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Mon Aug 07 2023

EP262: Nothing is Continuous


This episode explores the concept of continuity and the illusion of self. It discusses how continuity is often tied to mental health issues and the fear of repeating patterns. However, continuity only exists in thought and has no validity outside of the mind. The episode also explores the nature of problems and how they are created by thought. It emphasizes that problems only exist in thought and cease to exist when the thought disappears. The episode concludes by discussing the space beyond thought where there is no continuity, self, or time.

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Mon Jul 31 2023

EP261: What’s true must be always true with Razmik Sargsyan

Personal DevelopmentTruthPrinciplesSpiritualityAdversity

This episode features a podcast host from Armenia who explores the power of truth and principles in personal development. The speaker discusses their past spiritual seeking, the value of practices like meditation, and the importance of not losing sight of underlying principles. They share insights on resilience, certainty, anxiety, stress, and the universal truth behind personal development techniques. The episode also delves into topics such as spiritual maturity, adversity, paradigms, subtle thoughts, awareness, embracing emotions, transcendental meditation, and the essence of understanding. The guest expresses gratitude for the host's work and plans to share links to their website, TED Talk, and podcast with listeners. A special two-week course called '14 Days of Change' is mentioned.

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Mon Jul 24 2023

EP260: My conversation with Razmik on the Brand New Thought podcast

PsychologySpiritualityPersonal Growth

This episode is a conversation between Dr. Amy Johnson and Rasmic on the brand new thought podcast. Dr. Johnson shares insights on breaking habits, ending anxiety, and the nature of change. The conversation explores the human tendency to get identified with thoughts and lose sight of our formless nature. They discuss how we are energy and sometimes that energy feels dense or free, and it's valuable to feel into that energy. Dr. Johnson explains her shift from clinical psychology to coaching based on insight instead of willpower. She sought answers about the human experience beyond what psychology or religion could provide. The principles she discovered in coaching helped her merge spirituality and psychology in her work.

Changeable Podcast

Mon Jul 17 2023

EP259: Do you really know anything?


This episode explores the concept of knowing and how we come to know things. The host questions what we think we know and how we know it. Thoughts play a role in what we think we know, but their true nature and substance remain unknown. Beliefs can run our lives and impact our choices, but examining their composition often leads to more thoughts rather than answers. The episode encourages listeners to explore these concepts for themselves and question the nature of their own beliefs.

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Mon Jul 10 2023

EP258: I see thinking for what it is for everyone but myself. A question from a listener

overeatingbinge eatingcuriosityfreedom

The episode explores the connection between overeating habits and our ability to see our own thinking. It emphasizes the importance of being open and curious about our experiences, welcoming whatever arises without judgment. The episode also discusses the role of curiosity in overcoming binge eating habits and highlights the need to lean into feelings for freedom. It concludes by emphasizing the power of embracing curiosity and letting go of control for personal growth and liberation.

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Mon Jun 26 2023

EP257: Guidance versus conditioning, trauma and habits, and practices versus intuition: Questions from a listener.


This episode explores the topics of guidance versus conditioning, trauma and habits, practices versus intuition. Dr. Amy Johnson emphasizes the importance of listening to our own common sense and not relying solely on what others say. She encourages curiosity about why we believe there is a right or better thing to listen to. The episode also discusses the concept of leaning into whatever shows up in life without judgment or rules, and how past trauma affects our sense of safety. It delves into the idea of relaxing, feeling, and neuroplasticity in the brain, as well as the importance of using both the brain and the heart in finding understanding and openness. The episode concludes by discussing the limitations of intellectual understanding and the importance of trusting our own knowing and overcoming fear.

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Mon Jun 19 2023

EP256: Why ‘lean into what arises’ when the thoughts behind those feelings aren’t true?


The episode explores the importance of leaning into feelings that are rooted in untrue or limited thoughts. It emphasizes that feeling these emotions doesn't require stopping life or sitting down, but simply acknowledging and allowing them to be there. The difference between pain and pleasure is created by thought, and we are conditioned to have lots of thinking about feeling, which can be scary. Embracing all experiences and choosing to feel what is present in the moment is the fastest path to freedom.

Changeable Podcast

Mon Jun 12 2023

EP255: “Whose thoughts are they?” A question from a listener

  • The Changeable podcast is about breaking habits, ending anxiety, and how change really works.
  • Dr. Amy Johnson received a question from a listener named Linda about the nature of thoughts and who they belong to.
  • Linda recognizes that there is a witness within her that sees everything about her and watches her thoughts, but she still feels like the thoughts are hers.
  • Dr. Johnson explores this question intellectually and experi...