while continuous development and driver feedback played crucial roles. Recent projects include IndyCar engines for Honda and participation in the Peking to Paris classic car rally. Mario Iliyan reflects on the past 40 years and emphasizes the importance of efficiency in Formula One engines.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Jul 11 2023

Christian Klien: Red Bull’s first F1 prodigy

Formula OneChristian KlineRed Bull RacingMcLaren EnginesSports Car Racing

This episode covers Christian Kline's journey in Formula One, from his early days as a Red Bull junior driver to his transition into sports car racing. It explores the challenges he faced in transitioning to Formula One, the switch from Ferrari to McLaren engines by Red Bull, and Kline's strengths and weaknesses as a driver. The episode also delves into his physical challenges, missed opportunities, and the end of his Formula One career. It concludes with Kline's new beginnings in sports car racing and his continued involvement in the world of motorsport.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Jul 04 2023

Lando Norris: driving McLaren’s revival

Lando NorrisMcLarenFormula OneSilverstoneBritish Grand Prix

The episode covers Lando Norris' dreams and mentality, his experiences at Silverstone and the British Grand Prix, fan interactions and track description, challenges and upgrades at Silverstone, struggles and focus on the present, living in the present and dealing with pressure, Lewis Hamilton's social media reach and mindset, Lando Norris' determination and relationships, and upcoming content and guests.

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Jun 27 2023

James Vowles: aiming to win with Williams

  • Williams have finished last in the World Championship in four out of the last five Formula One seasons.
  • In 2023, Williams has shown signs of moving up with Alexander Elben's impressive drive and second point-scoring result.
  • The recent performance in Canada was a huge boost for Williams, elevating them in the championship standings....

F1: Beyond The Grid

Tue Jun 20 2023

Giancarlo Fisichella: history with Ferrari, Force India and Fernando Alonso

  • Giancarlo Fisichella won the Malaysian Grand Prix for his third and final win in Formula One.
  • Fisichella's career was more modest than his talent deserved.
  • Fisichella has fond memories of his five races with Ferrari, including racing at Monza....

F1: Beyond The Grid

Mon Jun 19 2023

'Pressure and power' - this week on BTG...

  • Fisichella talks about his first race with Ferrari in Monza and how it was his dream since he was young....
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