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The Social-Engineer Podcast

The Social-Engineer Podcast is about humans. Understanding how we interact, communicate and relay information can help us protect, mitigate and understand social engineering attacks

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Aug 07 2023

Ep. 221 - The Doctor Is In Series - The Psychology of Learned Helplessness

PsychologyMental HealthAbuseEmpowerment

Learned helplessness is a psychological trait resulting from repeated exposure to uncontrollable and adverse events. It can lead to feelings of helplessness and a reluctance to escape harmful situations. This episode explores the causes, effects, and coping strategies for learned helplessness.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jul 31 2023

Ep. 173 - Human Element Series - Empathetic Chameleons and Painful Lobsters with Laurie Segall


The episode covers various topics including the human element of security, the speaker's non-linear career path, advocacy for overlooked issues, writing a memoir during the pandemic, shedding old ways to build a better world, and the influence of Joan Didion. The speaker shares personal experiences and insights throughout the episode.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jul 24 2023

Ep. 220 - The SE ETC Series -Social Engineering in Everyday Life with Patrick and Chris

Social EngineeringVishingMasters Level ClassEveryday LifeRapport Building

This episode covers various aspects of social engineering, including Vishing, Masters Level Social Engineering Class, using social engineering in everyday life, building rapport and influence, and concludes with a preview of the next episode. Topics discussed include the growing problem of Vishing, the unique adversarial simulations offered by Social Engineer LLC, the practical application of social engineering in the Masters Level class, the positive effects of social engineering in everyday life, and techniques for building rapport and influence. The episode also mentions the Innocent Lives Foundation and their upcoming gala hosted by Julian Forge. Listeners are encouraged to support the foundation financially or through volunteering. The next episode's topic is kept secret to create anticipation.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jul 17 2023

Ep. 219 - Security Awareness Series - Involve Me and Ill Understand with Ganesh Krishnan

PodcastSecurity AwarenessCulture of TrustEmployee EngagementCommunication

The episode covers various topics related to building a culture of trust and security, including the introduction of the podcast, the speaker's background, strategies for changing culture, effective communication, and revolutionizing cyber awareness training.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jul 10 2023

Ep. 218 - Human Element Series - Adjusting Your Conscious Experience with Patrick McAndrew


The episode covers various topics including attention and focus, language and perception, regaining control of attention, shifting belief systems, balancing life and technology, the impact of nature, and concludes with recommendations and future episodes. The guest, Patrick McAndrews, shares insights on developing the whole person for high performance in competitive environments. The importance of attention, depth of experience, and the effects of technology on our natural rhythm are explored. The episode also delves into language's influence on perception and the challenges of regaining control of attention in a technology-driven world.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jul 03 2023

Ep. 217 - The Doctor Is In Series - The Truth about Detecting Deception

Deception DetectionNonverbal CommunicationBehavior Analysis

The episode discusses the commonly misunderstood topic of deception detection in nonverbal communication and behavior analysis. It explores the misconceptions surrounding nonverbal cues, debunks myths about deception detection methods, highlights the lack of scientific evidence for certain techniques, and emphasizes the importance of understanding physiological responses and verbal cues. The chapter concludes by emphasizing the significance of both verbal and non-verbal communication in understanding human behavior.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jun 26 2023

Ep. 216 - The SE ETC Series - Acting Your Way in Social Engineering with Curt Rosa Patrick and Chris

social engineeringtraining programsacting techniquesbuilding rapportpretext engagements

This episode covers various aspects of social engineering, including training programs offered by Social Engineer LLC, the use of acting techniques in social engineering, the importance of staying in character and building rapport, tips for successful pretext engagements, strategies for building rapport and conducting verification calls, the application of customer service skills in social engineering, and the overall insights gained from the discussion. Listeners are also invited to join the Slack channel for social engineering enthusiasts.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jun 19 2023

Ep. 215 - Security Awareness Series - Do You Live in the City of NO with Jason Rebholz

Social EngineeringCybersecurity Career PathsNetwork FundamentalsKey InsightsModern Backup Strategies

This episode covers various topics related to social engineering, cybersecurity career paths, network fundamentals, key insights from experts, modern backup strategies, phishing simulations, building resilient systems, continuous training, recommended books, and a conclusion discussing future episodes. The episode features guest Jason Redpoles, Chief Information Security Officer at Corvus Insurance. The importance of social engineering training, cybersecurity certifications, and the role of cyber insurance in solving security at scale are highlighted. The episode also emphasizes the need for understanding network topology, focusing on basics in security, and exploring GRC roles for mid-career professionals. Key insights include prioritizing EDR, MFA, secure backups, and email security; using cybersecurity tools effectively; working with businesses to reduce risk; and the evolution of backup definitions. The importance of realistic phishing simulations, customization of backup plans, and building resilient systems while providing continuous training is discussed. The episode concludes with book recommendations on leadership, self-improvement, and storytelling.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jun 12 2023

Ep. 214 - Human Element Series - Augmented Reality and Thought Suppression with Dr. David Rawaf

Social EngineeringSurgical SimulatorsAugmented RealityFramingHealth Goals

The episode covers a wide range of topics including social engineering, surgical simulators, augmented reality in surgical training, the power of framing and setting goals, personal health journey and progress, mentors and core values, and learning and personal development. The guest, Dr. David Rauff, shares his expertise as a surgeon, researcher, technologist, innovator, policy developer, musician, music producer, and new parent. The episode provides insights into the future of surgical training and the importance of gradual change in achieving health goals.

The Social-Engineer Podcast

Mon Jun 05 2023

Ep. 213 - The Doctor Is In Series - Everything You Remember is False

Social EngineeringMemory DistortionsEyewitness Testimony

The episode discusses the topics of social engineering, memory distortions, and the complexity of memory. It explores the tendency to maintain a positive self-view, the influence of belief systems on memory formation, and the inaccuracy of eyewitness testimony. The chapter also delves into the malleability of memory, the impact of emotions on recall, and the importance of understanding the limitations of memory. Key insights include the recognition that memories are not always accurate, the need for empathy in disagreements, and the significance of knowledge in navigating memory complexities.

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