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Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jul 19 2024

Taylor Sulik: Building A Tungsten Mining Company From Scratch

critical mineralsmininginvestingdomestic productionnational security

This episode explores the world of critical mineral production in the US, focusing on bringing mining back to the country. It discusses the potential high rewards and low risks of investing in critical minerals, challenges and opportunities in exploring mining claims, the importance of domestic production for national security, and building relationships and funding options in the mining industry.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jul 12 2024

Evan Tindell (Bireme Capital): The Psychology of Value Investing (Plus poker and tennis)

investingvalue investingcognitive biasesundervalued stocksidea generation

This episode covers various topics related to investing, including value investing, cognitive biases, undervalued stocks, idea generation, valuation, strategic moves by companies like Disney and Bolloré, investment strategies, psychological resilience, opportunities in Japanese stocks, and casual conversation about tennis.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jul 05 2024

[REPLAY] Lobo Tiggre: Junior Mining Speculation

InvestmentMiningDue DiligenceFeasibility StudiesPortfolio Building

This episode covers key insights from Lobo Tiggre, including the importance of learning from mistakes, conducting thorough due diligence, and examining key variables in mining investments. It also explores topics such as implied metal prices, payback periods, portfolio building, market crashes, effective communication, and engaging content. The episode emphasizes the significance of unique perspectives, attending conferences, simplifying technical writing, and engaging with the audience.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jun 28 2024

Luis Sanchez: Hunting for Net-Nets

InvestingNet Nets

The episode covers the Macarops Value High podcast, Walter Schloss and net net investing, net net investing criteria and idea generation, insights on net net investing, managing a net net portfolio, key insights on net net investing, the turnaround potential of money-losing net nets, and an alternative approach with net nets.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jun 21 2024

Greg Orrell: How To Outperform The $GDX


The episode covers various aspects of investing in the mining industry, with a focus on gold. It explores strategies for achieving high risk-adjusted returns, the importance of management evaluation, and the impact of capital flows on gold shares. The episode also discusses the challenges and opportunities in mining projects, the role of dividends, and insights from industry experts. Listeners are encouraged to consider investing in gold companies as an alternative investment.

Value Hive Podcast

Sun Jun 16 2024

Jenny Chase: Solar Industry Deep Dive

solar industrysilver demandtechnological advancementsrenewable energysolar panel manufacturing

The episode covers key insights into the solar industry, including the demand for silver, technological advancements in solar panels, challenges faced by the industry, and potential solutions. It also explores the global market growth of solar energy and the need for renewable energy grid infrastructure. Additionally, it discusses the evolving landscape of solar panel manufacturing and explores new energy storage technologies. The episode concludes with insights into solar power finance and recommendations for further reading.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri Jun 07 2024

Judd Arnold: Navios Maritime $NMM Deep Dive

shipping industryNavios Maritime (NMM) stockChina's influencegovernance issuescapital allocation strategies

This episode discusses the shipping industry, focusing on Navios Maritime (NMM) stock. It covers key insights on the industry's dynamics, China's influence, Navios' exposure and valuation, governance issues, capital allocation strategies, day rates, investment opportunities, and risks. The episode also explores the potential impact of Trump winning the election and emphasizes the complexity of investing in the shipping industry.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri May 31 2024

GorillaGrip: Commodities, Geopolitics, Copper, and Aluminum

MiningInvestingRisk AssessmentGeopoliticsSupply Chain

This episode covers a wide range of topics related to investing in the mining sector, including risk assessment, character evaluation, geopolitical implications, supply chain conflicts, and the impact of critical minerals. The speakers share personal stories, insights on specific companies, and discuss the potential consequences of global agendas. They emphasize the importance of understanding market trends and building relationships within the industry. Overall, the episode provides valuable information for investors interested in the mining sector.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri May 24 2024

Mat Roiss: How To Buy Hated Stocks (& Other Investing Things)

InvestmentStocksHong KongPortfolio ManagementTechnical Analysis

This episode covers various investment topics including MIT Investment Management Company, investing in Hong Kong, portfolio management strategies, assessing companies in Hong Kong, observations on EVs and bubble tea companies, evaluating precious metal miners, shorting stocks, analyzing Hong Kong stocks, investment opportunities in Europe and commodities, value traps, deep value investing, and potential investments.

Value Hive Podcast

Fri May 17 2024

[REPLAY] Judd Arnold: TSA, US Government, and a Fund Analyst Walk Into A Bar

legal battlepatent infringementgovernmentlawsuitintellectual property

The episode covers a series of legal battles involving patent infringement against the government. The cases revolve around a venture capital fund investing in Security Point Holdings, a company with patented airport security bins and push carts. The TSA allegedly stole the company's intellectual property, leading to lawsuits and hostile actions. The legal proceedings took place in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. The cases involve significant monetary demands, challenges at the US patent office, ongoing infringement by the government, and challenges in filing suit against the government. The episode also explores raising money for litigation, damages trials, and criticism of the government's handling of the cases. It concludes with an interesting off-market deal and opportunities in the insurance industry.

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