Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Understanding China and how China impacts the world. Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Wed Sep 06 2023

(Free) Xi Skips the G-20 as the MSS Puts APEC in Question; More Fallout from the Huawei FU; Rahm Emmanuel Has Takes; Apple Needs VR Help

G20 summitUS-China relationsMinistry of Security (MSS)SMICChina's tech sector

President Xi Jinping's absence from the G20 summit, China's strained relationship with India and Japan, US-China relations and the role of Ministry of Security (MSS), SMIC's chip achievement and its implications, China's tech sector, self-sufficiency, and US engagement strategy, Apple's collaboration with Chinese suppliers and espionage concerns, Chinese nationals accessing US military bases as potential espionage threats, and wrap-up and future topics.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Fri Aug 04 2023

(Free) Flooding Hits Beijing and Hebei Province; The PLA's Rocket Force Shakeup; US-China Updates; Unpacking the Beidaihe Mystique

ChinaFloodingPLA Rocket ForceCyber WarfareUS-China Relations

The episode covers various topics including severe flooding in Beijing, resistance to the Shalon project, shakeup at PLA rocket force, rumors of foreign espionage and corruption, concerns about cyber warfare, US-China relations and diplomacy, diverse views on China, US-China relationship and Betaheu meetings, and miscellaneous topics such as Mao's disappearance and vacation time in Beijing.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Thu Jul 27 2023

(Preview) Qin Gang ‘replaced and erased’; July Politburo Meeting; Semiconductor CEOs and the Biden Administration

ChinaForeign MinisterChingongWang YiDigital Erasure

Chingong, the former foreign minister of China, has been replaced by Wang Yi. The procedural resolution surrounding Chingong's removal was confusing and messy. Chingong disappeared for 30 days without any official explanation. During an emergency meeting of the National People's Congress, it was announced that Chingong had been removed from his post as a minister but retained his position as state counselor. The announcement raised questions about the reason behind Chingong's removal and whether there was an ongoing investigation or health issue. Concurrently with the announcement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website started deleting all references to Chingong throughout the day. The erasure of Chingong from official websites intensifies speculation about what happened to him. Wang Yi's appointment indicates that Chingong's disappearance will not affect China's foreign policy. Wang Yi, as the new foreign minister, is a sensible choice for stability since he has extensive experience in the role and is familiar with China's foreign policies. The ministry has deleted almost all mentions of Chin Gong from its official website and social media accounts. During the Mao era, senior officials were often erased from photos and records after falling out of favor, but such erasures have been rare since then. This digital erasure is breaking new ground in terms of its visibility. The foreign ministry seemed unaware of what was happening and had to scramble to delete records and photos after the announcement was made. The webpage for the foreign minister on the ministry's site is still being updated in both English and Chinese versions.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Wed Jul 19 2023

(Preview) Qin Gang Disappears; Kissinger Makes a Surprise Trip to Beijing; Chip Lobbying and Email Hacking in DC; More Worrisome Economic Data

ChinaForeign MinisterChin Gongrumorstransparency

China's Foreign Minister Chin Gong has been absent from public view for three weeks, leading to intense speculation. Rumors suggest various reasons for his absence, including a heart attack or COVID-19. The lack of transparency in the Chinese political system fuels the rumor mill. One prominent rumor involves a TV correspondent named Fush Aoten and her alleged affair with Chin Gong, supported by photos she posted on social media. The situation is concerning and reflects poorly on the Chinese government. There are also concerns over Chingong's absence, with speculation and discussion on the Chinese internet causing concern for the government. If this is a disciplinary issue for Chingong, it reflects poorly on Xi Jinping. Chingong's promotion ahead of schedule has caused rivalries within the system, and there are rumors of corruption investigations and involvement with spies, although no public evidence supports these claims.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Wed Jul 12 2023

(Free) Hollerin’ About Yellen; Gallium and Germanium Warnings; Understanding PRC Domestic Challenges; The Barbie Movie Banned in Vietnam

US-China relationsJanet YellenChina's influenceHealth issues in ChinaHollywood and Chinese censors

The episode covers Victor Wembanyama's NBA Summer League debut, Janet Yellen's visit to China, US-China structural tensions and communication challenges, China's actions and international reactions, concerns and challenges in US-China relations, indictment and controversy surrounding China's influence, health issues and economic challenges in China, China's internal struggles and Hollywood's compliance, and travel alerts and controversy surrounding maps.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Wed Jun 28 2023

(Preview) Biden’s ‘Dictator’ Curveball; Putin’s Latest Mess Validates Xi’s PLA Purge; Huawei Questions Around the World; China and the Fentanyl Crisis

Joe BidenXi JinpingUS-China relationsChinese perspectiveBalloon incident

The episode discusses Joe Biden's controversial comment about Xi Jinping, referring to him as a dictator. It explores the reactions and controversy surrounding the comment and its potential impact on US-China relations. The importance of not losing one's sense of humor in understanding China is highlighted. The Chinese perspective on Xi Jinping as a dictator is also discussed. Additionally, the episode touches on the attempted mutiny in Russia and China's strong reaction to it.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Wed Jun 21 2023

(Preview) Blinken in Beijing; Modest Progress and Unresolved Core Tensions; Too Many Tarmac Takes; More Cuba and Less Balloon

TwitterUS-China RelationsStabilization EffortsLow ExpectationsAcrimonious State of Relations

The episode discusses the decline of Twitter as an information tool and the efforts to stabilize the US-China relationship. It highlights the low expectations for recent talks, concerns about the acrimonious state of relations, and the push for engagement from the Biden administration.

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Wed Jun 14 2023

(Preview) A PRC Spy Station in Cuba; Xi and “Extreme” Scenarios; Domestic Stimulus and Foreign Money Exodus; What Beijing Did to Improve Air Quality

  • Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is scheduled to arrive in Beijing on June 18 for meetings.
  • The Chinese side has not officially confirmed the visit.
  • The US is more eager to send Blinken than the Chinese are to have him, and there may not be significant material outcomes from the visit.
  • China and Cuba have reportedly reached a secret agreement for China to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility on th...

Sharp China with Bill Bishop

Thu Jun 08 2023

(Free) A New Blinken Visit?; US-China Drama in Singapore; The Post-Covid Stimulus Calculus; Travel to the PRC in 2023

  • Andrew Sharp and Bill Bishop discuss the potential of virtual reality podcasting in the future.
  • They briefly mention a review of the Vision Pro headset, which caused Apple supplier-related stocks in China to drop due to poor reviews.
  • The conversation shifts to the smoke-filled air around DC and how it compares to Beijing's air pollution.
  • They briefly discuss censorship concerns if virtual reality were to be launched in China. ...