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Value Hive Podcast

Fri Feb 23 2024

John Swallow: Building A Different Mining Company (Idaho Strategic)

gold mininginvestingmining industryrare earth elements

This episode covers various aspects of gold mining, including investment strategies, the importance of long-term growth, challenges faced by mining companies, employee input, changing landscape of gold investments, rare earth elements mining, challenges in investing in rare earths, addressing the rare earth element critical minerals issue in the US, and personal insights from a mining company executive.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Feb 16 2024

Ernest Scheyder: The War Below (Lithium, Copper, and Critical Minerals)

miningcritical mineralsenergy transitioncopperlithium

This episode explores various aspects of mining, critical minerals, and their impact on the global economy. It covers topics such as investment strategies, the human stories behind mining projects, environmental concerns, complex processes involved in copper mining, regional production and ethical sourcing of critical minerals, and the need for coordination and tough choices in mining practices. The episode concludes with praise for a book that sheds light on these important discussions.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Feb 09 2024

Aaron Edelheit: Dumpster Diving in Cannabis

cannabis industryinvestment strategiescultivation companiesrisksfuture potential

This episode explores the challenges and opportunities in the cannabis industry, focusing on investment strategies, successful cultivation companies, risks, and future potential. It also discusses the potential growth in the beverage industry and provides insights into specific companies.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Feb 02 2024

Rebecca Hunter: Life As A Uranium Explorer

uranium explorationmining industryinfrastructuredrillingsupply-demand imbalance

This episode of the Macarops Value High podcast features Rebecca Hunter, VP of Exploration at Form Energy, who shares her experiences and insights in uranium exploration. The episode covers topics such as the impact of the Fukushima disaster on the uranium industry, the importance of infrastructure and planning in mining exploration, factors affecting drilling results and evaluating potential, the supply-demand imbalance in uranium, keys to successful exploration, and the challenges of attracting skilled labor. Rebecca also discusses her experiences in uranium exploration camps and her appreciation for nature. Overall, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of the uranium exploration industry.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jan 26 2024

Peter Pham: Inversion Investing

InvestingContrarian InvestingProbabilistic AdvantageCulture and EconomicsSuperpowers

The Macarops Value High podcast aims to make high risk-adjusted returns, continuously learn, and provide differentiated research and education resources. The podcast has the highest retention rates among investing services due to its unique offerings and a community of smart operators. Members of the podcast include professionals, retail investors, and traders who share a deep love for investing. MIT Investment Management Company (Matico) invests with emerging managers who can earn exceptional long-term returns and has created a website for emerging manager stock pickers. Metemco is an investment team that learns about great businesses and investments while working with exceptional investors worldwide. They occasionally hire new members for their team. Marhelm Data is an information service that helps investors find value in an overvalued market, focusing on shipping and commodities. Listeners of Value-Hive can get a 20% discount on subscriptions using the code "value@checkout." Peter Pham from Inversion Investments is known for his independent thinking in markets. He shares his background growing up in Toronto, Canada, where speculating on stock markets was atypical but sparked his interest in technology and eventually led him to the stock market.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jan 19 2024

Q4 2023 Investor Audibles: PFH Capital, Sohra Peak Capital, Old West Management

InvestmentEmerging ManagersCharlie MungerGovernment DeficitsGold

This episode covers various investment topics including emerging managers, Charlie Munger's investment philosophy, government deficits, gold and Polymetal International, energy equities, nuclear energy, SpyRosoft, investment mistakes, portfolio performance and capital allocation, market risks, market valuations and debt, and U-Haul Holdings.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jan 12 2024

Philo Investor: Know Thy Edge, Know Thyself

InvestingValue-oriented investingStreaming servicesEmerging marketsInvesting mindset

The Macarops Value High podcast aims to make high risk-adjusted returns by offering differentiated research, theory, education resources, and a slack community for investors. The speaker discusses value-oriented investing, valuing businesses, streaming services like Coursera and Duolingo, Disney's challenges, investing in emerging markets, the investing mindset for long-term wealth and personal growth, and concludes with closing thoughts on Leonardo da Vinci.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jan 05 2024

Chris Martenson: Uranium, Tin, Copper, and Oil

InvestmentCommoditiesOilCopperMarket Manipulation

Teagas offers expert interviews on public and private companies. MIT Investment Management Company (Matico) invests with emerging managers and has created a website for emerging manager stock pickers. provides institutional-level investment research to individual investors. Chris Martenson has decades of experience in commodities and global macro markets. He got into his current field after experiencing the dot-com crash and educating himself about finance and banking. He became interested in the relationship between resources, such as oil, and the economy. Chris Martenson predicted the housing bubble before it happened through his blog. The speaker struggled to understand trading and experienced a decline in their strategies around 2007-2008. They realized they were up against computers and had an asymmetrical view into the books, leading to a change in perspective. The speaker synthesized their understanding of the economy, energy, environment, and exponential growth into a new perspective. They believe that we have picked the low hanging fruit and see a world of scarcity going forward. Understanding the narrative is important for contrarian investing. Timing is tricky, but one approach is to start investing gradually based on a thesis.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Dec 29 2023

Alberto Ayuso: Shipping & Tankers 101

shipping industryinvestment strategiesvaluation techniquessupply-demand dynamicsarbitrage opportunities

This episode of The Value Hive podcast explores the shipping industry, its dynamics, investment strategies, and valuation techniques. The guest shares insights into the tanker industry, supply-demand dynamics, and the importance of understanding management quality. They discuss investing in shipping companies, risk assessment, financing options, and strategies such as selling put options. The episode concludes with key insights on arbitrage opportunities and recommended sources of information for further research.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Dec 22 2023

Judd Arnold: TSA, US Government, and a Fund Analyst Walk Into A Bar

lawsuitpatent infringementgovernment incompetencesettlement attemptsCOVID impact

This episode discusses a lawsuit against the United States government involving court documents, patent infringements, venture capital, and the TSA. The story revolves around an investment in Security Point Holdings or Security Point Media, which had a patent for airport security bins with advertising. The host shares personal experiences as a young hedge fund manager receiving investment ideas from others. The government's handling of the case is criticized, and there are insights into settlement attempts and the impact of COVID on the lawsuit.

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